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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
Partnership Contacts


Joanie Colbert



BJ Chiota


Online Partnership Curator

Mike Mocella


Online Partnership Request

Click here to pull up the online partnership request spreadsheet.  Call Mike Mocella if you have any questions on how to use this site.

Form to Report an Incident at Bridge Table

If you come upon an issue that involves conduct or ethics and you wish to report it either confidentially or not, please click on this article to pull up a form for you to fill out and submit to Russ Pearly, our Club Recorder.  This is an additional procedure set up to supplement the Zero Tolerance card to help maintain a friendly atmosphere at the bridge table.

Support Staff
Administrative Support Staff
Administrative Support Staff

L to R:  Alex Booke, Russ Pearly, Tom Bush, Pat Poitinger, Marvin Welles, Joanie Colbert, Mike Lotti and BJ Chiota

Alex Booke Club Manager 350-1306
Joanie Colbert Partnership 430-3503
BJ Chiota 399er Partnership 751-4095
Mike Lotti Comptroller 753-4254
Pat Poitinger Editor Newsletter 430-1900
Tom Bush Webmaster 259-8600
Paul Matheson Database Manager 259-4627
Rich Seidman Information Systems 407-405-4230
Marvin Welles Information Systems 348-4732
Bob Matthews Education Coordinator 352-283-4913
Sharlene Tyler Assist Education Coord 407-572-4021
Russ Pearly Club Recorder 775-6129


Contact the people above with concerns or suggestions you have for their respective area of responsibility.

Last updated : Jan 4, 2018 16:40 EST