Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Partnership Contacts


Joanie Colbert



BJ Chiota


Online Partnership Curator

Mike Mocella


Board of Directors
2018 Board of Directors
2018 Board of Directors

L to R: Alex Booke, Jeff Koltenuk, Beverly Parrish, Carol Ketterer, Gordon Pfeiffer, Donna Brown and Bob Matthews

Bob Matthews (president) 283-4913
Beverly Parrish (secretary) 430-0253
Alex Booke (club manager) 350-1306
Jeff Koltenuk 633-2710
Carol Ketterer 750-0059
Donna Brown 633-5463
Gordon Pfeiffer 770-883-3604


Contact one of the people above with any concerns or suggestions to make our club even better.

Last updated : Feb 25, 2018 21:37 EST