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Education Programs

The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club has initiated the development of regular classes of instruction to help members of all abilities to be able to extend their own knowledge and skills in the game.  To assist with this aim they have appointed Bob Matthews as the Education Director and Coordinator.

Our Club has offered many Educational Workshops in the past.  Paul Matheson, Neil Timm, Rich Seidman, Dean Robinson, Andy Sloan, Jon Williams, Jack Lahoud, Sharlene Tyler and others have all contributed toward teaching our members the finer points of playing bridge.

Currently, we have the following programs aimed at helping those who are both new to the game as well as experienced players wishing to go further.

Mentor Program:

A mentor program has been created and administered by Jon Williams to help novice players develop their bridge skills and transition from limited games to open games.  In this program novice players are paired up with experienced players for regular game play and instruction.  Please click on the Submenu Button to the left for more details about the following aspects of this program:

Mentor Program Description

Describes the purpose of the program along with details on how it works and how to sign up.

Mentor-Novice Special Game

Information on the Mentor-Novice Special Game that is held the 3rd Sunday of each month.

We would like to encourage all experienced members of our club, particularly Life Masters or above, to volunteer their time and services to act as Mentors.  This is a great way to share your own rich experience and to sharpen your own skills by studying complex concepts so as to better able to "teach" the same, as well as to enjoy the reward of having helped an aspiring new player to better themselves.

You can get more information from Jon by calling or emailing him directly, or emailing him at

Newcomer's Program:

This program is designed for people who have never played bridge before or have only played "social" bridge and wish to progress to playing "duplicate" bridge in a friendly, social atmosphere.

The program consists of a game held weekly on Monday evenings at the Seabreeze Rec Center beginning usually around 5:30 pm with a lesson on some aspect of the game, followed by playing a Duplicate session which begins at 6:30 pm and finishes around 9 pm.

It is currently limited to people who have 50 or fewer Master Points and where needed partners can usually be provided.  The game typically plays between 12 and 15 boards, or hands and for those who join or are existing ACBL Members, Master Points are awarded.

For further information call Bob Matthews (Education Director) on 352-751-2574 or Paul Matheson (Head Director) on 352-259-4627.

Scheduled Bridge Classes:

The club now offers regular classes in many different aspects of the game that are aimed at various player levels.

Currently these take place on Thursday mornings between 9 am and 11 am at the Odell Recreation Center.  It is required that members sign up beforehand to attend.  Most, if not all, of the lessons will target a specific level of player ability divided roughly into Beginner (zero to 99 MP),  Advanced Beginner to Intermediate (100 to 299 MP) and Advanced players who will be above the previous levels, up to and including Life Masters.  We have also given priority to creating lessons aimed at bringing in people who are very new to Duplicate Bridge or who have never played any form of card games before.  These people will become our life blood of the future and help to guarantee the ongoing success of the game we all love.

There will be a set fee for these scheduled lessons.  This is presently $5 per person per session payable on the day or first day of a series.  If a class runs for several weeks, as some will, the fee is calculated as $5 times the number of weeks for that class.  For example, a three week class will cost $15.

Most classes will have a maximum number of places determined by the subject and the way the teacher wishes to present that material.  However, the long term aim is to have popular classes repeated so everyone eventually has a chance to benefit from them.

Most classes will require that you sign up prior to them starting by contacting either the teacher or Bob Matthews.   Details will be found within the class descriptions.  People will be informed of these new classes and what is coming up in the near future via this web site and the Director's announcements before a game.

Members are encouraged to only sign up for classes that run over multiple weeks if they know in advance that they will be able to attend all the sessions.  If you know for instance that you will be away for one of those weeks, we would rather you let someone else have that place who is able to take the most advantage by being present for the entire course.

Generally these new classes will be promoted on our web site's Home page.  Please also check the Submenu Button at the left for more details about some of these classes and some new ones as they become available.

To sign up for these lessons, please contact Bob Matthews at or


Bridge Resource Material:

Bridge lessons are also available through the Lifelong Learning College. Visit to access the course catalog and obtain additional information.  You may also call (352) 753-3035 or email them through a form available at:

Click on the Submenu Button to the left titled Bridge Resources for other resource information on everything from bridge conventions, to how to improve your game, to how to fill out your convention card.


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