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Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club.  Our club is located in The Villages (Florida's Friendliest Hometown) which is in central Florida.  Our ACBL sanction number is #217489.  We are in District 9, Unit 128.

This is an invitational club so guest passes must be obtained for a guest to play.  All regular game fees are $3 per person for a resident and $5 per person for a guest.   We are a non-smoking club and adhere to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.

Last updated : May 27, 2017 12:07 EDT
New Educational Classes Being Offered

Listed below are some new classes being offered to our members to improve their bridge skill.

Thursday June 28 - Class on How to Minimize your Mistakes taught by Charlie Showalter

This is an excellent session for anyone who ever fails to manage this at the moment.  The class will be held at O'Dell recreation center and run from 8:45 am to 10:45 am.  To register please contact Charlie on
Thursday June 28 to Aug 30 - Class on Learn to play Bridge taught by Susan Fraser
This will be a 10 week course.  These classes will run each Thursday at Seabreeze from 9 am until 11 am.  Cost for the ten weeks is $60. Interested persons should email Susan Fraser at
Tuesday July 3 - Class on Inverted Minors and the use of Criss Cross taught by Barry Erlich
This class is for those who do not yet play either of these conventions but wish to learn.  The class will be held at O'Dell recreation center and run from 8:45 am to 10:45 am.  Contract Barry on to sign up for this class.
For general inquiries regarding Educational Classes, please email Bob Matthews at or, or Susan Fraser at To register for a course or for more detailed information regarding a specific course, please contact the instructor directly at the email address indicated in the course description.  Instructors will need your email contact address to send notices and other pertinent course information.  Classes, unless otherwise stated above, are $5 per class (entire course fee payable at the 1st class) and are held at either the Seabreeze or Odell Recreation Center from 9 to 11am on Thursday morning.
Last updated : Jun 23, 2018 09:03 EDT
The Villages DBC is now Incorporated

Following the decision taken at the Annual General Meeting held earlier this year, the Board has now completed the process of Incorporation for the Club.  As a result of this, we have been able to effect some welcome changes with our Banking that are of benefit to the Treasurer, plus we have now been able to obtain Insurance Cover which we have felt for a long time was an essential necessity to protect the Club and its officials against mishaps.  All of this has been undertaken with the complete knowledge and support from The Villages.  Our official name is now The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club, Inc.

Last updated : Jun 20, 2018 13:53 EDT
Temporary Venue/Game Changes

Our club has announced the following temporary venue or game changes:

  • Wed July 4 - All rec centers close at 6:00 on this holiday.  Thus our Eisenhower, Lake Miona & Mulberry games will be played, but the 6:15 evening game at Seabreeze will be canceled.
  • Nov 16-18 - 499NLM Sectional - game changes to be announced
Last updated : Jun 18, 2018 17:31 EDT
ACBL's Instant Match Point Game

The Club will be sponsoring the ACBL's Instant Match Point Game on Monday afternoon, July 9.  This will be a Special game with higher master point awards than a regular game.  In addition, Gold points will be awarded to all Section winners.  All other awards will be half Red and half Black.  Only games with no upper master point limit will qualify for the extra awards.  Accordingly the game at Sea Breeze and the one at Laurel Manor will both be open games with no master point limits.  The game at Sea Breeze will start at 12:45 PM and the one at Laurel Manor at 1 PM.  Since both games will be idential, please go to the venue closest to you.

Last updated : Jun 19, 2018 09:15 EDT

We are trialing a Reservation Program at three games for  May and June 

In order to conduct a proper trial PLEASE make a reservation if you are playing in one of the games below.  IF, you can't or don't want to, then please contact the director and they will happily do this on your behalf.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

To make a reservation for the Open game at Miona on Saturday at 1pm - please click on  Open Reservation

To make a reservation for the Limited game at Laurel on Monday at 1pm - please click on Limited Reservations

To make a reservation for the Open game at Miona on Tuesday at 12:45 - please click on  Open Reservation

If you have made a reservation, you do not need to be at game until 15 minutes prior to game time.

If you cannot attend PLEASE cancel by 08:00 am on the morning of the game.

Last updated : Jun 14, 2018 14:20 EDT
Regular Game Schedule for week Starting Monday, June 18th
Day Time Location Type Director Note  
Monday 1:00 PM Laurel Manor <299 MP's Davies **  
Monday 1:00 PM Seabreeze Open Pairs Gauthier    
Monday 5:30 PM Seabreeze < 50 MP's Pairs Matheson **  
Monday 6:15 PM Laurel Manor Open Pairs Magnuson    
Tuesday 12:45 PM Lake Miona Open Pairs Williams    
Tuesday 1:00 PM Eisenhower < 750 MPS Pairs Davies    
Wednesday 8:30 AM Eisenhower < 20 MPS Pairs Schmidt    
Wednesday 1:00 PM Lake Miona < 399 NLM Pairs HOLMES    
Wednesday 1:00 PM Mulberry Open Pairs Thiher    
Wednesday 6:15 PM Seabreeze Open Pairs Magnuson    
Thursday 9:00 AM Rohan Open Pairs Magnuson    
Thursday 1:00 PM Mullberry Open Pairs Thiher    
Thursday 4:30 PM Rohan <149 MP's Pairs Holmes ***  
Friday 9:00 AM Sea Breeze Open/399NLM Pairs Matthews    
Friday 1:00PM Eisenhower Open Pairs Saunders    
Friday 6:15PM Laurel Manor <100/Open Pairs Kuyper    
Saturday 09:00AM Lake Miona <199 MP's Pairs Holmes    
Saturday 1:00PM Lake Miona Open Pairs Matthews    
Saturday 1:00PM Colony <750 MP's Pairs Kuyper    
Sunday Jun 24th 1:00 PM Sea Breeze 8 is Enough WILLIAMS    
Sunday, Jul 1st 1:00PM Sea Breeze 8 is Enough Swiss Holmes    
Sunday, Jul 8th 1:00PM Sea Breeze IMP Pairs Gauthier    
Sunday, Jul 15th 1:00PM Sea Breeze Mentor Novice Magnuson    
Sunday, Jul 22nd 1:00PM Sea Breeze 8 is Enough Swiss Williams    
Last updated : Jun 20, 2018 08:16 EDT
Temporary Venue Changes are in RED.
Temporary Director Changes are in BLUE
**  Brief lesson before game
***  Question & Answer after game
If you need to contact a Director, click on the 
Staff > Director menu button to obtain contact information.
Last updated : Mar 25, 2018 08:38 EDT
Alert Message

The Life Master Rank Changes for May is posted below.

The June 2 Board Minutes has been posted on our web site.  Click on the Board Info menu button.

Last updated : Jun 17, 2018 09:00 EDT
Top Clubs in ACBL

In 2017 we had grown to become the 2nd largest ACBL club in North America.  Click on the History - A Growth Story  menu button for the history of our club.

Last updated : Feb 20, 2018 11:19 EST
Saturday AM Pairs-NAP
Director: Pat Holmes
1 PM Colony 750
Director: Kuyper
1 PM Miona
Director: Janet Matthews
9: AM Sea Br Open/399
Director: Janet Matthews
1:00 PM Open Pairs
Director: Greg Saunders
Friday Evening Session
Director: John Kuyper
Thursday Morning Pairs
Director: Bev Magnuson
1 PM Mulberry NAOP Qual
Director: Bruce Thiher
Thursday PM 149er Pairs
Director: Pat Holmes