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Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club.  Our club is located in The Villages (Florida's Friendliest Hometown) which is in central Florida.  Our ACBL sanction number is #217489.  We are in District 9, Unit 128.

This is an invitational club so guest passes must be obtained for a guest to play.  All regular game fees are $3 per person for a resident and $5 per person for a guest.   We are a non-smoking club and adhere to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.

Our web site has a lot of information and you should scroll down the home page first to find out what you want and then click on the special menu buttons to obtain additional information on a specific subject.

Last updated : Nov 28, 2018 10:03 EST
Appeals for Charities

At this special season of giving and remembering those less fortunate than we are ourselves, it is very easy to feel that we should contribute as much as possible to each and every situation where we see a need.

As a club, we have an agreed policy whereby anyone who wishes to bring a good cause to the attention of other members may do so by leaving flyers or a short notice in the area we use for general equipment and papers at each of our games.

Those who then feel that they wish to become involved may freely do so of their own choosing.

We also, as a unified and combined club, make our regular contributions, not just at this time of the year, but throughout its entirety to our chosen local charities.

We would ask that you remember to use the proper, agreed procedure if you wish to bring other worthy causes to the attention of your fellow players rather than make public announcements which may be lost in the greater scheme of things.

Bob Matthews, President
On behalf of The Board of Directors

Last updated : Dec 7, 2018 13:06 EST
Temporary Venue/Game Changes

Our club has announced the following temporary venue or game changes:

  • Sat Dec 15 - Colony game is moved to Eisenhower
  • Sun Dec 16 - The Mentor/Novice game is moved from Seabreeze to Laurel Manor
  • Mon Dec 24 - Christmas Eve - no games.
  • Tue Dec 25 - Christmas - no games.
  • Wed Dec 26 - the 0-20 MPS game at Eisenhower is cancelled.  All other games are a GO!
  • Mon Dec 31 - New Years Eve - no games.
  • Tue Jan 1 - New Years Day - no games.
Last updated : Dec 7, 2018 12:40 EST
Educational Classes

Our club offers all sorts of education classes to help our members improve their game.  Some of the classes coming up very shortly that have not been filled or closed include:

  • Click on link below

Click on the link Class Schedule Rev 7 to view a listing of all the classes being offered along with the specific details of each class including schedules, locations and class descriptions.

General information about our classes can be found by clicking on the Education menu button link on the left.  If you still have questions that aren't answered, you can email Bob Matthews at or Susan Fraser at 

In addition, Neil Timm will be submitting a bridge "Topic of the Month" article for your review and study.  Click on Gazzilli Convention for his December topic.

Last updated : Dec 6, 2018 10:41 EST
Short Lessons Before Some Open Games

Andy Sloan will be giving a series of short lessons of approximately 30 minutes in length that will be starting promptly at 12:15 at the following afternoon open games.  The lessons will end in time to set up the game and take your seats.

  • Responses to Take Out Doubles - Mon 12/17 at Seabreeze and repeated Wed 12/19 at Mullberry
Last updated : Dec 6, 2018 10:39 EST
Upcoming Sunday Games
  • Sunday Dec 16 - Mentor/Novice Game. Please note that this game is moved to Laurel Manor since they are cleaning Seabreeze.
  • Sunday Dec 23 & 30 - No games because of the Holidays

Pre-registering is desirable to aid the Director is setting up the game but not mandatory.  Walk-ins are welcomed.  All games are held at 1:00 pm at Sea Breeze.

Last updated : Dec 9, 2018 15:45 EST
If You Would Like To Make A Reservation

We are now using the reservation system for most of our games and your help is appreciated. Please scroll down to the Game Schedule and if the game you are playing in has a link, then simply click on "reserve a seat" and you will be taken to the correct site. Please make sure you are playing in the correct game. Either a game with LIMITED masterpoints or an OPEN game.

In order to help the director, PLEASE make a reservation if you are playing in one of the games where the system is in effect.  IF, you can't or don't want to, then please contact the director and they will happily do this on your behalf.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

If you do NOT have an ACBL number, then please email to get set up.

If you have made a reservation, you do not need to be at game until 20 minutes prior to game time.

If you cannot attend PLEASE cancel by 10:00 am on the morning of the game. 

Last updated : Nov 18, 2018 01:49 EST
Regular Game Schedule for week Starting Monday, December 10th
Day Time Location Type Director Note


Make a Reservation


Monday  1:00PM Laurel Manor <299 MP's Caroline Davies   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Monday  1:00PM Seabreeze Open Pairs Rick Gauthier    
Monday  5:30PM Seabreeze < 50 MP's Pairs Paul Matheson    
Monday  6:15PM Laurel Manor Open Pairs Bev Magnuson   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Tuesday  12:45PM Lake Miona Open Pairs Jon Williams   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Tuesday  1:00PM Eisenhower < 750 MPS Pairs Caroline Davies   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Wednesday            8:30AM Eisenhower < 20 MPS Pairs Marilyn Schmidt    
Wednesday  1:00PM Lake Miona < 399 NLM Pairs Pat Holmes   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED Game
Wednesday  1:00PM Mulberry Open Pairs STEVE MACHEEL   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN Game
Wednesday  6:15PM Seabreeze Open Pairs Bev Magnuson   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Thursday  9:00AM Rohan Open Pairs Kelly Dryden    
Thursday  1:00PM Mullberry Open Pairs SANDY BOOKE   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN Game
Thursday  4:30PM Rohan <149 MP's Pairs Pat Holmes   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Friday  9:00AM Sea Breeze Open/ Pairs Sandy Booke   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Friday  9:00AM Sea Breeze <399 NLM Sandy Booke   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Friday  1:00PM Eisenhower Open Pairs Steve Macheel   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Friday  6:15PM Laurel Open Pairs John Kuyper   Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Friday  6:15PM Laurel <100MP's John Kuyper   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Saturday  09:00AM Miona <199 MP's Pairs Pat Holmes   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Saturday  1:00PM Miona Open Pairs Rick GAuthier ♠ smiley Reserve a Seat in the OPEN game
Saturday  1:00PM Eisenhower <750 MP's Pairs John Kuyper   Reserve a Seat in the LIMITED game
Sunday Dec 16th 1:00PM Laurel Mentor Novice JACK LAHOUD    
Last updated : Dec 10, 2018 17:36 EST
Temporary Venue Changes are in RED.
Temporary Director Changes are in BLUE
   Brief lesson before game
  Question & Answer after game
Q & A AFTER the game with RUSS PEARLY  
If you need to contact a Director, click on the 

Staff > Director menu button to obtain contact information.

Last updated : Dec 9, 2018 13:55 EST
Alert Message

The Saturday Dec 15 Colony game is moved to Eisenhower.

The Life Master  Rank Changes for November are posted below.  Note, a whopping 31 changes in November.

Last updated : Dec 11, 2018 12:31 EST
Top Clubs in ACBL

In 2017 we had grown to become the 2nd largest ACBL club in North America.  Click on the History - A Growth Story  menu button for the history of our club.

Last updated : Feb 20, 2018 11:19 EST
Thursday Morning Open
Director: Kelley Dryden
Wednesday Morning Pairs
Director: Marilyn Schmidt
1 PM Mulberry & SB 399er
Director: Stephen Macheel
1 PM Lake Miona 399er
Director: Pat Holmes
6:15 PM Sea Breeze Open
Director: Bev Magnuson
1 PM Eisenhower
Director: Caroline Davies
1 PM Miona Open Charity
Director: Jon Williams
1 PM Seabreeze Charity
Director: Rick Gauthier
6:30 PM Newcomer
Director: Paul Mathesson