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Vero Beach Bridge Center
Feb 17, 2019 15:03 EST
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0 - 50 game each
Tuesday @ 9 a.m.



Tuesday 0-1500 PAIRS GAME

 Join us for the
 0-1500 PAIRS GAME 
@ 1 p.m. 


0-99 GAME @ 1 p.m.
0-99 GAME @ 1 p.m.

0-99 PAIRS
GAME each
WEDNESDAY @ 1 p.m.



One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned bridge club. We host daily bridge games, duplicate bridge tournaments, bridge classes for all levels,  celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up and coming players, no need to swim with the sharks! 
Pre-dealt boards for pair games mean no shuffling and hand records are available after each game, whether for the daily bridge play or on-site duplicate bridge tournaments. The use of Bridgemate II allows results to be ready immediately following the game.
We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation.  
We are currently ranked at #4 in North America for 2017 based on the number of tables of bridge played thus far!

Full Disclosure
Duplicate Bridge is a game of full disclosure. Please have two completed convention cards on the table and announce and alert bids appropriately.  VBBC enforces the Zero Tolerance Policy for unacceptable behavior.  The policy is to create a much more pleasant atmosphere in our games and to attempt to eradicate unacceptable behavior in order to make the game of bridge more enjoyable for all.
Sat. Card Play Series 2019
  How Do I Sign Up?

FIrst, if you want to check out the class, and have not signed up, just show up and we will accommodate you. You don't have to sign up to attend and if you do sign up and do not attend you will not be charged. So why have a sign up at all? It does give us a general idea who is coming and how often,  That helps us be better prepared. Once you have signed up once and included a general idea of how often you think you will attend, it is not necessary to sign up again unless your intention about how often you expect to attend changes. The class this 1st week was 34  students (We had prepared for 28 so we had to scurry a bit). We have about 50 players signed up now but not all will attend every week. to be safe I think we will prepare each week for up to 10 tables or so. 

Don't let the size of the class intimidate you. My voice carries and we have the entire big room at our disposal. I can even use a handless, wireless microphone if necessary. The display screen is huge and there is no problem reading the lesson or seeing hands. This is a participatory experience but it is easier to hide  a bit with a bigger class. wink

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  What is this series and how does it work?

This series is not a course. That is to say you do not have to sign up and pay for every class. Instread you may attend at will and pay as you go. Each class is $20, or if you choose, you may purchase a punch card for 50$ that entitles you to attend any three classes in the series. The last date of the series has not been chosen. Topics  vary but they will always be about card play; either declarer, defense or both. We start prompt at 9:30am. Each lesson is 2&1/4 hours with a break in the middle. Typically we will have a short lecture, followed by an onscreen quiz or several hands on the big screen and then hands at the table. Further down the page there is info on the first class topic and instructions on receiving the handout for all who missed.

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  Replaying hands from the class

It is possible to replay any hand we play at the tables on your own computer and many devices without the need to download and install software. If you have any trouble with the instructions below, we will be doing it in class as well from time to time so you will pick it up.

This is possible by using the same software our website provides for replaying hands from the game. The process is slightly more difficult but not too much so.

First step: download the hands from the class. 

  • To facilitate this, our Saturday classes are listed on the game calendar.  You may go to the results calendar each Saturday after 12:00 noon, click on the class listing and then click on the Hands button. Select the pbn option and download the hands, most of the time they will go to your downloads folder but if you read the screen you can note or even change where they go. It is not important where they go but you do need to know where they went.

Second Step: Go to the Bridge Solver Online site by clicking on the next story.

Third Step:From the bridge solver online site, use the upload window in the upper right to browse to the file you downloaded, when you select the file, the hands will be uploaded.

Fourth Step: Read the screen to get an overview. To play the first hand, first hit the analyze button and then from the makeable contracts area in the lower right, select a contract you would like to play. Hit stop when done with the hand.

Fifth Step: use the GO TO area in the bottom left to go to next hand, (or later, to go back to a previously played hand).

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  First Class Handouts

The three handouts distributed in class will be available at the next class. Two of these are foundational. They provide information on play and defense that we will use for the entire series.

You can read or download the first hands handout by going to the results calendar and clicking on the Saturday class entry. 

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