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0-50 GAME TUESDAYS @ 9 a.m.

0 - 50 game each
Tuesday @ 9 a.m.



Tuesday 0-1500 PAIRS GAME

 Join us for the
 0-1500 PAIRS GAME 
@ 1 p.m. 


0-99 GAME @ 1 p.m.
0-99 GAME @ 1 p.m.

0-99 PAIRS
GAME each
WEDNESDAY @ 1 p.m.



One of the Best Florida Bridge Clubs

Located in Vero Beach Florida, the Vero Beach Bridge Center is a member-owned bridge club. We host daily bridge games, duplicate bridge tournaments, bridge classes for all levels,  celebrity speakers, and student games for new players which are all sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. In fact, the size of our club allows us to hold many restricted games for up and coming players, no need to swim with the sharks! 
Pre-dealt boards for pair games mean no shuffling and hand records are available after each game, whether for the daily bridge play or on-site duplicate bridge tournaments. The use of Bridgemate II allows results to be ready immediately following the game.
We have one of the best duplicate bridge clubs in Florida, if not the nation.  
We are currently ranked at #4 in North America for 2017 based on the number of tables of bridge played thus far!

Full Disclosure
Duplicate Bridge is a game of full disclosure. Please have two completed convention cards on the table and announce and alert bids appropriately.  VBBC enforces the Zero Tolerance Policy for unacceptable behavior.  The policy is to create a much more pleasant atmosphere in our games and to attempt to eradicate unacceptable behavior in order to make the game of bridge more enjoyable for all.
Sat Card Play Series 2017-18
Series to Date - Summary of Materials

This series is intended to "bridge" the gap between the fundamentals of the game and plays that are generally considered intermediate to advanced. As we review the basics of the game we introduce new ideas. The class is suitable for and attended by players with diverse ability levels; All students of the game are welcome. You may join in at any time. Our large screen presentation allows us to cover a lot of material more rapidly than is typical in bridge classes.

Some of the material covered to date will be posted here but not all. There will also be links to outside sources relating to material covered in class. 

In our first class :

  • We handed out homework on Planning the Play of the Hand and Defense and Signaling. Each can be picked up any Saturday morning. These handouts are meant to provide a common backdrop for the work ahead of us. Auxilary material, supplementing our hndout, concerning planning the play may be found at the following link:
  • We started the first class by taking and reviewing a ten problem quiz on taking tricks.
  • We then presented and discussed, in an active format, one of my bridge slide show/ movies, this one on card combinations. Emphasis was not on memorization but about how to think about combinations and what a player playing that combination would need to play for in order to take the desired number of tricks. The combinations we explored started very simple and graduated to more difficult ones.
  • We played four hands at the table and reviewed the play of these hands on screen in a trick by trick format. Similar reviews of these four hands are posted below.

Our second class:

  • started with a speed drill, we planned the play of and reviewed the play of ten hands in the first half hour. Bridge is a timed event, speed drills are a useful training tool. Though these were elementary hands (from the bridge worlld magazine website), the added element of working quickly allowed them to be a challenge for some and a good review for others. 
  • Before resuming our movie on suit combinations, we re-examined the last combination we looked at from the previous week. How to play QT987 opposite Ax with adequate entries in each hand. Combinations like this may defy at-the-table analysis and are even difficult away from the table. We provided a link and demonstrated how to use Richard Pavlicek's card combination analyzer. Here is the link to that tool:
  • After finishing our examination of card combinations we watched another bridge movie regarding the play of a hand involving three suit combinations we had reviewed. That hand is posted below and marked as class two. I have decided not to post the movie on card combinations at this time as it is formatted for presentation rather than for review by a student (at a kiosk).
  • We also played on screen, four defensive hands. Each with an emphasis on counting.
    • Two of these hands involved what to lead from three small, in partner's suit and in an unbid suit. These were Jerry Helms hands (use by permission), the anlysis and presentation were by Ron Andrews. Jerry suggests leading BOSTON from three small in an UNBID suit. In partner's suit, lead a length card unless your lenght is known. Two variations of each hand demonstrated how this method can provide the count information necessary to make a challengingt defensive decision easier.
    • The other two hands were original presentations of intermediate level defensive hands posted to the web.

Class Three: our prior review of planning the play and examination of card combinations has lead us to an introduction to Endplays. We will present an original bridge movie on endplays. We will play several full deals on screen and will likely examine four hands at the table as well. Endplays are very satisfying and approachable for all. Join us.


Card Play Series with Ron Andrews

This series will meet on the next several Saturdays, (though we will skip the February Sectional Date).

YOU MAY JOIN AT ANY TIME, AND MAY ATTEND AT WILL 20$ PER CLASS. $50 for three. We will meet at least six and maybe as many as ten times. EMPHASIS will be on Play and Defense. We will discuss the bidding of many hands but will not be presenting bidding per se.We also work hard at having FUN.

This is a mixed ability class. Much effort is made to cater to all. It is important that you want to get better and are willing to put in a little effort to do so. I promise I will put in a lot of effort to help you.

The hands posted below are a small part (also the hardest part) of what was presented in class. Summaries of each class are meant to help participants obtain maximum gain/enjoyment but of course if you did not attend you may still find them of interest. They do not include all the class material and often include some bonus material.

Card play, How to use the Hand Interface

The four hands below can be used to review the hand by just continuing to hit next as you THINK and read along.

When the hand first appears it will be with all four hands exposed. You can close the other hands by clicking on the South Banner. Dummy will reopen when the bidding concludes. You may of course leave all four hands exposed.

Alternatively, at any time you can hit Play to take over playing all four hands yourself. That will allow you to try out your ideas. If you hit play, you will need to have all four hands exposed. If you have closed them, just click on the South banner again and they will reopen. (if you hit on EAST or WEST to sneak a peek, hit on it again and all hands will open or hit on South again to close it and open South)

You can choose one card at at time or trick at a time from the options.


See you in class.