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The VBC calendar for March is posted.

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Winter 2017 Bridge Lessons

The Bridge Lessons for Winter 2017 is now posted.

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see Calendar on the menu and for a list of results see Results.
Member Masterpoints
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Full Name MP Rank MPTS   Full Name MP Rank MPTS   Full Name MP Rank MPTS  
Chuck Said Grand Life Master 38790   Barbara Newman Ruby Life Master 2393   Malik Kabir Silver Life Master 1252  
Michael Lawrence Grand Life Master 23211   Don Turner Ruby Life Master 2303   Dianne Sussman Silver Life Master 1236  
Elaine Said Platinum Life Master 18874   Mike Reeslund Ruby Life Master 2288   David Alan Smithfield Silver Life Master 1215  
Art Lowen Platinum Life Master 14899   Douglas Hirt Ruby Life Master 2286   Jan Wells Silver Life Master 1213  
Coley McGinnis Platinum Life Master 13970   Bettye Golden Ruby Life Master 2260   Pieter Hoonderd Bronze Life Master 1208  
Linda Hanson Platinum Life Master 12538   Chris Panagopoulos Ruby Life Master 2239   Kenneth Jacobs NABC Master 1195  
Dot Blue Platinum Life Master 10709   Raj Kumar Ruby Life Master 2147   Robert Bennett Silver Life Master 1179  
Carleton Lett Emerald Life Master 8302   Marge Chipman Ruby Life Master 2096   Karen Kendrick Silver Life Master 1175  
Terry Spector Emerald Life Master 8119   Betsi Tunnell Ruby Life Master 2079   Don Hasty Silver Life Master 1146  
Patrick Williams Diamond Life Master 6366   Joanne Sneed Silver Life Master 2037   Loretta Gibbens Silver Life Master 1141  
Elizabeth Ivey Ruby Life Master 6328   Reca Williams Ruby Life Master 2012   Berkeley Montes Regional Master 1130  
Rebecca Lowen Ruby Life Master 6209   Margie Hogshead Ruby Life Master 1988   Mary Margaret Hamlett Silver Life Master 1123  
Richard Roiseman Ruby Life Master 6119   Melanie Hirt Ruby Life Master 1971   Nancy Sibole Silver Life Master 1119  
Marc Leventhal Ruby Life Master 6107   Clifford Kent Ruby Life Master 1970   Jill Jenkins Silver Life Master 1109  
David Birnbaum Ruby Life Master 6081   Mark St John Ruby Life Master 1967   Hannah Tidman Life Master 1107  
Bryan Howard Diamond Life Master 5389   Fran Skinner Ruby Life Master 1898   Lawson (Sonny) Freeman Jr Silver Life Master 1102  
Judith Armonat Sapphire Life Master 5082   Bill Skinner Ruby Life Master 1889   Edie Walker Silver Life Master 1101  
Janet Appel Sapphire Life Master 4997   Barbaro Cahalan Silver Life Master 1832   Janet Bender Silver Life Master 1088  
Gregory Reichert Silver Life Master 4909   Kathryn Hasty Ruby Life Master 1788   Sharon Ricciardi Silver Life Master 1071  
Phyllis Reichman Sapphire Life Master 4493   Kevin Clark Silver Life Master 1786   Yaron Schweizer Life Master 1062  
Anna Buchanan Sapphire Life Master 4380   Kristina Juk Ruby Life Master 1781   Ann Lauterbach Bronze Life Master 1050  
Carol Cox Sapphire Life Master 4364   Tommy Boze Ruby Life Master 1742   Peggy West Silver Life Master 1026  
Barbara Zander Sapphire Life Master 4073   Betty Jennings Sectional Master 1739   Herb Dotzauer Silver Life Master 1022  
Terry Van Dyke Ruby Life Master 3828   Charlynn Foust Ruby Life Master 1731   Buddy Conley Bronze Life Master 1018  
Anne Erwin Sapphire Life Master 3816   Linda Boze Silver Life Master 1676   Breezy Salmon Life Master 1008  
Robert Erwin Jr Sapphire Life Master 3765   David Albrecht Silver Life Master 1649   Rees Mitchell Silver Life Master 1004  
Patricia Smith Sapphire Life Master 3640   Larry Averbuch Ruby Life Master 1615   Jack Tyson Bronze Life Master 991  
Dick Arnold Sapphire Life Master 3627   Celia Lee Bronze Life Master 1604   Jan Gray Bronze Life Master 991  
Tommy Latham Sapphire Life Master 3553   Anne Stone Ruby Life Master 1595   Carol Martin Bronze Life Master 975  
Steven McMahan Ruby Life Master 3541   Kyle Moore Silver Life Master 1560   Ella Beesley Bronze Life Master 974  
David Strayhorn Ruby Life Master 3445   Tom Cox Ruby Life Master 1551   Jan Iliff Bronze Life Master 974  
Maclin Whiteman Ruby Life Master 3331   Steven Juk Ruby Life Master 1549   Ken McPeak Bronze Life Master 966  
Eleanor Rodgers Silver Life Master 3234   Nancy Evins Ruby Life Master 1536   Claudia Akin Bronze Life Master 951  
Patricia Beason Silver Life Master 3177   Irwin Hodes Silver Life Master 1529   Eugene Merryman Bronze Life Master 948  
Bob Allard Silver Life Master 3127   Judy Hackett Silver Life Master 1517   Chris Clark Bronze Life Master 947  
Paul Dole Ruby Life Master 3125   Joan Barco NABC Master 1502   Dian Fleming Bronze Life Master 927  
Patricia Taylor Ruby Life Master 3078   Hope Hallum Silver Life Master 1489   Ann Rees Bronze Life Master 917  
Wendel Archer Silver Life Master 3076   Charles Smith Silver Life Master 1476   Ruth McCabe Life Master 905  
Roslyn McMahan Gold Life Master 3036   Barbara Cross Silver Life Master 1452   Barbara Potter Bronze Life Master 903  
Jay Hitt Silver Life Master 3013   Lloyd Russell Silver Life Master 1448   Sandy Gregory NABC Master 893  
Tony Greene Ruby Life Master 2971   Audrey Rice Silver Life Master 1419   Nat Harris Life Master 892  
Anne Hitt Silver Life Master 2922   Eugenia Cammack Silver Life Master 1405   Jane Howard Bronze Life Master 886  
Vicki Buchanan Gold Life Master 2774   Lois Knight Silver Life Master 1383   Ree Robinson Bronze Life Master 886  
Louise Fontecchio Silver Life Master 2752   Sid Stanley Silver Life Master 1371   Martha Merryman Bronze Life Master 884  
Barbara Moomy Silver Life Master 2736   Sheila Fleming Silver Life Master 1320   Frances Scales Bronze Life Master 873  
Janice Van Dyke Silver Life Master 2731   Roy Berkon Silver Life Master 1317   Nancy Gold Bronze Life Master 872  
Pam Allen   2596   Rudy Saperstein Silver Life Master 1307   Bonnie Hill Bronze Life Master 861  
Calvin J. Fultz Ruby Life Master 2558   Charles Brown Silver Life Master 1304   Elaine Luartes Bronze Life Master 848  
Connie Spector Ruby Life Master 2470   Harry Allen Silver Life Master 1260   Lamya Agelidis Bronze Life Master 845  
Lucy Milton Ruby Life Master 2400   Thomas Yeagley Silver Life Master 1259   Jay Winget Bronze Life Master 836  
Last updated : Sep 15, 2016 19:27 CDT
Nashville Spring 2016 ABA Regional / ACBL Sectional

The ABA Regional / ACBL Sectional was a big success.  Please click here to see the tournament Masterpoint winners.

Last updated : May 24, 2016 09:40 CDT
2015 ACBL Unit 179 Masterpoint Races

2015 Unit 179 Mini-McKinney Race

2015 Unit 179 Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Awards

Last updated : Feb 28, 2016 08:30 CST
Gatlinburg Results for Unit 179
Gatlinburg Results for Unit 179

Unit 179 was well represented at the ACBL Regional in Gatlinburg this year.  We had 141 players receive 1,843 masterpoints.  Special congratulations to Art Lowen who led the Unit 179 field with 74.46 points.  To view the Gatlinburg 2016 Unit 179 Masterpoint List click here

Last updated : May 13, 2016 11:40 CDT
The Common Game
The Common Game

Mr. Jay Whipple, III and his team at run a series of contests where performance and attendance are rewarded. Clubs play the same set of hands from a common library.  All of the pairs games at the Vanderbilt Bridge club now participate in the Common Game.  These results may be viewed here.

The benefits to you are:

  • Your own personal page that keeps track of your partners, games, and results
  • Post mortem analysis on some of the hands you played
  • Overall comparison/ranking with other players throughout the country who play the same hands

What you need to do:

  • Nothing! You get the same Masterpoints as normal.
  • You see your results online the same way (from the Vanderbilt calendar).
  • To view your personal page, go to and login with your ACBL number.
  • To be notified when your results are posted to the common game, provide your email under the Modify Profile button and request Email notifications
  • To view nationwide results for a day game, go here.
  • To view nationwide results for a nite game, go here.

What you need to know 

  • There are some great Common Game video tutorials here.
  • If the game is a Howell, and your are stationary, your scores will be under N/S or E/W not "Howellers."
  • If the game has fewer than four players over 500 masterpoints, it is considered a 299er game.
  • If you have fewer than 300 masterpoints you will show up in the 299er results.
  • If you have fewer than 300 masterpoints and play in an open game, you may show up both places (open and 299er).
Last updated : Jan 11, 2014 14:15 CST
Bridgemate II Electronic Scoring
Bridgemate II Electronic Scoring The club uses Bridgemate II tabletop devices for capturing the scores. Please click the picture to review a User Guide.
Last updated : Oct 30, 2012 10:57 CDT

The Vanderbilt Bridge Club utilizes a Duplimate Mark 4.4 automatic dealer for generating the pre-dealt boards.  We utilize Dealmaster Pro software which generates random hands and it allows us to provide hand records which include makeable contracts.

Last updated : Oct 30, 2012 11:55 CDT
Renew Your Membership via Credit Card On-line (Test)

We are planning to accept credit cards for membership renewals, cookbooks, etc via the website.  This page is still under development.  Please DO NOT USE until this verbiage has been removed and a notice has been sent out stating it is ready for use.  Thanks!!!!  Rees Mitchell


Last updated : Feb 28, 2016 08:28 CST