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Monday games


Monday games at 1 pm continue thru the fall except October 23 when the game is cancelled.


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Using the Results buttons

Displayed at right are the results from most recent bridge games. For the whole history of results click the "Results Calendar" button at the left.

To display the results click on the date of the game you wish to explore.

To display the results of a particular pair - Click their name. To print these personal results - Click on the little printer icon on the top left side of the screen.

Each personal score card will show the percentage score on each board - Examine carefully the reasons why you scored the ZEROS!

On the right side of each personal score card is a button for each board played. Click each button and below the list of boards a table is shown with all played contracts and the lead cards.

To print the total hand records - Click the "Hands" button at the top - A variety of formats may be selected for the records. Select your desired format and after the resulting display you may print this information using the printer icon at the top left of the page.