Spade Heart Saddleback Unit 525 Diamond Club
Saddleback Unit 525

Unit Game Held at Laguna  Woods Bridge Club

Every second sunday of each calendar month

See Calendar For Further Details

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Important Information
Important Information

Unit 525 Incorporates all of the clubs located in the Saddleback area. We provide Unit games once a month at Laguna Woods Bridge Club.

Along with news for our local area and  links to the other units in our geographical area.

Daily games in Unit 525

Laguna Woods Duplicate Bridge Club – every day at 12:30PM

Note:   Saturday morning – supervised 0-49er game – 12:30PM

Also games Monday afternoon (Norman Murray Center), Thursday afternoon (at Sea Country) and Wednesday evening (at Laguna Woods Towers) directed by John Adams.  


Player Pictures
2016 Saddleback Sectional
Ellis Margie Smolen and Suresh Winners Sat KO
IlanaSandi Winners 299 Pairs Sat Am
Lowell Nunzio winners Sat Am Open Pairs
Robert and Elaine Winners 299 Pairs Sat Aft
Golbert Itabashi Winners Sat Aft Open Pairs
Louise and Stan Winners 299 pairs Sat Aft
May Nola winners Sat Am 229 Pairs
Russ Lian Winners BC Open Pairs Sat AM
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