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Offered in Mathews, Gloucester, Toano, Denbigh and Hampton.  See the Education Opportunities Tab on the top left menu.

Unit 110 Website

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Unit 110 Christmas Party

Much fun at the Unit 110 Christmas Party on 8 Dec at The Fords Colony Swim and Tennis Club.  Homer Smith represents the spirit of the day.  As a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society over $3,500 was donated.  Members of the Unit are encouraged to patronize our Christmas DONOR LIST 2018 .doc who supported this event.


Unit 110 Clubs & Schedule

For additional details, locations and dates, click on the bridge club link.

Starting 1 Jan 2019 PBC Bridge Club's Tuesday & Friday games will start at 11:00.

      Monday        11:30     PBC Bridge Club  (10:45 pre-game lesson)

                     11:30     Overruff Bridge Club

                      6:45      PBC Bridge Club

Tuesday       10:00     Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club  (twice a month)

                     11:30     PBC Bridge Club  (10:45 pre-game lesson)

                       1:00     Overruff Bridge Club

                       6:30     PBC Bridge Club  (Intermediate lesson/supervised play)

Wednesday     9:30     PBC Bridge Club  Beginner Lessons (never played bridge) - 12 week one hour class starting 3 Oct

                      10:30    PBC Bridge Club   Better Beginning bridge - one and one-half hour class

                      12:30    PBC Bridge Club   Fun Duplicate Bridge pre-game lesson & NLM 0-500 fun duplicate game

                      12:30     Ford's Colony Duplicate Bridge Club  (invitation only)

                       1:00      Mathews Duplicate Bridge Club  (twice a month)

                       6:45     Williamsburg Wednesday Duplicate Bridge Club

Thursday       9:00     Overruff Bridge Club  (invitation only)

                      11:00     PBC Bridge Club  NLM game (10:15 pre-game lesson)

                      11:30     Hampton Roads Bridge Club  Open and 99er (mini-lesson at 10:30)

                      11:30     PBC Bridge Club   Open game                      

                       1:00     Gloucester Duplicate Bridge Club  (twice a month)

Friday           11:30     Colonial Duplicate Bridge Club

                      11:30     PBC Bridge Club  (10:45 pre-game lesson)

Saturday      varies     PBC Bridge Club    (most Saturdays)

Sunday        varies      PBC Bridge Club   (some Sundays) 

2018 Goodwill Award Presentation
2018 Goodwill Award Presentation

District 6 President Jane Farthing presented Goodwill Award to ACBL member Ron Alldaffer for his unselfish dedication to the causes of good conduct, worthy participation and ethical behavior.

PBC Open Pairs
Director: Logan West
Sunday Gold Rush Swiss
Director: Williamsburg, VA
Sunday Open Swiss
Director: Williamsburg, VA
Sat Morn Open Pairs
Director: Williamsburg, VA
Saturday Afternoon Session
Director: Williamsburg, VA