Welcome to Tudor Bridge Club

We had a fabulous turn out for the AGM this year - in fact, the largest number of tables since the day we moved to the new premises.

Loretta kicked off the meeting with a quick review of the major changes over the last 12 months including:-

- the purchase and use of the dealing machine, with special thanks to Elaine who deals the hands for us

- the change of venue, 

- the introduction of the David Clarke cup, which was donated by his wife

Looking to the future, Loretta made the point that our numbers are falling.  She went on to say it is up to all players at the club to be welcoming to all our visitors, in the hope that they will return.  To help address this point the club is using the resources of the EBU to get some people trained to teach bridge.  Classes for beginners will begin in September 2018.

Gordon gave a synopsis of the finances including-

- reiterating that the change of venue had been a necessity with the downward trajectory of the players each week.  (Down from 15.3 per week on average in 2016 to 14.3 in 2017)

- the new venue is less than half the cost of the previous one and that had helped put us in a financially stable situation.

Then there were a few open discussions:-

1. the hand drying situation in the bathroom had been the source of some concerns.  Loretta said we would trial using pre-cut hand towels. 

2.  should Tudor BC take part in more SIM pairs competitions?  Those present voted that we should do more of them. 

3.  should Tudor BC remain affiliated to the EBU?  After some discussion of the costs and benefits, those in attendance voted that we should remain in the EBU.

At that point the meeting was finished and we went on to play 27 boards - well done Carlton for getting that lot played in the time.

by Christine


At Tudor BC the travellers are the basic form of scoring, so accuracy is vital.  No one is ever taught how to fill in the travellers, so here are a few fundamental 'dos' and 'don'ts' to help ensure accuracy and ease for the scorers.


  1. ensure the number of the board is shown on the front and the back of the traveller

  2. North always completes the traveller, and in the course of a session will always complete their score on the same line of the traveller (when we are using the type of travellers with the N/S numbers pre-printed, i.e. most of the time)

  3. North writes the contract in the CONTRACT column (no need to to record plus/minus tricks), the position of declarer in the BY column and  the number of tricks made in the TRICKS column.  Finally, of course, the score in the NORTH/SOUTH Plus and Minus columns.  

  4. either East or West must check that North has completed the score accurately 

  5. if all four players have passed, please write 'PASSED OUT' on the relevant line of the traveller

  6. if you have run out of time to play a board please write 'NOT PLAYED' on the relevant line of the traveller.

PLEASE NOTE - points 5 and 6 above are scored differently, so it is vital that you record the correct one 


  1. complete the traveller if you have sat out.  The scoring programme already knows the boards you will/will not be playing

  2. mark any odd/strange/obviously innaccurate scores with a query.  These need to be bought to the director's attention so they can be amended during the playing session whilst everyone is still there

  3. discuss the contract/play in too much detail or too loudly.  This can slow play down and also alert other players in the room to large/complex hands


  1. record the lead - we don't currently record these on the website, so this is an unnecessary effort

If you have any queries about the scoring please ask one of the scorers for an explanation.  Scorers are Gordon, Mark, Karen, Paul and Christine.


The last four months results have been checked and verified to see which member has improved most over the four months from November 2017 to February 2018, compared to the four months prior to that.  And we have a result.  Congratulations go to Ted (3rd), Gordon (2nd) and Colin Paynes who came in first.  Well done gentlemen. (PIctured, Mark Churchill presents Colin Payne with the Tudor Plate and a china mug as a memento of his achievements).

Congratulations to John Court and John Holt
Congratulations to John Court and John Holt

On an evening of firsts, John Court and John Holt pipped George and Pauline to first place by just 1 per cent, once the handicapping was applied, to win the 2018 Birthday Competition and become the new holders of the Peter Willoughby Trophy.

With a great turnout of some 17 pairs, including Helen Willoughby and Ron Watson, this was not only the first compeitition of 2018 but also the first competition in the new venue.  The honour of coming out top was very closely contended with less than 10 per cent separating the top half of the field.  This is John and John's first competition win at Tudor as they have only played at the club together five times before this evening.  Congratulations gentlemen.

Thanks and much kudos go to Loretta who baked the 'Peter Willoughby Trophy' cake and commissioned the birthday cake too. 

Just call Maureen Gale on 01454 314976 or email her at mpgale@icloud.com and she will do her best to match you up with someone.
Tuesday Duplicate
Director: Carlton
Scorer: Christine and Paul
Thursday Duplicate
Director: George
Scorer: Christine and Paul
Tuesday Duplicate
Director: Mark
Scorer: Christine and Paul
22nd Mar 2018
Thursday Duplicate
Director: Gordon
Scorer: Gordon
27th Mar 2018
Tuesday Duplicate
Director: Mark
Scorer: Christine & Paul
29th Mar 2018
Thursday Duplicate
Director: George
Scorer: Christine & Paul