Tucson Charity Bridge Club, Inc.
How to donate
Tucson Charity Bridge, Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) charity.

The most direct way to give funds is by check payable to Tucson Charity Bridge Club Inc.—with "capital donation" in the memo line. A bank wire is possible, although a fee would be involved at both ends. For stock dona-tions contact Ruth Houkom or Hurd Baruch for the number of the Club’s brokerage account with Wells Fargo Advisers, so that the stock can be transferred auto-matically between your broker and the Club’s. You can also have .5% of your purchases on Amazon donated to us by going to:   Amazon Smile

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Tucson Winter Sectional 2018

January 4-7. Hotel Tucson City Center. Click Tucson Winter Sectional 2018 for more info.

Charity Nomination

Regular members of TCBC are entitled to nominate a LOCAL charity to which TCBC will contribute. Charities are vetted by our charity officer, Philip Lattavo, and approved by the TCBC Board. Email Phil if you'd like to nominate a LOCAL char-itable organization.

Convention Cards
Convention Card Options & Instructions

For information on how to complete the Standard Convention Card, please go to:


If you prefer to use Larry Cohen's instructions on how to fill out your Standard Convention Card, please go to:  Conventional Wisdom.pdf

If you would like to fill our your Standard Convention Card on line so that you can send it to you partner, here is the prototype:  Convention Card.pdf

For Information on how to complete the Yellow Card, please go to:  Yellow Card Bidding.pdf

If you would like to print out the Yellow Card, here is the document:  Yellow Card.pdf

ACBL also offers a Fat Free Card which may be perfect for you:  Fat Free Convention Card.pdf