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How to donate
Tucson Charity Bridge, Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) charity.

The most direct way to give funds is by check payable to Tucson Charity Bridge Club Inc.—with "capital donation" in the memo line. A bank wire is possible, although a fee would be involved at both ends. For stock donations contact Ruth Houkom or Hurd Baruch for the number of the Club’s brokerage account with Wells Fargo Advisers, so that the stock can be transferred automatically between your broker and the Club’s. You can also have .5% of your purchases on Amazon donated to us by going to: Amazon Smile

$208,288.00 Donated to Charities
Our Phone will be answered in the hour prior to our games. Please dial 520-777-7963
Our Games
Table fees are $6 per player for a regular game, charity games $7, and STaC games $8. 
Reservations are required for all games. Click the "Contact Us" button to the left.
Light refreshments are served. Please bring a tightly covered container for drinks. Also, please review our "Club Policies"

Monday 12:30 at St. Alban's Episcopal Church
Stratified 999er Game

Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 at Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church
NLM and 749er Stratified Sections on Tuesday, Webmovement Stratified 749er Games on Thursday

Saturday 9:00 at Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church
Stratified 999er Game
Independent Director Games
Mike's Play and Learn Charity Bridge Games are 12:30 pm every Friday
At Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church for players with fewer than 199 MasterPoints
Light Refreshments are served. Table Fees are $6
Reservations required. Please click on button to the left titled "Game Reservations"

Play of the Hand

Taught by Barbara Sullenger
This is a six-week class beginning Thursday March 8th (after the senior regionals).

Dates (Thursdays):
March 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12
Class will be at Streams in The Desert Lutheran Church on Thursdays 9:30-11:15

Each class costs $10.00
Book: Audrey Grant’s "Play of The Hand in the 21st Century" - cost: $16.00

Play of the Hand with Bidding Review. Taking all of your tricks. This series of bridge classes focuses on the techniques for getting all the tricks needed to make your contract. Each session will spend enough time and provide enough practice to make the student proficient in the technique. With five techniques mastered, the student can expect improved scores. Bidding review included in each course assumes basic bidding knowledge and enhances that knowledge with some special considerations.

Barbara Feeley Sullenger has been teaching bridge for over forty years. From beginners to advanced level players, Barb brings clarity to the subject and includes the reasons behind the bids and plays she teaches. Experienced in classrooms, lecturing at tournaments, and teaching on cruise ships, Barb listens to her students to make certain that each one goes away with additional tools and confidence. As an active competitor, Barb provides information relevant to the modern game.

Please register for the class using the form below (and specify whether you need Grant's "Play of the Hand" book).

Our Mission Statement

 Our goal is to benefit
our community
while playing
this challenging game
of Duplicate Bridge

3/18 Hermitage Cat Shelter

Hermitage Cat Shelter

Nominated by Bob & Beth Griffin

Your Board has voted to donate to Hermitage again this year as a thank you to Bob for directing every Tuesday that he is in town.  We can't pay Bob for what he does, and even if we could, it would not mean as much to him as having us donate to Hermitage.  In addition to all the time Bob spends working for TCBC, he & Beth both spend several hours a work volunteering for Hermitage!

March 16, 2018
Mike's Play & Learn Charity Bridge
Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church 12:30
Director: Mike Smith
March 17, 2018
Streams Charity Bridge for Hermitage
Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church 9:00
Director: Len Hall
March 19, 2018
Saint Alban's Charity Bridge ACBL Wide Seniors Game
St. Alban's Episcopal Church 12:30
Director: Linda Akerman/Charlotte Weller
Streams Charity Bridge for Hermitage
Director: Bob Griffin
Streams Charity Bridge for Hermitage
Director: Bob Griffin
Saint Alban's Charity Bridge for Hermitage
Director: Linda Akerman/Ch