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Classes & Practice
Featured Fall & Winter Topics

Play of the Hand, with Bidding Review
Tuesdays, beginning January 16th, 2018.  [ Eight Sessions - 9:30 - 11:30 am ]
Taught by Barbara Sullenger

Learn more about play of the hand. Everything you need to knowto solidify what you've already learned.   The course will present lots of material in an organized progression. Barbara will provide sets of specific hands to illustrate her points and let you learn how. Pricing: $189 for the 8 sessions.  Text book: $20. Click the blue box below for our no-obligation form if you would like further information.

Weekly & Recurring Classes

Introduction to Bridge (Bridge 101)
Friday Morning Classes for Beginning Players
[ class begins at 9:30 am ]

Hosted by Al Spaet

No reservations required!  Bridge 101 is a course designed for new players with little if any Bridge experience, and is an excellent choice for absolute beginners, or those returning after a long hiatus. Al Spaet teaches Bridge from the very basics in an effort to get new players accilated to duplicate bridge, ready for Bridge 201.

Players are introduced to the point count system, opening bids, responding bids, declarer play, defensive play and the niceties of playing. Singles are more than welcomed, and all will be provided with a partner as needed. The first four classes of this series are free, and priced at $10 per session thereafter. Contact Al Spaet for details.

New to Bridge (Bridge 201) 
This popular ongoing series meets Mondays - for players who are relatively "New to Bridge"
[ class begins at 9:30 am ]

Hosted by Ron Vickery. For those who have had a basic introduction to Bridge, Ron's ongoing Wednesday morning series builds the new player's bidding and carding skills, and exposes he or she to the proprieties of the game. In addition to instructional lectures, simulated duplicate play and beginner games are provided in low key and stress free sessions.

The goal of Ron's classes is to prepare players for organized duplicate play. Structured lessons coupled with low-pressure directed play characterize Ron's approach, and his students quickly learn how to handle duplicate boards, bidding boxes, and scoring devices while they develop their personal preferences for bidding and play, form a few early partnerships, and cultivate partnership skills. Contact Ron for more course information and pricing details.

Two-Over-One Bidding & Conventions You Should Know (Bridge 301)   
Hosted by Al Spaet

Coming Soon!  Bridge 301 is an excellent course choice for new and newer players interested in adopting contemporary 2-OVER-1 methods, and for those moving from mostly social play to competitive games at local Duplicate Bridge Clubs. The 2-OVER-1 style has mostly supplanted earlier bidding systems, such as ACOL, STANDARD AMERICAN or GOREN, as the "style of choice" for many if not most of today's Duplicate Bridge players.  And students learn that 2-OVER-1 methods provide the foundation for numerous other bidding methods, from easy to advanced, as well. Knowing 2-OVER-1 methods put the player in a position to partner with a much wider circle of players, and to defend against such methods when used by opponents.

Here's a sample of topics for Al's course:

  • 2-Over-1 in a Nutshell
  • The Forcing 1NT Response
  • Other Responses to the Opening Bid
  • Opener's Rebid
  • The 4th Bid of the Auction
  • The 4th Suit Forcing Convention
  • The New Minor Forcing Convention
  • Negative Doubles
  • Cue Bids - Their Many Uses

The class text, Jim Ricker's Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1, is included in a course fee of $200 for all nine classes.  Individual classes may be attended for $25 each (book extra).