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Bridge Center of Greater Tucson

Instructors & Staff
Al Spaet

Al is the Owner and Founder of the Bridge Center of Greater Tucson, and loves teaching a number of the Center's courses as well. He is a Silver Life Master and Certified ACBL Director, and makes a congenial and adventurous partner.  And when not at the table, he keeps busy creating Tucson's highest-quality, friendliest and most enjoyable Bridge Club, and is always looking for new ideas and amenities to improve the enjoyment of the club's players.

Al enjoyed Bridge as a young man, setting the game aside to become a successful business person.  He returned to the game 30 years later, after the death of his first wife, and he himself is a cancer survivor. He remains a man with a mission - to see Bridge flourish among a new generation of Southern Arizona retirees seeking new challenges and recreational fun.

Al's Contact Phone:   818-571-3478
Al's eMail:   alspaet@tucsonbridge.com
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Barbara Sullenger

Barbara is a Vermont "snow bird" that graces the Bridge Center with her teaching and directing skills during Tucson's active season. She is well known among those in Tucson's bridge community for her skills as a quality player, her highly effective Bridge teaching, and her general support of Tucson's Bridge community.

Barbara's ability to support the growth of those wishing to improve their game is already well known to those who have taken courses from her in the past, and her Fall and Spring course offerings during the 2016-17 season were highly successful.  The Bridge Center of Greater Tucson looks forward to hosting her for 2017-18 this coming fall.

Barbara's classes have a way of filling quickly, so express your interests in reserving space any time.  And please watch our web pages for further information about Barbara's Fall activities and class offerings.

Bridge Class Listings:   Click Here  
Contact Phone:   520-286-0274
Barbara's Direct eMail:   barbfeeley9@gmail.com  


Ron Vickery

Ron VickeryRon loves to bring new players into the game of Bridge, and has been offering instructional services to the Bridge Center of Greater Tucson since its opening last year.
In addition to being an active tournament player, Ron is an avid bidding theorist with some distinguished credentials. In recent years, he has served as a member of Bridge World Magazine's prestigious Master Solver Expert Panel.
Ron's book on bidding, The Hybrid Club, An Action System,  is available in paperback and as an e-book from Amazon.Com.

Ron's Phone:   520-252-2092
Bridge Class Listings:   Click Here
Ron's eMail:   ron-vickery@q.com  

Al Peters

To limit confusion, Al Peters goes by the handle "A-J" at the Bridge Center. He is a Gold Life Master, has been a certified ACBL Director since 2011, and is always available to answer questions for players of all ability levels. In addition to directing many of the Center's games, A-J teams with owner Al Spaet in managing general Center operations and writing two monthly Bridge Columns - one for the Arizona Star (Saddlebag Notes) and the other for the Oro Valley Voice.

"A-J" played his first Bridge hand 50 years ago, after serving in the Air Force in Europe he returned to college and became a Life Master in 1974.  He retired from Bridge in the early 80's for careers as an educator, administrator and technologist, returning as a player in 2004. He has before or since been a contributor to Bridge World Magazine, and has ghosted or consulted on a number of published Bridge writings.

"Those of us who work for and with Al Spaet are grateful for his brainchild, the Bridge Center, and the chances it provides to create a haven for new players, attract experienced ones and advance the best traditions of the game we all love."

Contact Phone:   520-825-2383
Cell Phone:   520-400-2958
eMail to:   info@tucsonbridge.com