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Tip of the Week

This TIP from Eddie Kantar says...

When two hands have a known 9 card major suit fit, game is usually a good bet with 23 or more HCP, sometimes LESS! 

You hold ♠ AK874,  2,  KJ104, ♣ J98.  You open 1♠ and partner gives you a limit raise of 3♠.  Bid 4♠. 

In fact, anytime partner gives you a limit raise and you have a singleton or void, bid game.  JUST DO IT!


Test Your Bridge Technique with Jo Ann Lynds

After South shows extra length and extra values with the 3 spade bid, North bids 4NT, Roman Key Card Blackwood.  South shows 2 controls and the Queen of Spades and North bids the slam. 

West leads the  K against your spade slam.  What is your plan?


The side suits are solid and you can therefore concentrate your entire effort on determining the safest play in the trump suit, where you can afford just one loser.  What is it to be?  With many similar combinations you do best to cash the ace first.  It doesn't look very promising here.  If you drop a singleton ♠ K, all will be well.  Apart from that case, you will usually lose two trump tricks when the suit breaks 4-1.  (You might manage to recover with a trump coup when West holds a singleton ♠ 10 or ♠ 9.)

How about leading dummy's ♠ 3 to your ♠ Q on the first round?  If West holds a singleton ♠ 10 or ♠ 9, you could succeed by leading the ♠ J on the next round.  Given the layout in the diagram, however, you will go down.  East's remaining ♠ K 10 9 will be worth two tricks. 

The best play is to lead dummy's ♠ J on the first round.  If West wins the ♠ K, you will need a 3-2 spade break.  When the cards lie as in the diagram, the ♠ J will be covered by the king and ace.  Only the ♠ 5 falls from West and you re-enter dummy to lead the second round of trumps.  When East produces the ♠ 4 over dummy's ♠ 3, the safety play is to cover with your ♠ 6.  West shows out and you lose just one trump trick to East's remaining ♠ 10 9.  If the deep finesse of the ♠ 6 had lost, the suit would be breaking 3-2, allowing you to draw the last trump with your queen.

Hand courtesy of Test Your Bridge Technique - Safety Plays by David Bird and Tim Bourke.

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Mon March 30, 2015
Stratified Pairs
7:00 pm
Director: Norm Crosby
Wed April 1, 2015
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs $2.00
1:00 PM
Director: Lorne Cock / Lydia Fox
Thu April 2, 2015
Stratified Pairs/Children"s Wish Foundation Doughnut Night
7:00 PM
Director: Norm Crosby
Thu March 26, 2015
Stratified Pairs
7:00 pm
Director: C G Cooling
Wed March 25, 2015
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs $2.00
1:00 pm
Director: Lydia
Mon March 23, 2015
Stratified Pair
7:00 pm
Director: C G Cooling
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