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Monday at 7:00 pm

Bridge Basics 1 Class

Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Starting November 18th

Bridge Basics 11

Competitive Bidding

Wednesday at 7:00 

Evening of supervised 

Bridge... looking at 'Tip

of the Week'.

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Need a Partner???

Need a partner

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Lion and Skunk

 November 1st

TDBC hosted the New Glasgow Club

in the traditional LION & SKUNK game. 

Following a wonderful day of bridge and a great lunch,

the results were announced and the team from 


Well done... we look forward to returning the 'skunk' next year.


Tip of the Week

Looking for the Queen... when you have a two way suit, that is a suit that could be played two ways, such as KJx opposite A10x, 

as declarer you should put off playing that suit as long as possible.  If you cash all the tricks in the other suits that cannot

possibly give you extra tricks, saving your 'two way suit' to the end, you never know what information the opponents may provide

in the play of the previous tricks.


Counting Winners in Suit Contracts with Jo Ann Lynds

Bridge players are taught to "count winners in notrump and count losers in a suit contract."  Although this is good advice, sometimes counting winners in a suit contract can be more helpful.  Declarer won the heart lead and began drawing trumps.  He was very disappointed to see West show out on the second round.  South then turned his attention to diamonds, hoping for a 3-3 split which would enable him to set up his fourth diamond.

South was unhappy and unlucky.  The question is, was he also unwise?  Before reading on, consider whether or not a tenth trick was available?


Declarer could have done better.  He had eight winners in high cards:  AK,  AK, ♣ A and ♠ AKQ.  If spades divided 3-2, declarer's last two trumps would be good.  In fact, if the opponent's diamonds split 3-3, South would have been able to make an overtrick.  However, if neither suit split, the only way to win two additional tricks would be to ruff twice in his hand.

When it costs nothing to guard against bad splits, good players take precautions.  After winning the heart lead with his Ace, South should cash the ♣ A.  Then, he can lead a spade to the board, and ruff a club.

Here is the best continuation:

Trick 5:            Cash the  A.

Trick 6:            Lead a spade to dummy.  If both follow, draw the last trump.  10 tricks are now assured and you can work on diamonds and try to make five.  However, when West shows out:

Tricks 7 & 8:   Lead a diamond to your King and cash your  K.

Trick 9:           Lead a spade to dummy's last honour.

Trick 10:         Lead a club and ruff it with your last trump for your 10th trick.

Hand courtesy of Declarer Play the Bergen Way by Marty Bergen.

Big Thanks from Directors

Thanks from the Directors...

With everyone arriving 10 minutes

before the start of the game, it has made life so much easier on them

and allowed for the game to start on time, which is what everyone wants.


Upcoming Workshop

November 22nd

Meet at 12:45 pm


Sure to improve your declarer play.

Let Jo Ann know if you are interested.

Mon November 24, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Jamie Muir
Wed November 26, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs. $2.00
Director: Lorne/Lydia
Thu November 27, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Anne Mitchell
Thu November 20, 2014
COPC Pairs. (Canadian Open Pairs Championship)
Director: Anne Mitchell
Wed November 19, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs. $2.00
Director: Lorne
Mon November 17, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Anne Mitchell
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