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Winter Bridge Lessons

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Easy Does It with Jo Ann Lynds

2♣ = Strong, artificial and forcing.

2 = Positive response.

5NT = Pick a slam.

Opening Lead:  Q

East plays the deuce.

Plan the play.


There is a diamond loser and two probable club losers.  The bright side is that you have an extra winner in hearts and perhaps more depending on the adverse division of that suit.

Now count tricks.  You have five spades, three hearts, two diamonds and one club for a grand total of eleven.  You need one more trick.

Consider the heart suit.  If you need five tricks - the suit must divide 3-3 (36%).  However, you only need FOUR tricks.  Do you see it?

Win the opening lead with the ACE, draw trumps, discarding minor suits and DUCK a heart.  That's right!  Let them have a heart trick.  Win the minor suit return and if hearts break no worse than 4-2, you make your slam scoring five spades, FOUR hearts, two diamonds and a club.

  1. Many  hands played at a trump contract become notrump hands once trumps are removed.  This is one of them.  For that reason, it pays not only to count losers, but tricks as well.  If it turns into a notrump hand, use the trick count.  It makes life easier.
  2. When winning a trick with one of two equal cards, declarer usually does best to win with the higher equal.  Win the opening lead with the ace of diamonds, not the king.
  3. When dealing with a long suit in dummy that has no entry outside the suit itself, determine how many tricks you need from the suit.  If you can afford to duck a round of the suit to insure against a bad break, by all means do so.

Hand courtesy of Test Your Bridge Play Vol. II by Edwin B. Kantar.







Big Thanks from Directors

Thanks from the Directors...

With everyone arriving 10 minutes

before the start of the game, it has made life so much easier on them

and allowed for the game to start on time, which is what everyone wants.


Wed April 23, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Game (Open Pairs) $2.00
Director: Lorne/Lydia
Thu April 24, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Andrew Endendijk
Sat April 26, 2014
Codiac (0-299er) Sectional April 26-27
Moncton Golf and Country Club, Riverview, NB
Mon April 21, 2014
Easter Bunnie Stratified Pairs
Director: Norm Crosby
Thu April 17, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Bob Dorland
Wed April 16, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Game (Open Pairs) $2.00
Director: Lorne Cock
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