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Need a Partner???

Need a partner

for an upcoming game?

Give CAROL a call

at 843-0420.

Canadian Champions


Boyd and Karl

who won the Canadian Seniors 55+ Games 

in Sherwood Park, Alberta last week.

It was a 10 table event and ran over 5 sessions and Boyd and Karl led from the first and never gave up the lead.

Well done.

Counting Tricks with Jo Ann Lynds

West leads the ♣J. 

This is simply a question of counting tricks.  You have four in trumps, one in hearts and two in clubs for a total of seven so far and you are in danger of losing a trick in each suit.  Thus the contract depends on bringing in two diamond tricks so that a club can be discarded and your loser ruffed in the dummy.  

Plan the play.


If you make any attempt to draw trumps, the opponents will lead a second round of clubs to promote a trick in that suit so you must arrange for the discard without delay.  With the shortage of entries to the dummy, you can lead only once towards the closed hand before losing the lead.  Therefore, playing East for the A is a non-starter and your only hope is that he has the J.

Therefore, you should win the lead in the dummy and pass the 10 around to West.

Note that it is not good enough to win in hand and lead the K, intending to unblock the 10 and finesse against the J on the second round.  West will allow the K to hold.  Now you cannot continue diamonds and, if you play trumps, East will win and continue clubs; the defenders are a move ahead.

Hand courtesy of Challenge your Declarer Play by Danny Roth.

Big Thanks from Directors

Thanks from the Directors...

With everyone arriving 10 minutes

before the start of the game, it has made life so much easier on them

and allowed for the game to start on time, which is what everyone wants.


Wed October 1, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs. $2.00
Director: Lorne/Lydia
Thu October 2, 2014
Stratified Pairs
Director: Anne Mitchell
Mon October 6, 2014
Inter-Club Championship Game
Director: Jamie Muir
Mon September 29, 2014
CNTC (Canadian National Team Championship)
Director: Anne Mitchell
Thu September 25, 2014
Gray Davis Memorial Team Game (COME AS A TEAM)
Director: Boyd Wells
Wed September 24, 2014
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs. $2.00
Director: Cock
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