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March 31, 2015

Intermediate Bidding, Play and Defense

Tuesday's at 7 p.m. - $10/class

Supervised Bridge continues on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

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  APRIL 24, 25, 26, 2015


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Tip of the Week

This TIP from Eddie Kantar says...

Don't be point count conscious holdiing a long independent suit (one that can play easily opposite a singleton).  Think of your hand in term of taking tricks.  You hold:  ♠ KQJ9843    A43    A2   ♣ 2.  Don't think of this hand as having 14HCP.  Think of it as being able to take 8 tricks.  Rebid 3♠ ; eveb 4♠  is ballpark.


Reading the Cards with Jo Ann Lynds

West cashes two top hearts against your game in spades, his partner following with the jack and the two.  He continues with the  10.  How will you play the contract?


Only 18 points are missing and yet both the opponents found an opening bid and a 1NT response.  You can be sure that the point-count of the two hands will not be far from 12 opposite 6.  Which defender is likely to hold the ♠ K?  On the evidence you have seen so far, it is anyone's guess.  What you need to do is to discover who holds the ♣ A.  You will then be better placed to assess where the ♠ K is.

You ruff the third round of hearts and lead the ♣ 3 to dummy's king.  After all, you might slip past the ♣ A with West and avoid losing a club trick.  No such luck comes your way and the ♣ K is captured by East's ♣ A.  How will you continue when he returns the ♣ J?

You have already seen 5 points from East's hand, compared with only 7 from the West hand.  Unless West has opened on a 9-count, he must hold the ♠  K.  So you ruff the club return and lay down the ♠ A.  It's your lucky day and the ♠ K falls offside.  Game made!

Had West shown up with the ♣ A, you would have finessed East for the ♠ K.  The deal is an example of using detective work in one suit to help you to read a second suit.

Hand courtesy of Test Your Bridge Technique - Safety Plays by David Bird and Tim Bourke.

Helen Shields Rookie Master Game

Wednesday, April 22

1 p.m.


"Masters" needing partners

contact Jo Ann or Lydia



Wed April 22, 2015
Helen Shields Rookie/Master Event/Sanctioned/Rookie to have under 50 pts
1:00 PM
Director: Lorne Cock/Lydia Fox
Thu April 23, 2015
Stratified Pairs
7:00 PM
Director: Jamie Muir
Fri April 24, 2015
Don Cox Tournament/Best Western/ Truro, April 24,25,26
Director: Karl Hicks
Mon April 20, 2015
Stratified Pairs
7:00 PM
Director: Jamie Muir
Thu April 16, 2015
Stratified Pairs
7:00 PM
Director: Andrew Endendijk
Wed April 15, 2015
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs $2.00
1:00 PM
Director: Lydia Fox
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