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Play commences at the following times. Monday - 7:30, Tuesday - 10:30 and Sunday 1:00. Please be at the clubrooms 15 minutes before these times. You may phone the clubroom on 0422 938449 if you will be delayed for some reason.

Please turn ALL Mobile phones off during the few hours of play. If you are expecting an URGENT call then let the Director know before play commences.

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Over 70's Club
Over 70's Club

Traralgon Bridge Club has decided to reward all players who score 70% (or more) with a free table pass for their efforts. Congratulations goes to Anne den Houting and Ken Tierney for achieving 70.75 % on Tuesday 2nd January.

Bridge Sayings
Bridge Sayings

Good Bridge etiquette means you greet opponents, praise both partner and opponents (well played), do not criticize (good try), do not make gratuitis comments (if you had bid this or led that), not gloat (we got 100%) and finally speak politely to your partner, opponents and especially the Director.

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E-mail - will be checked on Bridge days.

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Our phone number (during playing times) is 0422 938449.


Latrobe City Council

Our council has helped us to locate and update our premesis. They have done some of the larger works on it and are most helpful when we need assistance. They can be contacted on


News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Monday Christmas Party Photos Monday Christmas Party Photos
Big Welcome to New Players Big Welcome to New Players

Last monday night four new players made their debut at the club in regular competition. Make welcome to the club Dianne Golding, Sandra McLees, Ken Casson and Kathryn Natoli. Kathryn did particularly well pairing with Helen McAdam to finish second East/West.

T'gon GNOT T'gon GNOT

The Traralgon GNOT heat was played on February 26 with 8 teams participating and playing 7 boards per round. The Traralgon team of Anita and David Hawkins, Glenis Lohr and Rob Graham were successful by .9 from the Sale/Bairnsdale team of Libby Thomson, Lorraine Robinson, Joan Courtemanche and David Hudson. Our team will now play in the Regional Final to be hosted by Traralgon on September 17.

Sale Mid-Week Pairs Sale Mid-Week Pairs

Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney won the Sale Mid-week Pairs Championship. It was played on October 12 and 26. They were very consistent with 56.19% and 56.43%.   

Latrobe Interclub Latrobe Interclub

The Latrobe Interclub was played at Traralgon on Tuesday 20th September and Devonport on Wednesday 21st September. Both clubs play the same hands with the scores being recalculated when the results are uploaded to the website. This year's winners are Traralgon's Glenis Lohr and Rob Graham.  

7 No Trumps 7 No Trumps

Glenis Lohr and Ron Graham successfully bid and made 7NT on Tuesday 28th February and have each earned a free table pass.

Robyn Couch and Anne Howes successfully bid and made 7NT on Tuesday January 24. They have each earned a free table pass for their efforts.

Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney along with Doreen King and Dawn Cameron also earned a free pass for doing the same on Saturday 28th January.

Christmas party photos Tues 5th Dec Christmas party photos Tues 5th Dec
Vale - Barbara Kurosinski Vale - Barbara Kurosinski

Barbara Kurosinski passed away after suffering a stroke on Friday 9th September. She was an early member of the Bridge Club when they played at the CWA rooms. Barbara was a quiet lady who had the most infectious laughter which lightened the mood in the room. Quite often she would end a conversation with the expression "Oh truely". Barbara will be missed by current partners Dawn Cameron and Ken Tierney as well as the rest of the Traralgon Bridge Club. Our condolences go out to Peter and family.    

ERBA Champions 2016 ERBA Champions 2016

Jean Barbour and Greg Nicholson (ranked 14th) won the Open Pairs Championship with Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney (ranked 15th) finishing second of the eligible Pairs. Jean and Greg will now be invited to represent the Eastern Region in the Victorian Butler Pairs Final.  Geoff Davidson and Fred Kaminski (ranked 35th, finished 8th) came second in the Intermediate section. Marion and Kevin Taylor (ranked 49th, finished 16th) won the Novice section. Anna Field and Joy Moreton (ranked 50th, finished 38th) came 3rd in the Novice section.


In the Teams section Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney teamed up with Julie Farmer (Lakes Entrance) and John Brazier (Bairnsdale). They were ranked 8th and won the Shield for the Best ERBA Team. Jean Barbour and Greg Nicholson partnered Shirley Stewart and John Farr from Phillip Island. They were ranked 3rd and came second. Both teams will represent ERBA in the State Country Teams Final. Helen McAdam, Moira Hecker, Don Tylee and Robin Hecker came second in the Intermediate section. Marion and Kevin Taylor paired up with Deb and Mark Reynolds (ranked 16th, finished 8th) to come runners up in the Novice section.

Our 4th Congress

Our 3rd Congress was played at our clubrooms on 23 & 24 August with 72 players participating. The winning Pair was Bairnsdale's Judy Banks and Anne Kearon. Beat ERBA Pair were Geoff Davidson and Fred Sundermann and the best Traralgon Pair were Ken Tierney and Michael Zarb. The winning team was the Middleton team from Melbourne. Best ERBA team was Judy Banks, Anna Kearon, Mike Larcombe and George Campbell. Best Traralgon team was Rhonda van Dyke, Heather Knorr, Geoff Davidson and Fred Sundermann. To view Congress Results Pairs  Teams

Some of the Winners at the Tues Christmas Party Some of the Winners at the Tues Christmas Party
Tuesday Pairs Tuesday Pairs

The Tuesday Pairs were played on February 13 and 20. The 2017 champions were Anita and David Hawkins from Robyn Couch and Anne Howes with Gael Feore and Michael Zarb taking out 3rd place.

Best Regional Team Best Regional Team

Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney teamed up with Barbara Barr and Peter Lonie to win the Best ERBA Team category in our Congress on August 21. They won 4 of their 6 matches to finish in 5th place. Moira Hecker (President) presented them with more wine and chocolates.

Monday Handicap 2016 Monday Handicap 2016

The Monday Handicap Pairs Championship was played on February 1st and 8th with Helen McAdam and Moira Hecker coming out on top. They won both before and after the handicap was applied. In 2nd place was the pairing of Jocelyn Pilmore and Rhonda van Dyke with Elizabeth and Bill Morrish coming third. .  

South Gipps Interclub South Gipps Interclub

Pat Still and John Sutton were 2 players who enjoyed the friendly rivalry between Traralgon and South Gippsland Bridge Clubs on May 5. Travelling to Meeniyan and braving the elements went 8 tables of intrepid Traralgon members. It was a great day of renewing acquaintances and making new ones. Bring on the 1st Tuesday in March when we host our neighbours. 

Sth Gippsland Interclub Sth Gippsland Interclub

photo - Anne den Houting, Robert Smallwood, Ken Tierney and Chris Oberink

13.5 tables participated in the Traralgon - South Gippsland Interclub held on March 3 in our rooms. A 2 board/round Mitchell was played with South Gippsland winning both N/S and E/W sections. The return match will be played at Meeniyan on May 5 commencing at 11:00. 

Tuesday Teams Championship Tuesday Teams Championship

Congratulations to Dawn Braham, Fred Sundermann, Glenis Lohr and Rob Graham who are the winners of our recent Tuesday Teams Championships played over the last two weeks.


Second place was taken by Robyn Couch, Anne Howes, Fred Kaminski and Elizabeth Morrish well done.

Were you at the 2017 Congress Were you at the 2017 Congress

The Raffle Winners were 1st Nick Nadebaum, 2nd Pat West, 3rd Jan Williams

Monday Handicap Pairs

The Monday Handicap Pairs was played on February 20 (Mitchell) and February 27 (2 x Howells, the N/S in one and the E/W in the other). Week 2's scores are combined to produce 1 winner and then combined with week 1 results to produce the Overall winning Pair. The handicaps are then applied to give us the Handicap Champion Pair. 

Best Traralgon Pair Best Traralgon Pair

The Best Traralgon Pair in our Congress on August 20 was Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney. They won 5 of their 7 matches and finished in 6th position overall. Moira Hecker (President) presented them with wine and chocolates. 

Latrobe Interclub Latrobe Interclub

The 2nd Latrobe Interclub was played on September 23rd by 16 Traralgon pairs and 19 Devonport pairs. This years hands were dealt by Devonport. As per usual there were some weird hands but everyone played them. Bridgewebs rescores the club results across the field to produce the overall results. The 2014 winners were Anne Howes and Robyn Couch (Traralgon) 65.30%, 2nd Bob White and Ian Farmer (Devonport) 58.79% and 3rd Lynne and Lou Veenstra (Traralgon) 58.18% 

Record Field for Cup Day Bridge Record Field for Cup Day Bridge

60 members and guests played on Cup Day which set a new record for entries in this event. Visitors came from Berwick, Leongatha, Warragul and Sale.

Winners for the day for North/South were Ken Tierney and Anne Den Houting, whilst East West winners were Glenis Lohr and Peter Lonie.

Tuesday Handicap Pairs Champions Tuesday Handicap Pairs Champions


Pictured are Laurie Bojoksten and Carl Jenkins who won our recent Tuesday Handicap Pairs Championship, congratulations.

Well done also to

Elizabeth Morrish and Fred Kaminski who were runners up in the event with Doreen King and Hannah Green coming third.

Tuesday Teams Tuesday Teams

The 2015 Tuesday Teams Championship was played by 10 teams over November 17 and 24. The team of Anne Howes, Robyn Couch, Anne den Houting and Ken Tierney came home with a wet sail to win 8 of their 9 matches.

Sale Open Pairs Sale Open Pairs

Robyn Couch and Ken Tierney travelled to Sale on March 13 & 20 to compete in their Open Pairs Championship which they duly won. Lynne and Lou Veenstra took out 3rd place. 

More Cup Day Bridge More Cup Day Bridge

Lynne and Lou Veenstra, Anna Field and Jocelyn Pilmour enjoy good company and a delicious Cup Day lunch.


Play finished just in time for members and guests to watch Rekindling win the cup and celebrate their bridge and horse tipping prowess.

Traralgon success at Bairnsdale Congress Traralgon success at Bairnsdale Congress



Irene Pappas is shown in our clubrooms this week receiving the Bairnsdale Congress Annie Rijs award from Bairnsdale Congress Convenor Phil Goode after her success last week, well done Irene.

Monday Teams Championship

Helen McAdam and Moira Hecker paired up with their husbands Don Tylee and Robin Hecker to win the Monday Teams Championship. The 2nd placed team of Barbara Brabets, Doreen King, Gavin Wigginton and Michael Zarb. Both teams had 7 wins and 1 loss from their 8 x 6 board matches.


Monday Teams Championship winners Monday Teams Championship winners

We played our Monday Teams Championship over the past two weeks.

In a very close result, the experienced team of June Clarke, Robyn Couch, Rhonda Van Dyke and Heather Knorr won with 92.25, with the new up and coming team of Mark and' Deb Reynolds and Marion and Kevin Taylor coming second with 90.77.

Club President Moira Hecker is shown congratulating the winners.

Moira's team of herself and Robin Hecker and Don Tylee and Helen McAdam came third with 84.40.

More Traralgon success at Bairnsdale More Traralgon success at Bairnsdale



While he was at it Phil also presented Anna Field and Doreen King with the Directors Award from the Bairnsdale Congress, congratulations ladies.

Handicap winners of the month Handicap winners of the month

Top Handicap players - February

Monday winner - Pinky Te Paa

Tuesday winner - Adrienne Bouzaid

Saturday winner - Insufficient numbers

The player who beats their handicap by the most for the month will receive a free table pass. This award is given for the best Monday, Tuesday and Saturday players. The only requirement to be eligible for these prizes is that you can miss only 1 week in the month.  

Life Member Life Member

Robyn Couch was awarded Life Membership for 15 years of service to the Traralgon Bridge Club. Robyn has been President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Committee member for 12 years. She has been a Director and Masterpoint Secretary for 11 years, has prepared the diary for 7 years and has done the newspaper reports and web site for 10 years. Robyn has become the "go to" person for information in the Bridge Club.   

Traralgon 2017 Congress Pairs Winners Traralgon 2017 Congress Pairs Winners


Rob Graham and Fred Sundermann won the Pairs title on Saturday, with an excellent score of 84.76.


Lou and Lynne Veenstra also did very well, finishing eleventh overall and winning the special prize for the best Gippsland Pair.


1st Place:                R Graham and F Sundermann

2nd Place:              P Nolan and M Porter

3rd Place:               S Klofa and R Gallus

Best Traralgon:      Lynne Veenstra and Lou Veenstra 

Best ERBA:          George Campbell and Sangor Varga

Best Restricted:     Barbara Barr and Fred Kaminsky

Directors Prize:     Doreen King and Irene Pappas.

Traralgon 2017 Congress Teams Winners Traralgon 2017 Congress Teams Winners

On Sunday, Fred Sundermann won again in the teams event with Monica Christopher, Corrie van Lier and Jeanne Anderson.

Here is Club President Moira Hecker with the team.

Also on the winners were Traralgon members Monika Cornell and Kathleen Elkington who were members of the team that came third.

1st Team: Monica Christofer, Fred Sundermann, Jeanne Anderson and Corie van Lier

2nd Team: Jan Hackett, Tom Hackett, Penny Corrigan and Kae French

3rd Team: Phillip Goode, John Brazier, Monika Cornell and Kathleen Elkington