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Club Championships
During each year, the club holds three competitions for various grades of players; the results for each of these competitions are shown below.
Novice Pairs - Graduate Master and below.
2005: Fae Skelton and Mary Kay
2006: Jack and Beryl Pittard
2007: Phillip and Jan Carter
2008: Helen Beamish and Geoff Kay
2009: Helen Beamish and Anne Stephenson

Novice Pairs - Club Master and below

 2010:  Ruth Smyrk and Jan Alterator

2011: Patricia and Colin Gratwick

2012: Connie and Ray Beaumont

2013: Glen Bott and Helen Beamish
2014: Ray and Connie Beaumont
2015: Carole Lord and Glen Bott
2016: Zelma Pociask and Val Bray
Restricted Pairs - below Regional Master
2005: Pat and Bruce Mortensen
2006: Pat and Bruce Mortensen
2007: Marty Watz and Mildred Stubbs
2008: Jill Mogford-Jensen and Trevor Saunders
2009: Sue Maher and Liz Brown
2010: Sandra Dean and Barry Greene
2011: Ruth Smyrk and Jan Alterator
Restricted Pairs - State Master and below


2012: Sandra Dean & Irene Gover
2013: Sue Maher and Sandra Dean

2014: Trish and Colin Gratwick

2015: Phillip and Jan Carter

2016: Jan Alterator and John Sharp


President's Cup - Open competition
2007: Janet and Peter Kieran
2008: Janet and Peter Kieran
2009: Janet and Peter Kieran
2010: Margaret Sylow and Evon Williams
2011: Lesley Phillips and Michael Skelton
2012: Janet and Peter Kieran
2013: Evon Williams and Margaret Sylow
2014: Colin and Trish Gratwick
2015: Kath Young and Sandra Dean
2016: Michael Skelton and Paul Rooms