Article 1. Name

The name of the club shall be the "Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club" hereinafter called the Club.

Article 2. Objects

The Club shall preserve and promote the best interests of competitive duplicate bridge and afford its members a continuous and attractive program of bridge.

Article 3. Relationship to Unit

The Club shall cooperate with Unit 228 of the American Contract Bridge League and abide by the rules and regulations of the ACBL as they relate to the operation of all bridge games sanctioned by the ACBL.

Article 4. Membership

4.1 Any person residing within the jurisdiction of Unit 228 of the ACBL is eligible for membership. Non-residents are eligible for membership with the permission of the ACBL.

4.2 Annual membership dues shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors and ratified by the Annual General Meeting.

4.3 No member shall be suspended or expelled from the Club except for good cause, and until such time as he/she has been given 10 days notice in writing advising him/her of any charge against him/her and giving him/her a reasonable opportunity to appear before the Board. No suspension or expulsion shall be valid unless ratified by a majority vote of the Board.

Article 5. Board of directors

5.1 The club shall be administered by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members of whom five shall constitute a quorum.

5.2 The Past-President shall continue as an ex officio member of the Board without voting rights for one year if that person is no longer an elected Board member.

5.3 Three Directors shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting for a three year term. New Directors will take office at the beginning of the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

5.4 DELETED (Directors will be limited to two consecutive terms of office.)

5.5 The Board shall meet at least three times between each AGM. The first meeting of the new Board shall be called within 2 weeks of the AGM.

5.6 Board Meetings shall be called by the President or any two Directors.

5.7 All Directors shall be informed of the time and place of each meeting at least one week ahead of time. Meetings may be held without formal notice if all Directors indicate their consent.

5.8 Each Director shall be entitled to one vote except the President who shall not vote except in the event of a tie when the President shall have the casting vote.

5.9 In the event of a vacancy on the Board prior to the AGM of the Club, the Board shall fill the vacancy in such manner as it sees fit.

5.10 The Board shall annually appoint a person, not currently serving as a Director, to audit all receipts and disbursements of the Club.

5.11 The Club Manager shall attend all Board meetings with voice but no vote.

5.12 The Board shall determine the financial institution with which the Club shall conduct its business. A minimum of two officers shall constitute signing authority on behalf of the Club.

Article 6. Election of Board of Directors

6.1 One month before the AGM, the president shall select one of the Directors to be Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Chair shall select two other members who are not presently serving as Directors to complete the Committee. The Committee shall meet and prepare a slate of names to be placed in nomination at the AGM.

6.2 Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the AGM provided each nominee has given prior consent in writing.

6.3 Each member is entitled to one vote for each Director to be elected.

6.4 All ballots shall be secret.

6.5 The three nominees receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.

Article 7 Club Officers

7.1 The officers of the Club shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and treasurer.

7.2 The Board of Directors shall elect all officers at its first meeting following the AGM and the persons elected shall hold office until their successors are elected.
7.3 In the event of an office becoming vacant, the Board shall fill that vacancy however it may see fit.

Article 8 Duties of the Officers

8.1 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and the Membership and subject to the authority of the Board and the membership shall be responsible for the general management and direction of the Club's business and activities.

8.2 The Vice-president shall, during the absence or incapacity of the President, exercise all the responsibilities as the President. The Vice-President shall also perform additional duties as the President or Board may designate.

8.3 The Secretary is responsible for the recording of all the minutes of all the meetings of the Board and members of the Club. If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting he/she will ensure that another person records the minutes. The Secretary will retain all records and forward them to the succeeding Secretary.

8.4 The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate books of account in which shall be recorded all receipts and disbursements of the Club and under the direction of the Board, shall control the deposit of money, the safekeeping of securities and the disbursement of the funds of the club. The Treasurer shall report to the Board at all its meetings and to the membership at least twice per year, an account of all financial transactions as well as the financial position of the club. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to maintain all financial records and forward them to the succeeding Treasurer.

Article 9 Membership meetings

9.1 The Annual General meeting shall be held no later than six months after the fiscal year end.

9.2 General Meetings of the membership shall be convened by the President or the Board of Directors as necessary.

9.3 At all meetings one third of the fully paid up membership shall constitute a quorum.

9.4 At all meetings each question shall be decided by a simple majority vote by the fully paid up members.

9.5 No proxy votes will be allowed.

9.6 Notice of time and place and the general nature of the business to be transacted shall be posted on the club's web site, posted at all locations where the Club holds bridge games and shall be announced at bridge games at least thirty days prior to the meeting.

Article 10 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the club shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

Article 11 Rules of Order

Meetings of the Board and Club will be conducted under Robert Rules of order unless this Bylaw specifies differently.

Article 12 Amendments to the Bylaw

Amendments to the Bylaw may be proposed by the Board, two Directors or at least ten members and submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 30 days before the
AGM or any special meeting called for that purpose. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to incorporate the text of the proposed amendment in the notice of the meeting. The concurrence of two thirds of all members present and voting shall be required to pass any amendment




January 2011

Membership: The membership fee is $5 a year.

(August 2005)

: The playing fee for all regular games is $5.

(June 2005)

Audit Committee The Board will appoint an Audit Committee of 3 members, the chair of which shall be a Board member, to examine the club’s financial documents. The Committee will report to the Annual General Meeting.

March 2009)

55+ Centre: In lieu of rent, a monthly donation of $200 will be made to the 55+ Centre for playing space.

Director’s fee: Directors will receive an honorarium of $50 per game (August 2006) plus $20 for preparing a set of pre-dealt boards. (August 2010)  (deleted May 9, 2016) see Director’s Policy and Procedures

Stratification: Stratification numbers are (amended May 9, 2016)





The Club Manager may from time to time adjust the stratification numbers in order to maximize the master points available.

Club Manager: Under review. (deleted May 9, 2016)  see Club Manager Policy and Procedures

Charity Games: The Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club will support four local charities per year, one of which will be the Shelter House.

Shelter House will receive a donation of $400 per year. The other three charities will each receive $100 per year.

Four other charity games will be held in accordance with ACBL policy.

Sick/Bereavement: Cards should be sent to members who are sick and hospitalized. Donations of $25 to be sent to the charity specified in the obituary notice for any deceased club member.

Solicitations: The TBDBC prohibits the solicitation of door prizes etc. from local merchants for special events.

Luncheons: Luncheon games are to be held with one fee only for members. Non-members will be charged the full amount of the event.

Seating: There shall be no reserved seating except at the discretion of the Director. Members can reserve a table only if they are in the building.

Open Games: Monday games being held at the 55+ Centre shall be restricted to players over the age of 55 with the following exceptions

A) persons playing with a spouse who is over 55

B) NAP, CNTC and COPC qualifying games

C) STAC games

All other games shall be open.

Guests: The only restriction on guests shall be at the 55+ Centre as outlined above.

Zero Tolerance: The Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club approves and will implement the Zero Tolerance Policy of the ACBL. (Attached)

 Revised Director’s Policy May 9, 2016


1.      A Director will maintain a courteous and hospitable manner at all times.

The board also recognizes the skill a Director should bring to the Thunder

Bay Duplicate Bridge Club (as taken from ACBL website “Become a



-Technical skills needed to run bridge games of all types including Swiss Teams games (Amended May 9, 2016)

-Knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and ACBL


-Knowledge of ACBL score and ability to work with required software

 and hardware eg. Bridgemates, dealing machine (Amended May 9, 2016)

-Public relations skills to balance the roles of referee, judge, teacher,

 psychologist and entertainment director


2.      A non-playing director will receive an honorarium of $60 per session if the table count exceeds 17 tables. $50 if 17 or less.  A playing director will receive $50 per session.  A director will receive an additional fee of $20 per section for preparing pre-dealt hands if the dealing machine is unavailable. (Amended May, 9 2016)


3.       If there are two sections, a Director shall not play. (Delete May 9, 2016)


4.      A Director shall pay the table fee if she/he has pre-booked a game. 

A Director shall not pay the table fee if she/he is playing to accommodate a

person without a partner.  The board recommends that the director may

consider; after consulting with his/her partner, that he/she would give up

his/her seat to accommodate a player without a partner.


5.      A Director will complete the Club Director’s Financial Report for each game

on the form provided by the club.


6.      A Director shall address all table calls with the Law Book, in her/his hand

and, if requested, will read the rule from the Law Book–after which a

Director’s ruling shall be accepted without question.  A director can assess

disciplinary penalties in accordance with ACBL’s Zero Tolerance. Policy.

There will be no appeals committee for regularly scheduled club games.




7.      It is recommended that a Director use the following guidelines to ensure

reasonable rate of play: 7 ½ minutes per board ie: 15 minutes for two board

rounds, 21 minutes for three board rounds: 28-30 minutes for four board

rounds.  All players therefore receive equal treatment in regards to time.


8.      It is the Director’s responsibility to post game results and bridge hands on the web site after each game. (Amended May 9, 2016)                                                          


9.      A Director and/or Convener of a special event can designate a person when

moving playing tables from one playing site to another is necessary.  The fee

for this undertaking is $50.



 10.  The making of coffee on Tuesday evening will be the responsibility of an assigned Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club member.  The member has the option of a free game that evening.  Coffee supplies will remain the responsibility of the Directors and Club Manager.


11.    Directors shall arrive at all playing sites 30-45 minutes prior to game time.

Opening the doors will be at least 30 minutes prior to game time.


12.    Any decision on buying new equipment for the club, which will have an impact on the Directors, will be made available to the Directors for their comments

before the purchase.


13.    Eight dollars will be paid for hand records for local games. (Delete May 9, 2016)


14.    The board will encourage continuing education for the Directors as they

see fit.


15.    This policy shall only be changed through consultation between the Board

of Directors of the Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club and the Game