Lebensohl and related bids: A simple version

Not too many beginners play a version of Lebsensohl after 1nt interference
bids, fewer play a version of lebensohl after 2 level preempts by opponents.
 If you are interested in trying these bids, here is a simple version:

Case 1:  Overcall at two level by first opponent after partner’s 1nt opening
1nt – 2h - ?

Case 2: Opponents preempt and your partner doubles followed by opponents
Pass – 2h – dbl – pass - ?

In both sequences the problem is whether you want to pass, penalize, play at
the lowest level, invite or force to game.

Play at the lowest level:
1. Bid suit at two level if there is room
2. Bid 2nt forcing to 3c by partner (partner can refuse the transfer with a
very strong hand in case 2)
Followed by pass or suit bid below their suit by you
1. Bid new suit (usually 5+ length) at three level

Force to game:
1. With your own suit
a. Bid 2nt transferring to clubs and then bid your suit above their suit at
the three or four level (if you don’t want to play  3nt) or jump to game
with no slam interest
2. With no stopper in their suit and no decent 5 card suit of your own
a. Bid 3nt without the unbid major(s)
b. Cue bid their suit with the unbid major(s) and no stopper in their suit
3. With stopper in their suit
a. Bid 2nt transferring to 3 clubs followed by
i. Cue bid showing the unbid major(s) and a stopper in their suit
ii. Bid 3nt with a stopper and no major
Pass partners double in case two, and double yourself in case one.

If you play case 1: Check off lebensohl  in the notrump opening section and
enter Fast before the word denies.
If you play case 2: Check off Lebensohl 2nt response in the VS Opening
Prempts Double is section