Annual General Meeting Monday, May 14, 2018 (draft)

Meeting held at the Italian Cultural Center  S. Algoma St. and called to order at 11am by President Joy Warkentin. Copies of the Agenda, Financial Statement, and Minutes of last AGM placed beforehand at each table.


Words of welcome extended by the President.

A minute of silence observed for the following members who passed  away since the last AGM- Lil Boreski, Norma Bascello, Diane Colosimo, Jack McLean, Wayne Meadows, Ruth Wrightsell, Shirley Brougham, Anne Harper.



Being no additions , motion "to adapt the agenda" made by John Barber, seconded by Judy Frasca.  All in favour.  Carried.



Being no errors or omissions, motion "to adopt the minutes of May 8,2017" made by Joyce Hitchman, seconded by Brenda Moulson. All in favour.  Carried.



President reported that the move to the West Thunder Center was successful.  Nothing further.



     4.1 Treasurer

           Gabe DeProphetis reported that 2 computers and additional tables had been purchased.

           Total revenue $47,725, Total expenses $49,900,Surplus beginning of year $17,098,

           Surplus end of year $14,923.  Revenue is expected to increase this year. (full report in the Minutes Book)

           Questions from the floor regarding rent,honorariums, donations were answered by the

           Treasurer and President.

           Motion "to accept the Treasurer's Report" made by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Ken

           Johnson.  All in favour.  Carried.

     4.2 Unit President

           Report presented by Mel Johnsen on behalf of Unit President Denis Parsons as follows.

           The Unit completed its 2018 Sectional Tournament May 4th,5th ,6th at the West ThunderCommunity Center.  The Unit is financially sound. As of this writing final tallies for the Sectional were not available. It appears that we will not be  hosting a RegionalTournament,split or otherwise, in the near future due to expenses involved and our isolation.  Also it appears that ACBL may be doing away with split Regionals. Thanks are extended to all our board members for their dedicated work, to Francis Gaudino  for his assistance in transitioning me as President, to  Club President Joy Warkentin  and Club Manager Fraser Coull for their assistance with Club affairs.  And a special thank you to Carolle Armour and her team who were involved with the running of the Sectional-  Doris Rowe, Marilyn Stewart, Shirley Bent, Brenda Moulson, Nancy Jacobson, Darlene Milkovich and Tim McCormack  who postedpictures on the web site.

           Unit Awards-presented by John Barber to members receiving greatest number of master points in club games.

0-5 Nancy Jacobson, 5-20 Lesley Allison,20-50 Murray Crane,50-100 Ken Trevisanutto, 100-200 Eila Pronger, 200-300 Joy Warkentin, 300-500 Tony Tarsitano, 500-1000 Mike St.James,1000-1500 Don Cattani, 1500-2500 Jim Hobson, 2500-3500 Tim McCormack, 3500-5000 Roly Laframboise, 5000-7500 Ross Cody, over 10,000 Dave McLellan.

     4.3 President

           Recipients of Club awards announced-  Mini Vince Scarcello to Pat Ofner and Doug Britten Vince Scarcello to Steve Russo and Tim McCormack, Helen Shields to Guy Coutanche and Cliff Campbell.

           President thanked the board and asked them to stand to be acknowledged and noted that

           Secretary Pauline Tomlinson after serving for 9 years is stepping down. Thanks also given

           to Gloria Bortolussi for schedualing  the game directors  and to Mel Johnsen who has now

           assumed this task as well as serving as lead director.



     5.1 Report of Nominating Committee and Elections

           Judy Hatcher presented the names of 3 candidates for 3 year  terms on the board-

           Gabe DeProphetis, Judy Frasca, Lynnette Oja.

           The 3 aforenamed  were nominated by Susan Guerard, seconded by Carolle Armour and

           after calling 3 times for nominations from the floor and there being none the 3 were declared elected.

           No further business.



    Meeting adjourned by President at 11:30

Minutes of the TBDBC Board Meeting – April 16, 2018 (Draft)

Members Present:

Joy Warkentin, Gabe DeProphetis, Judy Hatcher, Judy Frasca, Don Kachkowski, Tracey Fuhr, Paul Sebesta and Club Manager Fraser Coull.

Members Absent: Henry Danielewski and Pauline Tomlinson

  1. Approval of the Agenda – It was moved by Judy F/second by Judy H, that the agenda be approved with one addition – 7.6 Membership Dues. Carried

  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting – change “facebook” to “face time. It was moved by Tracey/seconded by Gabe that the minutes be approved as amended. Carried

  3. Business Arising – Swiss Teams – Fraser has introduced a Handicapped System. There were 9 teams. It seems to be working well.

  4. Club manager’s report – See attached.

  1. It was requested that a Howell movement be used when there are 7 ½ tables or less. It was moved by Judy H/seconded by Tracey that this be adopted. Carried

  2. Club Manager’s Report April 16, 2016

    Thanks to Henry on an excellent job with the phone list.  It is next to impossible to keep it up to date but the current copy was very well done.

    We ran the REACH game which gave our members a chance to win gold points while participating at the club level.  We had six members participate but in my opinion it did not work out as well as expected.  We were only able to participate on Monday and Thursday afternoon which put us at a disadvantage to bigger centres who could run 6 or 7 games that week.  Scores were determined by the average of your best 2 scores that week.  One person scored a 62% for the two days and was awarded .50 gold.   This tournament involves a fair amount of work for me and personally I feel those that participated did not get their money’s worth.

    Helen Shield’s Rookie/Masters is coming up on April 17.  We have ten tables which I think is very good considering the rookies must have less than 50 master points.

    Our directors are doing a very good job and seem very keen on learning ACBL Scores and honing their skills on rulings.  Mel is doing an excellent job passing on information to the directors.  Almost all players on Thursday have requested and movement of 7 ½ tables or less be set up as a Howell this could be voted on by the board.  Collection of $6 per person has been no problem for the directors and has been met with very few negative comments.  Two people have inquired about the increase to me but were not complaining. 

    With the increase also comes the assumption that we are going to be “rolling in dough” by the end of the year.  I must caution the board that we will be absorbing more costs this year due to increases in rent, sanction fees, insurance on a couple of venues at West Thunder and minimal charges for the Helen Shields (November), Christmas Party and Champagne Pairs.  I think once we have finished the 2018 physical year we can determine if there is anything extra we can give the membership in 2019.

    I have also sat down with the newly elected Unit 228 on two occasions.  The meeting on Tuesday, April 10 dealt mainly with the organization of the Sectional on May 4-6.  They seem to have everything under control.  Denis Parsons has taken over the President’s position from Francis Gaudino who now is the past president (non voting).  I think with the new board responsibilities are being passed around rather than one or two people taking on most of the work.  I am very pleased with the group.

    As far as our club goes, I think things are working our quite well at both venues.  There will always be a few complaints but nothing serious.  The snowbirds are coming back which means increased table counts.  As in the past, we will be supplying the Unit with our equipment and supplies for the sectional.

5.  Treasurer's Report-It was moved by Gabe and seconded by Judy F.  that the treasurer's report be accepted-see attached.  Carried

6.  There was no director's report.

7.  New Busines

    1. Unit meeting – in Fraser’s report

    2. Number of Boards to be played – They will remain at 27

    3. AGM – Topics to be brought up at the meeting were discussed

    4. Nominating Committee – Terms are up for Pauline, Gabe and Judy F. Judy and Gabe indicated they will let their names stand for re-election. Pauline will be stepping down. Only one person is needed to volunteer to serve on the Board. Judy H. will do a canvas of the membership.

    5. Website – Tracey suggested that a link to Obituaries of deceased members be included on our website. It was agreed that we should proceed with this and Tracey will look into it.

    6. Membership – Membership fees will remain at $5.

    7. A late addition – Are “Free” game being monitored? Yes.

TBDBC Board Meeting December 7, 2017 

Meeting held at West Thunder Community Center and called to order at 11:30 am by President Joy Warkentin.

Attending:  Gabe DeProphetis, Don Kachkowski, Henry Danielewski, Judy Frasca, Pauline Tomlinson, Tracey Fuhr (Face Book), Club Manager  Fraser Coull.  Absent with regrets: Paul Sebesta.  Late: Judy Hatcher.

1. Approval of Agenda
    Additions under New Business

    Motion "to approve the agenda" made by J.Frasca, seconded by D. Kachkowski.  All in favour.  Carried.


2.Approval of  Minutes of Meeting of September 14, 2017

   correction made -7.4 to read West Thunder not West Arthur.

    Motion "to approve the minutes " made by H. Danielewski, seconded by G. De Prophetis.  All in favour.  Carried.


3. Business Arising

    3.1 Swiss Teams.  J. Warkentin spoke of low attendance and  resulting loss of revenue. Discussion.  F. Coull to meet with directors to formulate a plan on how  participation might be increased.

     3.2 Events.  AGM committee in place

     3.3 West Thunder Center.  Various comments: D. Kachkowski - another  chair needed at door when putting on required booties; H. Danielewski- entrance floor is wet; T. Fuhr- some growing pains.  General satisfaction with site.


  4. Club Manager's Report -  Presented by F.Coull

      New for the Club is the requirement to purchase insurance through the City for  each of the 3 events involving alcohol that we hold at the West Thunder Center, cost is $162 per function.  The membership should be reminded of the game fee increase in January. Envelopes will be provided  for players requiring change-they will simply put their money in an envelope with their name and the director will later bring around their change. With the Club President   a meeting was held with the administrators of the 55 Plus Center  and the Club will now use the Auditorium at a cost of $110. per session.  The issues of parking and smoking were also discussed  and these concerns will be made known to the  membership.  A list of dates for Special Games for 2018 has been received.

    Motion "to accept the Club Manager's Report " made by P. Tomlinson , seconded by J. Frasca.  All in favour.  Carried. 


   5. Treasurer's Report - presented by G. DeProphetis

 Revised   Budget for 2018-  Revenue $57,750, Expenses $52,304,Net income $5,446. Projected Cash and Investments December 2018- $22,344.

  As of December 7, 2017-  Balance of $8,081., GIC worth $15,373. Paid memberships to date-200.  Paid memberships to date for 2018- 178.

Motion "to accept the Treasurer's Report" made by G. DeProphetis , seconded by J. Hatcher.   All in favour.  Carried.

 Full report in Minutes Book.


6. New Business

    6.1 499 Section. Membership to be reminded that only non life masters are allowed to play in this section unless  for a special reason  and this will be up  to the judgement of the Director.

    6.2 Stop Cards.  ACBL ruling that as of January 1, 2018  stop cards are not to be used.  Membership will be asked at the Tuesday night games to remove same from boxes.

     6.3 December 26th game.- to be cancelled.

     6.4 Unit Meeting.  J Warkentin attended.  Denis Parsons elected new Unit President.   New executive and names of  Board members will be on the web.  

     6.5 Head Director.  Motion "that beginning this Christmas, the Head director  receive a Christmas bonus, amount to be determined"  made by P. Tomlinson, seconded by H. Danielewski.  All in favour.  Carried.

     6.6 Other.  J, Frasca reported that students of D. McCandless are not, as yet, ready to join the Club. Members asking for a new membership phone list/book.


Meeting adjourned at 12:25

TBDBC Board Meeting September 14, 2017
Meeting held at West Thunder Community Center and called to order at 11am by President Joy Warkentin. 
Attending:  Joy Warkentin, Paul Sebesta,Henry Danielewski, Tracey Fuhr,Judy Frasca,Don Kachkowski, Gabe DeProphetis , Pauline Tomlinson, Club Manager Fraser Coull.  Late: Judy Hatcher.
1. Approval of Agenda
    Motion "to approve agenda" made by P. Sebesta, seconded by T. Fuhr.  All in favour.  Carried.
2. Minutes of Meeting of May 29, 2017
    Motion " to adopt minutes " made by J.Frasca, seconded by P. Sebesta. All in favour. Carried.
3. Business Arising
    3.1. Fees (deferred from last meeting)
           Motion "to raise playing fees $1. effective Jan.1, 2018 and that non-members pay $8." made by P. Sebesta, seconded by T. Fuhr.  Two opposed- J.Frasca and D. Kachkowski.  Carried.
    3.2. Newcomer section
           to be worked on
4. Club Manager's Report - presented by F. Coull
    Move to West Thunder Community Center went well; special thanks to Mel Johnsen, Tim McCormack and Don Kachkowski for their assistance in moving equipment to new site. Two new computers were  purchased for approximately $1700. Updating of Bridgemates  needed and will be completed by end of October.New Canadian Fees Policy from ACBL received stating that there will be a standard rate of $1.24 Canadian equals $1.00 U.S.  -(full policy included in Minutes Book) .Suggest  club memberships be sold Monday October 9th and Tuesday October 10th; 2 Club Appreciation Games will be set up for these dates. A list for a new directory will be drawn up with H. Danielewski before the end of the year.
5. Treasurer's Report- presented by G. DeProphetis
    For 6 months ended June 30, 2017- Revenue $25,681, Operating expenses $23,070, Net Income for the period-$2,611, cash and investments beginning of year $17,098 (Cash and Investments end of period $19,709)  Report as of September 14, 2017- Balance $3,376 , $15,000 GIC, accrued interest $310. ($15,310).  Paid memberships to date- 200.  (Full report in Minutes Book)
   Motion " to adopt Treasurer's Report" made by G. DeProphetis, Seconded by J. Frasca.
6. Report from Directors' Meeting
    No report.  No meeting held.  President announced that G. Bortolussi has stepped down as co-ordinator of the Directors and has been replaced by M. Johnsen.
7. New Business
    7.1 Discussion of West Thunder Community Center venue.
    7.2 Swiss Teams - President will ask the Directors to bring to the Board recommendations on how to improve Swiss Teams.
    7.3 Unit - Discussion held
    7.4 Upcoming events-  Helen Shields: Wednesday October 18 at West Thunder Community  Center, lunch at 12 followed by bridge.  Christmas Luncheon : Monday December 11th at West Thunder Community Center, 12 o'clock.  Christmas Evening Party: Tuesday  December 19th (food at approx half way mark of evening game) .  Champagne Pairs: December 31st at West Thunder Community Center , 11 or 12 o'clock to approx 4pm (exact time still to be established).  AGM: 2nd Monday in May, Italian Cultural Center tentatively booked, President asked committee members to meet over the winter to finalize plans.

8.  Meeting adjourned by President at 12:30


Minutes TBDBC Board Meeting of May 29, 2017

Meeting held at 55 plus Center and called to order at 11am by President Joy Warkentin

who welcomed Don Kachkowski.

Attending: Joy Warkentin, Paul Sebesta, Henry Danielewski,Don Kachkowski,Tracey

Fuhr, Judy Hatcher,Judy Frasca,Gabe DeProphetis,Pauline Tomlinson and Club

Manager Fraser Coull.

1.Approval of Agenda

Three additions made under Other Business

Motion "to approve amended agenda" made by Judy Frasca, seconded by Henry

Danielewski. All in favour. Carried.

2. Minutes of meeting of March 27,2017

Motion "to adopt Minutes of March 27, 2017" made by Judy Frasca,seconded by Gabe

DePhrophetis. All in favour. Carried.

3. Business arising from meeting


4.Election of officers

Joy Warkentin for President- nominated by Tracey Fuhr,seconded by Gabe

DeProphetis. No further nominations. Acclaimed.

Tracey Fuhr for Vice President- nominated by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Judy

Frasca. No further nominations. Acclaimed.

Pauline Tomlinson for Secretary -nominated by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Gabe

DeProphetis . No further nominations. Acclaimed.

Gabe DeProphetis for Treasurer- nominated by Pauline Tomlinson, seconded by

Judy Hatcher. No further nominations. Acclaimed.

5. Follow up from Annual Meeting

5.1 Board Member appointment

Motion "to appoint Don Kachkowski as new board member for a 3 year term"

made by Pauline Tomlinson, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis. All in favour. Carried.

5.2 Rental at 55 plus Center

Discussion of rental fee increase.

Motion "to raise playing fees $1. effective Jan. 1, 2018 and that non members pay $8."

made by Paul Sebesta, seconded by Tracey Fuhr. Discussion.

Motion "to defer the motion to the next meeting" made by Gabe DeProphetis,

seconded by Don Kachkowski. Three opposed. Carried.

5.3 499 Section

Discussion re. retaining the 499 section. Vote held; 5in favour and 3 against.

Section will be retained. Discussion for next meeting- running a newcomer section.

5.4 Number of boards

Discussion. Decision that no change be made.

5.5 Start times

Discussion. Decision that times remain the same.

6. Manager's Report

Problems have developed with the computers and it is recommended that the Club

purchase 2 new laptops. The AGM went well , good organization by Tracey and Joy,

final report needed for files. Attendance has risen the last few weeks for Monday and

Tuesday games. Decision should be made re . Thursday summer games - suggest

monitoring June attendance to determine on continuing or discontinuing during summer.

West Thunder Community Center has been investigated as a possible new venue,

West Arthur Community Center will also be contacted. Complaints have been received

concerning rudeness and advised that director should be called immediately.

Paul Sebesta suggested that the directors should keep a list of rude offenders.

Motion “to accept the Club Manager's Report" made by Paul Sebesta, seconded by

Tracey Fuhr". All in favour. Carried.

7. Treasurer's Report

As of May 29,2017-Bank balance of $6,646. and GIC worth $15,230. Paid

memberships to date -197.

Motion "to adopt Treasurer's report " made by Pauline Tomlinson, seconded by

Judy Frasca. All in favour. Carried.

Full report included in Minutes Book .The Financial Report for the 3 months

ending March 31,2017 is also included.

8. New Venue

waiting for new option

9. Unit-Pat Courtis

In the past the Unit's AGM has preceded the Unit's 2 session Pat Courtis Event.

Unit President Francis Gaudino would like a change with the Pat Courtis being held on

2 separate Tuesday evenings. Club President will talk further with Francis and Club

Manager will set the Tuesday dates.

TBDBC Annual General Meeting May 8, 2017 

Meeting held at the Italian Cultural Center, South Algoma Street.

Welcoming remarks extended by Vice President Paul Sebesta acting as Chair as President Joy Warkentin was unable to attend.
Moment of silence observed for the following members who have passed away since the last AGM- Anne Tremellis, Frank Barca, John Chlebovec, Anne Geddes, Warren Anderson.

Meeting called to order at 11am.  Copies of the Agenda, Financial Statement and Minutes of the 2016 AGM  placed beforehand at each table. Chair allowed a few minutes for these to be reviewed.

Being no additions, motion "to adopt the Agenda" made by Gabe DeProphetis,seconded by Denis Parsons.  All in favour.  Carried.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING of May 9, 2016

Being no errors or omissions, motion "to adopt the Minutes of May 9,2016" made by Archie Colosimo,seconded by Bill Creighton.  All in favour.  Carried.


     3.1 Change of Venue- Chair announced that the Italian Hall and Grass Roots Church had been investigated as

           possible game sites but  were found not to be  feasible for our use. Club will remain using 55+Center and KC


     3.2 Question from floor (Heather French) re. leads not being put on Bridge Mates at the 55+ Center games. Club

           Manager responded that it has not been possible to program this into the Bridge Mates at the 55+ Center.


     3.3 Question from floor (Judy Foulds) re. financing the Dealing Machine purchase. Club Manager responded

           Francis Gaudino had applied for the ACBL grant but the Club didn't  receive it and thus $2,000. came from

           Club funds  with an additional $500 being donated by Rolly Laframboise's company.


      4.1 Treasurer

            Gabe DeProphetis presented the following Statement of operation and surplus for the year ended

            Dec.31,2016-  Total Revenue $45,724.(noting that regular game revenue had increased over 2015), Total

            Expenses $46,096. Net Loss of $372. Surplus beginning of year $17,470. Surplus end of year of $17,098. in

            the form of cash and GICs. The full itemized report showing comparative figures for 2015 and 2016 can be

            found in the Minutes Book.

            Question from floor(Wayne Meadows) about contributions. Treasurer responded.

            Motion "to accept Treasurer's Report" made by Judy Hatcher, seconded by June Baker.All in favour. Carried

      4.2 Unit President

            Francis Gaudino stated that the Unit is struggling to retain volunteers to stay on the Unit Board.Meetings are

            held only two or three times a year. A Sectional Tournament was not held in April due to a time conflict                      with the Winnipeg Tournament. Instead a Sectional has been scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving

            with an out of town director coming in order that more points can be awarded. Thanks offered to the Club for

            allowing the Unit to hold the Pat Courtis and the Unit AGM on a Tuesday evening  when good participation

            is assured.

       4.3 President's report

             Read by Paul Sebesta as follows:  On behalf of the Board congratulations extended to the winners of the

             Vince Scarcello event- Anne Harper and John Barber; winners of the mini Vince Scarcello- Maureen Wasky

             and Murray Crane; winners of the Helen Shields Memorial event-Karen Arblaster and Susan Cressman.

             Thanks extended to Archie Colosismo  who is completing his term and to Henry Danielewski who complet-

             ed the term of Marsha Reinikka and Judy Frasca who is completing the term of Fraser Coull. Appreciation

             extended to Gloria Bortolussi for her excellent work as Club Manager. This year in addition to the regular

             work and event implementation, the Board developed a new policy for Directors and others who interact

             with the Club's computers as well as a policy on Honorariums.  We ran a successful course for Directors

             with the assistance of the ACBL and Francis Gaudino, and as result, have seven new directors who

             appreciate your support and good manners.  Gloria has been appointed to be a lead for the Directors and

             will hold meetings as appropriate to provide support and consistency. Thanks expressed to the members of

             the Board who are so willing to support and enhance this club.

             Presentation of awards to winners listed above made by Paul Sebesta.


       5.1 Report of the Nominating Committee and Election of Officers

             Committee chair Judy Hatcher reported that 3 Board positions were to be filled this year but that only 2

             people have stepped forward.  The candidates are Paul Sebesta and Henry Danielewski. Chair asked  3

             times for nominations from the floor,  there being none Paul Sebesta and Henry Daniewski were acclaimed

             for 3 year terms.

       5.2 Fees and 55+ Center

             Club Manager spoke to the matter of an Honorarium increase at the 55+ Center effective January 2018;

             the current honorarium is $2400, new cost will be $5500, difference of $3100.  Possible ways suggested to

             make up this increase-  cut out coffee at the 55+Center (approx. $5,500)  or increase cost of bridge to $6.

             per session (this would generate an additional $200wk x 50 or $10,000 per year at both venues).

             Chair announced that discussion would be allowed  at this time but that the matter will be addressed at the

             next Board meeting. Members expressed both pro and con opinions on both choices. In addition, several

             other suggestions were put forward - increase the yearly membership fee to $10., pay fees at door rather

             than at tables.

       5.3 Start time for Games/ number of Boards

             Chair announced possible start time of 6:30 for Tuesday night games and the playing of 24 boards at both

             venues and asked for discussion; there was none.  Board will consider the matter.

       5.4 499 Section on Tuesday night

             Chair invited discussion; there  was none. It appears this  section will remain as 499 for non life members.

       5.5 Membership list and phone numbers on the Web

             Chair stated that Henry Danielewski has a membership list at the door and urged new members to note

             their phone numbers, also those with new numbers . He also urged members to make certain their dues

             have been paid. Re. phone numbers on the Web- no vocal responses, a few headshakes  indicating "no"

There being no further business , the meeting was adjourned at 11:55

Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Meeting March 27, 2017
Meeting held at 55+ Center and called to order at 11:05am by President Joy Warkentin.
In attendance:  Tracey Fuhr, Judy Frasca, Judy Hatcher, Gabe DeProphetis, Henry Danielewski, Club Manager Fraser Coull
Absent with regrets:  Paul Sebesta, Pauline Tomlinson
Absent :Archie Colosimo
In absence of Pauline Tomlinson , Judy Hatcher acted as Secretary.
1. Approval of Agenda-  Agenda previously circulated. -under new business add 9.1- members advertising on web page. Motion "to accept revised agenda"made by Judy Frasca, seconded by Henry Danielewski.  All in favour. Carried.
2. Minutes of last meeting. Previously emailed.  Motion "to accept minutes" made by Judy Frasca, seconded by Tracey Fuhr. All in favour.  Carried.
3.Business arising:
    3.1 Italian Hall as possible venue for weekly games investigated by Tony Tarsatano; not feasible due to lack of storage space.  Other venues explored without success, no option except  to remain at K of C Hall.
    3.2 Judy Frasca presented an Honoraria Policy.  Headings included Manager, Treasurer, Webmaster.Discussion.  Decision reached that Treasurer would receive $65.00 per month, Club Manager to receive $150. per month instead of $125. With the exception of these 2 items, and the addition that those making coffee on Tuesday nights receive a free game,the remainder of the Policy remains as submitted.  Motion "to adopt the policy with these changes" made by Judy Frasca, seconded by Tracey Fuhr.  All in favour.  Carried.  Abbreviated summary is included in Minutes Book.  For a specific and comprehensive list of duties , the TBDBC website should be consulted.

 4.Manager's Report:
Presented by Fraser Coull.  Special games being held this week -ACBL senior pairs and 3 STAC games with Wednesday evening being a rookie/masters Swiss team game.  April has several charity games as well as the Helen Shield's Rookie Masters and an organizer for this event is need,game is scheduled for April 17th.  Meeting of 11 directors held. Report in Minutes Book.  Discussion held on Helen Shield's game; final date in April to be announced.
5. Report of Director's Meeting:
Presented by Club Manager on behalf of Gloria Bortolussi who was unable to attend.  At their meeting the directors discussed the following: 1.the need to be familiar with the director's policy,computer use policy, ethics policy, code of conduct and Columbus Center lock up. 2. unwritten rules(not in policies) 3. game set ups 4.program-suspicious scores for bridgemates 5. data- entering names and names on bridgemates 6. rulings- consistency,using law book 7.problems -slow play (seven and a half  minutes per board),computer blackouts 8.other concerns- decided to meet 3 times a year and more if necessary 9.  liason with  Club Board- Gloria Bortolussi will fulfill this function for 1 year. Report in Minutes Book.
6.Lost money:
Starting immediately directors will take game money home if Club Treasurer or Club Manager are not present.  They will then be responsible for passing money to Club Manager or to Treasurer who will make bank deposit.
7.Issue- 55 Plus Center:
Club Manager presented the new fee schedule for rent beginning Jan. 2018.  Discussion. Decision to further discuss at AGM. Fee schedule in Minutes Book.
8. Planning for annual meeting:
Plans discussed.  All items appear to be covered per Tracey Fuhr and in good order.
9.Other Business:
All other business to be discussed at AGM.
Meeting adjourned at 12:30
THUNDER BAY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB - Minutes of Board Meeting September 12,2016
Meeting held at the 55+ Center and called to order at 10:05 by President Fraser Coull.
In Attendance-   Fraser Coull, Gabe DeProphetis,Judy Hatcher, Tracey
Fuhr, Paul Sebesta, Pauline Tomlinson,Joy Warkentin, Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi.
Absent with regrets- Henry Danielewski, Absent- Archie Colosimo
Motion "to adopt the agenda" made by Joy Warkentin,seconded by Tracey Fuhr.  All in favour.  Carried.
Read by Secretary Pauline Tomlinson. Motion"to adopt minutes" made by Paul Sebesta, seconded by Joy Warkentin. All in favour.  Carried.
 to be addressed under New Business
Gabe DeProphetis presented a Financial Report for 6 months ending June 30th- Revenue $23,480.,Operating Expenses $23,153. Net Income for the period $327.  Cash and investments beginning of year $17,470,end of period $17,797. (Full report included in Minutes Book). Treasurer's Report -as of
September 12th , Bank  Balance $2,914., GIC at Bank of Nova Scotia $15,041. maturing April 30, 2018. To date 158 paid memberships. (Full report in Minutes Book)
Motion "to accept the Treasurer's Report" made by Pauline Tomlinson,seconded by Paul Sebesta.  All in favour.  Carried.
Club Manager-
Gloria Bortoussi presented her report as follows.  A replacement Club Manager is being trained to assume the position at year's end.  A strong  suggestion that the Board hire someone to overhaul,clean and synchronize the 2 computers. ( Tracey Fuhr offered to approach Jim Eliot to do the required computer enhancement work). The last 3 months were very busy and included involvement with the new candidate directors being trained and prepared for the upcoming Director's exam the end of September; they have been slotted into the October Calendar and will be supported. Upon successful completion of the exam, the new directors will include
Don Cattani, Fraser Coull,Mel Johnsen, Denis Parsons, Stan Polowski, Marsha Reinikka, Joy Warkentin.  CNTC and COPC games September-November, STaC games and Helen Shields dinner in October.  New information regarding use of K of C Hall- Champagne Pairs Dec. 31st must end by 4pm, and bridge  is  cancelled Thursday Dec. 29th due to a K of C. Hall booking.   Also caution given to making sure people are  honoured on web site when appropriate; some Ruby Life Masters recently not noted on website.
Motion "to accept the Club Manager's Report" made by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Joy Warkentin.  All in favour.  Carried.
Presented by President on behalf of Henry Danielewski.
Presently 158 members; memberships to be sold at the Monday and Tuesday games end of September,cookies to be provided. New membership list to be compiled by Henry and Fraser, email addresses to be added if member agrees, new list to be issued  March of 2017 or before.
Motion "to accept the Membership Report" made by Tracey Fuhr, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis.  All in favour.  Carried.
Judy Hatcher reported receiving verbal complaints regarding kibitzing.  She will "educate" the individual involved on  the proper form.
Motion "to adopt the Ethics Report" made by Tracey Fuhr, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis.  All in favour.  Carried.
New Directors Update-
President stated that 10 members began the Director's course.  For various reasons the following people left the course- Susan Guerard, Liz Landry, Judy Frasca.  Three members - Rolly Laframboise, Steve Russo, and Ken Cressman- previously certified as directors , updated  their skills on the computer. The 7 prospective new directors have been  named previously in the Manager's Report.
Discussion held on lessening the director's  work load  at the games. Suggestion by Joy Warkentin that a playing member from the Open and one from the Invitational side  be stationed at the door taking game fees and assigning table positions.  One member of a pair to pay the partnership fee and collect the assigned positions (basically similar to tournament procedure).  All in agreement.  Further agreement that a small committee  from the membership be formed to organize this procedure.
New Club Manager-
Fraser Coull stated that, though advertised, no one came forward to accept the position at this time, and as he has recently availed himself  of  some training from Gloria , he is willing to assume the position at year's end  if the Board is agreed.  Upon his leaving the room, Vice  President Joy Warkentin assumed the Chair.
Motion "to accept Fraser Coull as the new Club Manager at the end of the current year" made by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Paul Sebesta. All in favour.  Carried.
Chairmanship of meeting resumed by Fraser Coull.
Tracey Fuhr expressed her willingness to be trained for the role of Club Manager with a view to assuming the position at a future date.
The President announced that due to other commitments he was tendering his resignation from the Board effective immediately and would be announcing this to the general membership prior to today's game.
Vice President Joy Warkentin will assume the role of President. According to policy,the Board as a whole will consider and appoint an interim member to  complete the term of Fraser Coull.
Helen Shields-
To be held Wednesday evening October 19 at K of C Hall, dinner at 6pm,bridge at 7pm, open bar.  Convenors-Paul Sebesta and Archie Colosimo.
Thursday Afternoon Bridge-
Committee  formed consisting of Paul Sebesta, Denis Parsons and as yet another unnamed person to investigate a new venue for holding Tuesday and Thursday games and the occasional Wednesday game.
Membership Drive-
To take place the last Monday and Tuesday in September; Fraser Coull and Henry Danielewski to sell memberships;
cookies to be purchased and served. Board  strongly agreed that more aggressive selling of memberships and checking of lists should be done. Consecutively numbered membership cards to be given to paid members.
Policy Work-
Joy Warkentin spoke to this subject emphasizing that the board needs written policies as for example regarding honourariums and events. Gloria will bring a report template to next meeting.  Policies to be reviewed next meeting.
Discussion held ,followed by agreement that Board needs a policy regarding honourariums for each job.
Critereria for future internal elections to the Board-
Tracey Fuhr suggested asking new board members why they joined and what they would like to do on the board.
Meeting adjourned 12:35
Meeting held at K of C Hall , 6:00pm
Present:  Fraser Coull, Gabe DeProphetis, Joy Warkentin,Tracey Fuhr,Henry Danielewski,Judy Hatcher, Pauline Tomlinson, Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi.
Absent:  Paul Sebesta, Archie Colosimo
Joy Warkentin had asked for this meeting to be called and thus spoke to the the issue of the resignation of Director Jim Hobson. She stated that she had conferred with Jim who stated that he had not been consulted re. the institution of Thursday afternoon Summer games  and indicated he would resign. She persuaded him to hold off until after this meeting.
Various thoughts expressed by all present.  All agreed that the situation is critical , that Directors should be appreciated.  Gloria stated there are 4 active Directors, they are a cohesive group, Jim assumes a leadership role. Directors look forward to a summer break,emphasized that Directors must be consulted.  Tracey stated she has had questions from members inquiring about paying for games at the 55+ Center . suggested dispensing with Summer   Wednesday and Thursday games,noted we have qualified nonactive Directors.  Joy agreed with Tracey and suggested running Thursday games in June noting the attendance figures.She jadvised she is prepared to talk with JIm again.
 Decision on hold that there be no Thursday bridge games July and August.
Adjourned 6:35

Meeting held at 55+ Center River Street, called to order at 10:40 by Fraser Coull.
Present:  Gabe DeProphetis, Archie Colosimo, Tracey Fuhr, Judy Hatcher, Fraser Coull, Pauline Tomlinson and Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi.
Absent :  Henry  Danielewski.  Absent with regrets:  Joy Warkentin, Paul Sebesta.

There being no errors or omissions in the Agenda, motion made by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Archie Colosimo "to accept the Agenda".  All in favour.  Carried.
Minutes of May 14,2016 Board Meeting read by Pauline Tomlinson. There being no errors or omissions, motion made by Archie Colosimo, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis "to accept the Minutes as read".  All in favour.  Carried.
No Business arising from Minutes.
Treasurer's Report presented by Gabe DeProphetis. Financial Report for 3 months ended March 31,2016 - Revenue $11,393., Operating Expenses $10,535.,Net Income for the period $858.,Cash and Investments beginning of year $17,470., Cash and Investments end of period $18,328. (Full report included in Minutes Book).  Itemized account given of Revenue  and Expenses associated with the AGM  - Proceeds $2,320.,Expenses $3,771., Club  subsidized $1,451. (Detailed Report included in Minutes Book)
Motion "to accept the Treasurer's Report " made by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Tracey Fuhr. All in favour.  Carried.
Discussion regarding  future  AGM ticket prices, subsidies, and the Club's financial position.  Gabe DeProphetis stated that the GIC comes up for renewal on June 30th and suggested that $15,000 be renewed; the Board was in full agreement.
Ethics Report - Judy Hatcher  stated there have been a few minor incidents  where she advised individuals that 'conceived wrongs' should be put in writing  and /or the director called immediately.
Motion "to accept the Ethics Committee Report" made by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Archie Colosimo.  All in favour.  Carried.
Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi made reference to the Club's Zero Tolerance Policy.
Club Manager's Report- presented by Gloria Bortolussi. There will be no Thursday afternoon games during July and August at the K of C Hall.  Attendance at Wednesday  night Swiss Team Games has been dwindling, there is a dearth of C stratification players  and it has been  difficult to arrange for directors. Regarding the Bridgemates- opening leads have been put on at the K of C Hall venue but not at the 55+ Center,members names have yet to be put on and it is recommended that this be done as soon as possible.  A committee of 2 or 3 people is needed to maintain and  oversee the Bridgemates.  Denis Parsons has agreed to participate.  New cards have been purchased for the boards for the dealing machine.  North American Pairs Qualifying Games are scheduled for June, July and August.
Motion "to accept the Manager's Report " made by Pauline Tomlinson, seconded by Tracey Fuhr.  All in favour.  Carried.
Membership Report-
Given by Fraser Coull on behalf of Stan Powlowski whose term has ended.  Present membership of 157 paid up members, some unpaid ones. There is a list of people and their ACBL membership numbers and this is still to be loaded on the computers at both K.of C Hall and the 55+ Center. 
Motion "to adopt the Membership Report" made by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Archie Colosimo.  All in favour.  Carried.
Discussion followed on increasing the membership; no firm plans made though venues for free advertising  and recruitment were suggested.
Old Business-   none.
New Business:
Election of Officers-
for the office of President- Fraser Coull nominated by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Judy Hatcher.  All in favour. Acclaimed.
for the office of Vice President- Joy Warkentin nominated by Tracey Fuhr, seconded by Fraser Coull.  All in favour,  Acclaimed.
for the office of Treasurer-  Gabe DeProphetis nominated by Pauline Tomlinson, seconded by Fraser Coull.  All in favour.  Acclaimed.
for the office of Secretary-  Pauline Tomlinson nominated by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Fraser Coull.  All in favour.  Acclaimed.
Convenors of Special Events-
Helen Shields-  dinner, Wed. October 19th-  Archie Colosimo and Paul Sebesta.
Christmas Luncheon- Mon. December 12th- Tracey Fuhr and Fraser Coull
Christmas evening party- Tues.  December 20th- , Archie Colosimo , Henry Danielewski and Pauline Tomlinson.
Champagne Pairs-  December 31st, Judy Hatcher and Francis Gaudino
Annual General Meeting-  May 8th 2017- Tracey Fuhr, Joy Warkentin, Francis Gaudino.
Selection of Charities-
4 chosen to each receive $100.  as follows- Shelter House and Regional Food Distribution Association, and next year we will start off with Roots To Harvest and The Underground Gym.
Update of Chris Moss Request/Petition to hold Wed./Thurs. games in North Ward-
Arrangements made to hold Thursday afternoon games from 12:30 to 4:30 at the 55+ Center for the summer only.  Dates are June 9th,16th,and 30th.  July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. August 4th, 11th, and 18th, no game here on the 25th.  June 2nd game  is at K.of C. Hall, no game anywhere on June 23rd.
Replacement of Club Manager-
After doing an excellent job over the past several years Gloria Bortolussi is stepping down effective December 31st.  The position will be advertised on the Web site. Gloria is willing to help ease  someone into the position before the end of her term.
The Club will again offer a series of Bridge Lessons beginning in June  and the Board agreed to commit $500. towards the cost. 
Discussion on inclusion of Obituaries on Web site.
Agreement to put up an access box in the front page corner.  Tracey Fuhr  noted that a specific person should be appointed to act as a receiver of the news of the   passings of past and present members and also be responsible for having this posted on the web site.
The last 3 items on the Agenda were included at the request of Pauline Tomlinson and the following are the remarks presented.
Review of the AGM-
Microphones were needed  in the audience. An employee of "the Fort" recently advised that plugins are available throughout the Hall and we need only ask though there might be a slight charge for extra mikes.
The election of Board Members was not orderly, proper ballots  not provided ,no consideration given to the fact that there might be nominations from the floor.
The meeting lacked a smooth flow due largely to people not being heard or  not being  recognized in a timely manner.
The food,  the service , the venue and the conduct of the game itself were all very satisfactory and enjoyable.
Structure of and Reporting of Committees-
Committees should consist of 2 preferably 3 members with one taking the lead role.  Detailed reports of Special Events should be submitted  by the Committee head to the Club Manager for future reference. The Nominating Committee should present a slate of nominees to the Board as a whole prior to the AGM and committee members should not  be standing for election.
Discussion  and decisions as follows- Ethics Committee to consist of 1 person who will choose a committee if the need arises.  Membership committee to be headed by Henry Danielewski choosing 1 member from "Invitational side" and 1 member from the "Open side". Committee to maintain and oversee Bridgemates to be headed by Denis Parsons and 2 other people of his choosing. A committee to be formed (and as yet unnamed) to assume responsibility for sending cards to hospitalized members and the committee head be the recipient of death notices of past and present members; the committee head would in turn forward these to the President and the Webmaster.  Gloria Bortolussi offered to assume this role in January of 2017.
Resignation of Board Members-
The Board  as a whole to be presented with a written letter of resignation from a member who intends to leave the Board before the expiration of their term. 
All agreed.
Meeting adjourned at 12:55
Meeting held at Old Fort William Historical Park, called to order at 11am by President Fraser Coull.
Motion "to accept the agenda" made by Lorraine Burton, seconded by Sandy White.   All in favour.  Carried.
A moment of silence was held to mark the passing during the past year of the following members- John Hitchman, Lempi Koski, Connie Avis, Linda Parsons, Phyllis Stinson, Ruth Otto.
Minutes of the AGM held May 11, 2015 read by Secretary Pauline Tomlinson.  There were no errors or omissions. Motion "to adopt minutes as read" made by Fran Mynott, seconded by Delores Mechtab.  All in favour.  Carried.
Business arising from the Minutes-
Regarding the purchase of the Dealing Machine and supplies- Francis Gaudino stated that the Club did not apply to the ACBL for a grant towards the cost.
Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Gabe De Prophetis presented a detailed Statement of Operation and Surplus for the year ended Dec.31,2015. HIghlights: Revenue of $46,591 and he noted that a donation of $500. made by Rolly La Framboise's  Company was included in the figure of $2500(contributions to purchase dealing machine item).  Expenses totaled $49,683., the $7,541 equipment item was for the purchase of the dealing machine and related supplies.  Net loss of $3,092.  Surplus end of year of $17,470 in the form of cash and GICs. 
An itemized report showing comparative figures for 2014 and 2015 was distributed prior to the Meeting .  A copy is included in the MInutes  Book.
Motion "to accept the Treasurer's Report" made by Moe Poitras, seconded by Adela Mitchelson.  All in favour.  Carried.
Unit Report
Presented by Unit President Francis Gaudino. The Sectional realized a profit of $300.,the 2nd highest amount to date. It is possible for Francis to direct our Sectionals but the Unit will continue having Bev Ross from Southern Ontario explaining that if he were to direct it would result in 65% less points being available.  He noted the upcoming NABC to be held July 20-30,2017 in Toronto and the Toronto Regional to be held around Easter , it will be advertised.
Motion "to accept the Unit Report" made by Denis Parsons, seconded by Gabe De Prophetis.  All in favour.  Carried.
President's Report
Announcement of last year's award winners as follows: Vince Scarcello - Tim McCormack and Steve Russo; Mini Vince Scarcello - Rosemarie Hakansson and Susan Lai; Helen Shields Memorial Trophy - Ross Cody and Dave McLellan for the 3rd consecutive year.  Thanks  were extended to the 3 Board Members whose terms have been completed-  Bill Creighton, Stan Polowski and Judy Hatcher who  replaced John Van Sickle on his departure from the City.  Thanks also given to Tim McCormack, Susan and Ken Cressman, Don Cattani for conducting the series of bridge lessons.  Announcement and thanks given to Club Manager,Gloria Bortolussi, who will be stepping down at the year's end. Anyone interested in assuming this position is to speak with Gloria or President.  Membership reminded that the Club has a diverse ethnic  membership , some people are more sensitive to their heritage  than others, discretion should be exercised.  Congratulations extended to Board Member Archie  Colosimo for his recognition by the City for his 40 years of service on the  VON Board.
Motion" to accept President's Report" made by Delores Mechtab, seconded by Barb Koppenhaver.  All in favour.  Carried.
Report of Nominating Committee/Election of Officers for Board Of Directors.
Presented by  Chair Judy Hatcher on behalf of other committee members Pat Sloan and Shirley Bent.  Three nominees- Tracey Fuhr, Joy Warkentin and herself. There was 1 nomination from the floor-Glen Harmer nominated Henry Danielewski who agreed to stand.  No further nominations.
Motion" to close nominations" made by Sharon Merits, seconded by Fran Mynott. All in favour.  Carried.
The results announced later were as follows-Tracey Fuhr, Joy Warkentin and Judy Hatcher all elected for 3 year terms.
Motion "to destroy ballots" made by Lois Lagadin, seconded by Sharon Merits. All in favour.  Carried. 
Since the Committee had not anticipated nominations from the floor there were no formal ballots.  Those counting  the various pieces of paper experienced some difficulties . Anne Harper, involved in the counting, stated that there were spoiled ballots and that the election was very close.
Motion "that Henry Danielewski be installed as the replacement  to complete the remainder of the  term of Marsha Reinilkka " made by Joy Warkentin, seconded by Sandy White.  All in favour.  Carried.
Policy and Procedure Changes and Additions
    (note- for full descriptions refer to Minutes of Board Meeting of April 4,2016)
     1st- Directors Policy and Procedure of January 24,2011.
            Item 3- to be deleted "if there are two sections, a director shall not play".
            Much discussion on this item.  Joy Warkentin asked what the rationale was
            for deleting this.  Adela Mitchelson stated that the directors should not be
            limited.  Karen Arblaster voiced her opinion that there should be a
            non-playing director at the Christmas event. Francis  Gaudino endorsed
            directors playing.  Susan Mac Rae stated that directors should be given
            whatever terms they want. Joy Warkentin commented that even though
            there are a number of people who feel that games are slowed  there are a
            limited number of directors.  A show of hands indicated the  majority  voting
             for deletion, 2 opposed.
     2nd- Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club  Policies and Procedures of Jan 2011.
              Re. Stratifications- Francis Gaudino made the correction that for both
             Monday and Tuesday games the word "invitational" be changed to read
             "open".  Motion "to make the word change " made by Susan  Guerard,
              seconded by Joy Warkentin.   Motion "to accept  this  Jan 2011 section in
              its entirety" made by Denis Parsons, seconded by Darlene Milkovich.  All 
              in favour.  Carried.
     3rd- Website Policy and Procedures (New)
             Francis Gaudino voiced his concerns with what he feels is the uneven
             recognition of  deceased members ,he used the example of Ruth Otto a
             past director who hasn't played for several years. He suggested posting
             announcements in the corner with links to funeral arrangers. June Baker
             stated that Lempi Koski was also not mentioned and no memorial
             donation was made.  President replied that the  donations are made 
             for current members.  Sharon Merits inquired as to who is responsible for
             gathering this information.  Tracey Fuhr suggested that perhaps Betty
             Dunn who is responsible for sending cards to those in hospital might also
             assume  this task.
             Motion "to accept the policy as a whole and let the Board deal with the
             aforementioned  matters" made by Susan MacCrae, seconded Susan
             Guerard.  All in favour .  Carried.
     4th- Dealing Machine Policy and Procedures
             No questions.  Motion "to accept the Dealing Machine Policy and
             procedures" made by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Lorraine Burton.All
             in favour.  Carried.
     5th-Club Manager's Policy and Procedures
             Motion "to accept the Club Manager's Policy" made by Fran Mynott,
             seconded by Del Dickey. All in favour. Carried.
Discussion concerning Bridgemates
Joyce Hitchman proposed that the Bridgemates no longer be programmed to show percentages and  results after each round and gave  several reasons  for this proposal. Motion"that only rank and summary be displayed on the Bridgemates at the end of the game" made by Joyce Hitchman, seconded by Glen Harmer. All in favour . Carried.  Susan Cressman asked that  the lead for each board be programmed into the Bridgemates and Rolly Lafromboise asked that this be done at both sites. Motion "that the Bridgemates only show the lead for each board  and the rank and percentage at the end of the game",made by Francis Gaudino, seconded by Delina Hay. All in favour.  Carried.
Wed./Thurs. afternoon games
Chris Moss has circulated a petition signed by 52 members requesting Wed./Thurs. afternoon games  be held on the North side of the City.  President stated this would be discussed by the Board.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:10




In attendance:  Fraser Coull, Gloria Bortolussi, Archie Colosimo, Marsha Reinikka, Paul Sebesta and Judy Hatcher.

Regrets:  Pauline Tomlinson, Gabe DeProphetis, Bill Creighton and Stan Polowski

Guest:  Francis Gaudino speaking on stratifications

Meeting was called to order by Fraser Coull at 12:05 p.m.

No minutes from previous meeting were read as this was a working session to address various Policy and Procedures changes and additions to be presented at the Annual General Meeting Scheduled for May 9, 2016.


Item 1—amend to read—Technical skills needed to run bridge games of all type including Swiss Teams Games

Item 1—amend to read—Knowledge of ACBL scores and ability to work with required software and hardware eg. Bridgemates, dealing machine

Item 2—amend to read—A non-playing director will receive an honorarium of $60 per session if the table count exceeds 17 tables.  A playing director will receive $50 per session.  A director will receive an additional fee of $20 per section for preparing pre-dealt hands if the dealing machine is unavailable.

Item 3—Delete (If there are two sections, a director shall not play.)

Item 8—amend to read—It is the Director’s responsibility to post game results and bridge hands on the web site after each game.

Item 13—Delete (Eight dollars will be paid for hand record for local games)

Moved to accepts changes by Paul Sebesta.  Seconded by Marsha Reinikka.  Passed.

Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Policy and Procedures of January 2011

Delete—Director’s fee:  Directors will receive an honorarium of $50 per game (August 2006) plus $20 for preparing a set of pre-dealt boards (August 2010)—Note-this is covered in Directors Policy and Procedures.

Amend—Stratification numbers

Francis Gaudino explained how stratification work to maximize master points and recommended the following changes:




Delete—Club Manager—Note-this is covered in Club Manager’s Duties Policy and Procedures

Moved to accept changes by Judy Hatcher.  Seconded by Marsha Reinikka.  Passed.


The board reviewed the document which was submitted by Tim McCormack and Fraser Coull.

Moved by Paul Sebesta to accept the initial Website Policy and Procedures.  Seconded by Archie Colosimo.  Passed.


The board reviewed the document which was submitted by Jim  Hobson, Gloria Botolussi and Fraser Coull.

Moved by Paul Sebesta to accept the initial Dealing Machine Policy and Procedures.  Seconded by Judy Hatcher.  Passed.


Amendments were made to the original document and additions were made to the new document.


1c.—delete—The Club Manger will establish an annual budget for the club to be submitted to the standing committee for approval (this is done by the treasurer)

3.—eliminate the “S” in TBSDBC

6.—delete—work with the Standing Committee to appoint special event game conveners where necessary

7.  Manager applies for sanction not secretary any longer

10.—delete—prepare reports of the Standing committee to be presented to Unit 228 Board Meetings

NEW DOCUMENT (Combining previous duties and additional duties)

When possible attend with the President of TBDBC all Unit 228 Board Meetings.

Add Helen Shield’s Memorial Open Pairs to special games

Prepare and distribute monthly calendar

From time to time arrange for volunteers to clean bidding boxes, tables, etc.

Prepare reports to update TBDBC at all board meetings

Receive an honorarium of $125 per month.

Moved by Marsha Reinikka to accept changes and additions.  Seconded by Paul Sebesta.  Passed
Meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

 Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Minutes

Monday March 14, 2016


In Attendance: Fraser Coull, Gloria Bortolussi, Gabe DeProphetis, Judy Hatcher, Paul Sebesta, Stan Polowski, Armand Colosimo, Marsha Reinikka


Regrets: Pauline Tomlinson, Bill Creighton


The meeting was called to order at 10:35 by Fraser Coull


Agenda: The agenda was moved by Paul Sebesta, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis. Carried


Minutes: The minutes of the October 26 meeting was read by Stan Polowski. Moved  by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Paul Sebesta. Carried.


Business Arising: The new phone list of members was well received. A total of $604 was  realized at the Christmas dinner. It was divided equally between the Shelter House & Books in a Backpack.




Treasurer: Gabe distributed the financial report & related expenses. Moved by Judy Hatcher, seconded by Stan Polowski to adopt report. Carried.


Manager: Gloria Bortolussi reported that the bidding boxes at the KC Hall were cleaned & organized. The material at the 55 Plus would be done soon. It was suggested that the policies, guidelines and reports for special events be adhered to. There is information about ACBL material available. This will be Gloria's  last year as club manager. A smooth transition for the incoming manager will hopefully be achieved. Moved by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by Armand Colosimo to adopt report. Carried.


Ethics: Judy Hatcher stated there were no formal ethic issues.


Old Business: Gloria Bortolussi suggested that a review of Club Manager, Director, bridge ethics and club policies be reviewed.



New Business:


Christine Moss presented a letter requesting afternoon bridge in the north ward. There will be information posted to follow up on this matter. Information on the bridge site will also be given.


An e-mail from Joy Warkentin and Susan Guerard regarding practises from another club in the US was discussed by board members.

A letter from Karen Arblaster regarding concerns of various social events was discussed.


A dealing Machine protocol was distributed. This protocol will be worked to become part of the clubs policy.


A concern about advertising on the clubs website was discussed. The bridge webs site will be consulted regarding this issue.


The Annual General Meeting will be held on May 9 at the Old Fort. Judy Hatcher will spearhead the nominating team.


Marsha Reinikka advised she would not be available to finish her final year on the board.  Fraser commented that she was a definite asset to the board and asked her to reconsider.


The Bridge-mates firm ware will be updated in the future.


Meeting adjourned at 12:35


TBDBC Board Meeting Monday October 26, 2015


In Attendance: Fraser Coull, Gabe DeProphetis, Gloria Bortolussi, Armand Colosimo, Paul Sebesta, Bill Creighton, Judy Hatcher, Stan Polowski


Regrets: Pauline Tomlinson, Marsha Reinikka


The Meeting was called to order at 10:40 by Fraser Coull


Agenda Motion by Paul Sebesta, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis to adopt the agenda. Carried


Minutes of previous meeting: Read by Fraser Coull. Adopted by Paul Sebesta, seconded by Judy Hatcher.  Also a special meeting dealing with the Dealing Machine that was held on August 24 was reviewed. Moved by Armand Colosimo, seconded by Gabe DeProphetis to adopt. Carried.


Business arising: It was noted that the two sections for Monday bridge be under 499 MP, and over 499 MP. Tuesday bridge is under 199 MP and over 199 MP. Information was also shared concerning various charities.




Treasurer: Gabe DeProphetis discussed the current financial situation of the Club. A spreadsheet was shared with the Board Members. Moved by Bill Creighton and seconded by Judy Hatcher to accept the report.


Manager: Gloria Bortolussi advised that she was applying for next year’s sanctions and special games but due to the expiration of our credit card she was waiting for the new card to arrive to finalize the transaction. Help is needed to put the bidding boxes in order, as well as to sanitize them. Bill Creighton and Stan Polowski will assist.


Membership: Stan Polowski reported there are 111 members paid for the 2016 year. Prospective members will be contacted to increase this number. It was also decided that e-mails would  not be part of the membership information


Ethics: Judy Hatcher reported no incidents dealing with ethics.


Old Business: Paul Sebesta reported that 74 attended the Helen Shields bridge evening. There were many favourable comments regarding the food and evening in general.



New Business:

A letter from Del Dickey regarding charities was discussed. The Blessing in a Backpack program has been given $100 and will receive a portion of the goodwill Christmas offering. The Roots of Harvest will be looked into at a later time.


A letter from Del Dickey regarding the 55 Plus was discussed. It was agreed by the Board that adequate amounts of money are given via the honorarium and coffee refreshment.


There are currently four active Directors. There may be others interested in the future.


The Dealing machine was discussed. It has been an excellent addition to the club. Jim Hobson will be the lead for organizing the hands for the machine. Gloria Bortolussi, Jim Hobson and Fraser Coull will be working on Policies and Procedures for the machine.


|December is a busy time for the club. Liquor licenses and meal venues will be obtained for the numerous December bridge activities.


The Membership phone list will be coordinated by Stan Polowski. All attempts will be made to increase the membership of the club.


To improve efficiency Members names and ACBL or assigned number will be inputted to assist directors and the club.



The issue of monetary compensation was discussed.  It was decided that no monetary fee would be given for convening events.


Bridge lessons have been very well received by many people and Tim McCormack has run a very successful program.  A surplus was generated by the last session and Fraser Coull presented the club with $350 from this surplus.


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Special Board Meeting, August 24,2015,held at 55+ Center
Meeting called to order at 12:15 by Pres. Fraser Coull.
Present:  B.Creighton, G. DeProphetis, A. Colosimo, M. Reinikka,P. Sebesta, P. Tomlinson, special guest F. Gaudino.
Absent with regrets:S.Powlowski, J.Hatcher
Discussion held regarding the purchase of a Play Bridge Dealer 4Plus Dealing Machine for the Club,  It was decided to straw poll the membership for their wishes.
Meeting adjourned at 12:50
Meeting held at 55+ Center on June 8, 2015,and called to order at 10:30 am by President F.
Absent with regrets: A.Colosimo, S.Polowski, B.Creighton, M.Reinikka.
Motion to adopt the Agenda made by P.Sebesta, seconded by G.DeProphetis. All in favour.  Carried
Minutes of  May 5th meeting read by Secretary P.Tomlinson. Motion to adopt minutes made by G.DeProphetis, seconded by J.Hatcher. All in favour.  Carried.
Business arising from AGM Minutes:
-correction to be made re. Unit report. Should read "Unit President F. Gaudino stated that the Unit qualifies for events in June,July and August(red points given) and this leads to the District finals."  Omit the statement regarding directors for Sectional and Regional Tournaments that "in past years the Club had someone locally who was qualified".
-President has spoken to Glen Harmer.
-Helen Shields-President to follow up
Treasurer's report presented by G.DeProphetis as follows- Bank charging us $3 a month service fee, gives us 15 transactions per month.  All board members sent report for AGM(in minutes book)  and Report for June 8th-  Bank Balance of $6,682 and GIC worth $16,440.(in minutes book).
 According to his records the Club has 162 paid up members ,the figure of 190 as previously stated by the former membership chair was incorrect and he added that in September tighter controls and more diligence should be applied.
Motion to accept Treasurer's Report made by P.Sebesta, seconded by P.Tomlinson.  All in favour. Carried.
Manager's Report presented by G. Bortolussi as follows- no Thursday games in July and August, 3 stat weeks in July, Thursday games in June had 3 and4 tables.  Will be looking into putting names and numbers on the bridgemates, F. Gaudino to be asked for imput ,G.DeProphetis and F.Coull to assist with gathering and compiling information.
Membership  -no report
Old Business  - none
New Business:
Comments regarding the AGM-  P. Sebesta liked the 2 sides,open and 499ers.  General comments made by others-good food,good lighting,good venue.
An investigation of future compensation for convenors of the AGM and Christmas luncheon is to be put on the agenda for the next Board Meeting.
Election of officers:
for President- Fraser Coull nominated by G. DeProphetis, seconded by P.Sebesta.  All in favour. Elected.
for Vice President-  Bill Creighton nominated by P.Tomlinson, seconded by P. Sebesta.  All in favour.  Elected.
for Treasurer- Gabe De Prophetis nominated by P. Tomlinson,seconded by J. Hatcher. All in favour. Elected.
For Secretary- Pauline Tomlinson nominated by Gabe DeProphetis, seconded by J Hatcher. All in favour.  Elected.
Committee Chairs;
Ethics-Judy Hatcher
Membership -Stan Polowski
Charities 2015 season:
Underground gym $100 this year,Sept. to Dec; Hospice Northwest $100 Dec to May; Shelter  House $400 ,Set. to Dec; Salvation Army Soup Van $100 Dec. to May.Total of $700 over the year.
Assignment of duties:
Membership Drive and Membership Game-S. Polowski, Sept.28
Helen Shields- P.Sebesta and S. Polowski, October tba
Christmas Luncheon- M.Reinikka, F. Coull,Dec.7
Christmas Evening Party- B.Creighton, A.Colosimo, P. Tomlinson. Dec.15
Champagne Pairs- F. Gaudino, J.Hatcher, Dec.31
AGM- F. Coull, F. Gaudino, May 9
Club Manager to look after these, club to give her dates of functions such as the Christmas luncheon.
New Directors :
Club Manager stated that at present we have 4 directors and they work well together. Director workshops are held at National Tournaments, 2 day workshop followed by an exam. It's a hard course to do independently, guidance needed.
Dealing Machine update:
By  June 14th F.Gaudino will be submitting to the relevant parties our application for receiving 50% of the cost of the dealing machine.
Meeting adjourned at 12:45


Meeting held at Old Fort William Historical Park and called to order at 11:05 by President Fraser Coull.

A moment of silence was held to mark the passing  during the past year of the following members-  Robert Geddes, Wendy Jones, Frank Levanto, Jean Morrison.

Delores Mechtab was recognized  for her recently received City of Thunder Bay Award.   

Minutes of the AGM held  on May 12, 2014 were read by Secretary Pauline Tomlinson. There was one correction to be made- Don Cattani should have been noted in the list of members assisting with the the Program of Bridge Lessons  . "Motion to accept the Minutes as amended" made by Stan Polowski, seconded by Denis Parsons.  All in favour.  Carried. 

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Gabe DeProphetis presented the following report for the year ended December 31st  -Revenue $45,614., Expenses $46,241.,Net Loss $627.,Surplus beginning of the year $21,189.,Surplus end of year $20,562. An itemized report which showed comparative figures for both 2013 and 2014 was distributed prior to the commencement of the meeting. "Motion to accept the financial report"  made by Paul Sebesta ,seconded by Bill Creighton.  All in favour. Carried.  (Copy of Report in Minutes Book)
Unit Report:  Unit President Francis Gaudino stated that the Unit qualifies for grass roots pairs events in June,July and August (red points given),and this leads to the District in October (gold points) and red/gold points in January. The Unit would like to support the club in its possible purchase of a dealing machine  and necessary supplies. The Sectional Tournament made money.The Regional Tournament ,paired with Barrie, will be held September 15 th to 20th  at the Italian Hall and there will be gold rush pairs.
Motion made by Ken Cressman, seconded by Gabe Deprophetis that "the Club write a letter to the ACBL stating that our Club supports /recommends having Francis Gaudino  serve as Director at our local SectionalTournaments".  Discussion followed. Chris Moss asked that our isolated  location be stressed. Ken Cressman  mentioned the added  cost for transportation  to bring in a Director from Southern Ontario. All were in favour of the motion.  Carried.
President's Report:
President expressed his thanks to Board members and to Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi  for their work during the past year.  Announced that Don Domansky and David McLellan will be offering a course on Roman 2 Diamond Bids, at 6pm Tuesday nights, end of May or early June.  Tim McCormack will try to implement a course of lessons similar to  the previous one.
Announcement of winners and trophy presentations:  Helen Sheilds-  Ross Cody and David McLellan;  Vince Scarcello- Ted Landry and Jim Elliot;  Mini Vince Scarcello- Debbie Leroux and Brenda Moulson.  The issue of some  table rudeness has been raised and should be addressed by calling the Director at the time of occurrence.
Nominating Committee Report:
Presented by Chairman Stan Polowski  who introduced the 6 nominees (Fraser Coull, Gabe DeProphetis, Tracey Fuhr, Henry Danielewski, Lorelle Stein and Pauline Tomlinson) he and committee members Marianne Kortes and Frank Barca were proposing for election for 3 year terms as Board members. Being no further nominations Ken Cressman moved,seconded by Denis Parsons, that "nominations be closed".  All in favour.  Carried.
Ballots were distributed. Announcement will be  made after lunch  and before beginning of playing session in order for ballots to be counted.
New Business:
The accumulation of 30plus years of financial materials was discussed earlier at  Board Meeting of May 5th.  Motion made by Stan Polowski and seconded by  Pauline Tomlinson that "All  financial materials prior to the last 7 years be destroyed".  Discussion- Susan MacRae noted that during an audit at the Oliver Road Rec Center, the past 10 years of financial records were required. Gabe DeProphetis explained that there was a difference in the type of organization being considered.  Motion passed with one vote against. Carried.
Marj Bloom asked that the following be put on the agenda for the next meeting- Executive to approach experienced,long standing members to encourage them to take the Directors Course; an instructor to be brought in for a weekend course.
Discussion on the purchase of a dealing machine and supplies associated with the machine:
Outline given that , for a time, the ACBL is providing a grant of 50% towards the cost (clubs must apply). The Unit is prepared to contribute $1000. and Rolly Laframboise's business company has offered $500 towards the cost. The Club's contribution would be approximately $2,500 to $3,000. Discussion followed with positive, supportive comments being made by several members- Francis Gaudino, Mary Henderson, Don Cattani, Diane McCandless, Ken Cressman,Judy Foulds.  Motion made by Judy Foulds and seconded by Sue Cressman that  "the Board be authorized to proceed immediately ,subject to receiving the ACBL subsidy, to purchase the dealing machine and associated supplies".  All in favour.  Carried.
Glen Harmer requested that  the opening lead be put into the Bridgemates data. President will speak to directors.
Meeting adjourned at 1 o'clock with election results to follow lunch.
Election results read out by Stan Polowski -  Pauline Tomlinson, Gabe DeProphetis, Fraser Coull.
Thanks extended to his committee  members Marianne Kortes and Frank Barca
Motion made by Denis Parsons and seconded by Lil Boreski that  "the election ballots be destroyed"  All in favour.  Carried.
May 4, 2015 meeting held at 55+ Center, River Street, called to order at 12:15 by President Fraser Coull
Purpose to finalize plans for the AGM May 11th
Present: Archie Colosimo,Judy Hatcher, Stan Polowski, Marsha Reinikka,Gabe Deprophetis, Pauline Tomlinson
Review of list of members deceased during 2014
Nominating committee chair Stan Polowski reported that he will be finalizing his list of nominees to the board and will prepare ballots.
Linda and Dave Parsons will be invited to the AGM as guests of the Club.
President raised the possibilty of the Club purchasing (with possible outside assistance from the ACBL and the Unit) a Bridge Dealer Machine and related equipment.This will be presented to the membership at the AGM.
Treasurer Gabe DeProphetis raised the matter of the accumulation of approximately 30 years of financial records.  Motion made by Stan Polowski and seconded by Pauline Tomlinson that "all financial materials  prior to the last 7 years be destroyed."  All in favour.  Carried.
Meeting adjourned 12:35






Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club Meeting

Monday February 9, 2015


Present:  Fraser Coull, Armand Colosimo, Gabe DeProphetis, Gloria Bortolussi,

               Marsha Reinikka, Judy Hatcher, Bill Creighton, Stan Polowski


Meeting was called to order by chair Fraser Coull @ 11:05. The agenda was motioned by Gabe DeProphetis & Marsha Reinikka & carried. Fraser welcomed Judy Hatcher to the Board.


Stan Polowski, acting secretary, read the minutes of the last meeting.


Motion: A motion to adopt the minutes of the last meeting by Armand Colosimo & Judy

Hatcher. Carried.


The amendment to the Bylaw 5.4 was not voted upon during the Helen Shields event.




Treasurer: Gabe DeProphetis handed out information ( attached in official minutes). Several events were subsidized by the club. Helen Shields - $305, Christmas Luncheon

$704, Christmas Party - $675 & Champagne Pairs - $760. A $5000 GIC was cashed & the 2014 balance was $627 in bank & $20,562 in GIC's. As of February 9, 2015, there is $5473 in GIC's cashed & $16,332 in the bank.


Manager: Gloria Bortolussi reported that there is no longer Wednesday afternoon games, as they are not sanctioned. Each Wednesday evening there will be two Swiss team Games. The first would be handicapped & the second Rookie / Masters. A rookie / master game will be held in March. Bidding boxes have been cleaned & there are new cards being used. An update of the current policies is needed. Chairpersons are requested to follow guidelines listed, & to book the dates required through Rosie at the K of C hall. There were several concerns of playing directors resulting in slow play. This was not deemed a serious issue by board Members.


Membership: With the loss of John Van Sickle as the membership chair, Stan Polowski has assumed that duty. There are approximately 190 paid members in 2015.


Ethics: In lieu of an ethic chair, Fraser & Gabe dealt with a letter.


Old Business: A change to bylaw 5.4 was not dealt with at the Helen Shields event, due to a lack of a quorum. It will be dealt with on the second Tuesday in March, at the evening session. Fraser will ensure protocol is followed.

New Business: Motion by Armand Colsimo & Marsha Reinikka was passed to name Judy Hatcher as the ethics chair. Motion by Gabe DeProphetis & Bill Creighton to increase the Manager Honorarium to $125, retroactive to October 1, 2104. Carried.

Unit 228 is no longer involved with the Travel Fund. Some discussion led to the following motion. Motion by Gabe DeProphetis & Bill Creighton to allocate the money from the Travel Fund money from Unit 228 be used for the fall regional in 2015. Carried


Meeting held at the 55+ Center and called to order at 11 am by President F. Coull
All Board members present.  F. Gaudino representing Club Manager G. Bortolussi
Motion to adopt the agenda made by G. DePhrophetis,seconded by B. Creighton.  All in favour. Carried.
MInutes of June 11th,2014 meeting read by Secretary P. Tomlinson.  Motion to adopt minutes made by P. Sebesta,seconded by S. Polowski. All in favour. Carried.
No business arising from Minutes.
Club Manager- Report presented by F. Gaudino
     Several members have submitted complaints regarding fragrances and personal hygiene issues  present during game playing. Suggestion to make several policy changes -when participation causes a game not to be held ,director will not be paid ( One of the Wednesday/Thursday afternoon games should be eliminated); Directors to be allowed to play while directing,but on Mondays and Tuesdays have 2 directors(one being the official paid director  and the 2nd being a designated non paid assistant),Board to consider changing Policy of January 24th ,2014; Policy should be amended to read that directors post results directly after a game. Board to consider a pay increase for the position of Club Manager due to increased work load. The Unit is recommending the Travel Fund be abolished and advises Board to decide on another way for Board to subsidize members traveling to major tournaments.
Financial- presented by Treasurer G. DeProphetis
     Report for  nine months ended September 30,2014: Last week 6 new tables were purchased at $50. per table.No contribution to Travel Fund because it was already at $4000. Net income for period was $2,076.and cash and investments end of period was $23,265.(full report in Minutes Book).  Report for October 6th: Balance as of today of $1,783. and GICs worth $21,354.(full report in Minutes Book).
Motion to accept Treasurer's Report  made by B. Creighton, seconded by M.Reinikka.  All in favour.  Carried.
Membership-presented by Chair J.Van Sickle
     189 paid last year,96 paid so far with membership sales started last week
Helen Shields -presented by convener  P.Sebesta 
     Event to be held October 22nd at K.of C Hall, 5:30 bar opens,6pm dinner, 7pm Game which is a Stratified National Event. Food is beef on a bun and salad, cost is $10.and this includes a free game. Club will be paying for fruit,pastries and special meals, projected subsidy by club of approx $300. S.Polowski is assisting and sign up lists are being circulated.

Old Business: none
New Business:
Motion made by M.Reinikka,seconded by P, Sebesta "to strike Point 5.4 from the bylaws subject to approval of the membership at the Helen Shields Dinner of October 22nd".  All in favour.  Carried.
President will meet with Club Manager re. wage increase.
Travel Fund discussion held and matter deferred until the Unit's meeting.
Motion made by G. DeProphetis,seconded by A.Colosimo that "The Board match the Unit's $500. contribution to Bridge Lessons ".  all in favour.  Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 12:55
Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club board meeting June 9, 2014
Meeting held at the 55 Plus Center and called to order at 11am by President F. Coull.
President extended a welcome to new members Marsha Reinikka and Paul Sebesta and voiced appreciation to Archie Colosimo for standing for re -election.
Present:  G. De Prophetis, B. Creighton, S .Polowski, A. Colosimo, P. Sebesta, M. Reinikka, P. Tomlinson, Club Manager G. Bortolussi.
Absent with regrets: J. Van Sickle
Adoption of Agenda- motion made by A. Colosimo, seconded by S, Polowski.   Carried.
Minutes of Meeting of February 3rd read by Secretary P. Tomlinson.  One correction made by G. De Prophetis  in the Treasurer's report as follows:  Treasurer did a 5 year comparison and found that year ending in  2013 was comparable to 2010 not 2011 as previously noted.  Motion to adopt the minutes as corrected was made by G.De Prophetis, seconded by A. Colosimo.  Carried.
Business Arising from the Minutes-  P. Sebesta  made reference to the low membership number.  F. Coull  gave assurance that it is presently stands between 190 - 200.
Treasurer Gabe De Prophetis presented a financial report for 3 months ended March 31 - net income for the period being $465, cash and investments end of period being $21,654.  Also presented was  a report for today June 9th- Bank balance of $1,841. GICs balance of $21,242. (Copies  of full reports in Minutes Book)
Club Manager -Gloria Bortolussi,no report
Membership-John Van Sickle,no report
Old Business- mention made by President that  though the  issue of time clocks had been raised at the AGM. , there appears to be no need to pursue the matter.
AGM- general feeling of overall satisfaction
Election of Officers:
    President-  Fraser Coull proposed by S. Polowski.  Acclaimed
    Vice President-  Bill Creighton, proposed by G. De Prophetis. Acclaimed
    Secretary- Pauline Tomlinson, proposed by S. Polowski. Acclaimed
    Treasurer-  Gabe De Prophetis, proposed by P. Tomlinson, Acclaimed
Review of Club ByLaws to be discussed at September meeting.

Charities for the 2014 season chosen as follows-- annual donation of $400 to Shelter House, Meals on Wheels, Blessings in a Back Pack, Alzheimers Society of Thunder Bay, ( the Underground Gym to be given 1st consideration next year)
Upcoming Events and conveners:
       October 22nd-  HelenShields, KC Hall, evening game, beef on a bun meal  ---P. Sebesta and S. Polowski
       December 8th- Christmas Luncheon and game, Victoria Inn   ---F.Coull, M. Reinikka
       December 16th- Christmas Evening game and Party, KC Hall   ---B. Creighton, A. Colosimo. P. Tomlinson
       December 31st- Champagne Pairs- KC Hall, noon, ---M. Reinikka, J. Van Sickle
Wednesday and Thursday Games-   In the Summer (July and August) afternoon games will be cancelled, there will be  2  evening Swiss Team Games per month,one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. In the Fall, games will be held Monday afternoons at the 55 plus center, Tuesday evenings at the KC Hall, Thursday evenings regular games  at the KC Hall, on Wednesday evenings at KC Hall there will be 2 Swiss Team Games with the other 2 evenings to be be filled with something interesting to be decided later.
A modification of the Travel Fund Application form was noted by the President.
S. Polowski stated that antiseptic  wipes are being used on the Bridge Mates.
Meeting Adjourned 12:43pm



Meeting held at Old Fort William Historical Park and called to order at 11:20 by President Fraser Coull.
A moment of silence was observed to mark the passing of the following members this year -  Patricia Barber, Ron Uvanile,  David Nattress, John Sihvonen.
Minutes of the AGM May 13,2013 read by Secretary Pauline Tomlinson. Motion to adopt the Minutes made by Bill Creighton, seconded by Marj Elliot.  All in favour.  Carried.
Treasurer's Report presented by Treasurer Gabe DeProphetis.  Total revenue of $44,269, expenses totaled $5,352 resulting in a net loss of $1083. There were 2 non-budgeted expenses: $446 for Development  (the Bridge Lessons) and a $1328 subsidy for the the Regional Tournament. End of year surplus of $21,189 consisting of cash and GICs.
There being no questions it was moved by Denis Parsons and seconded by John Van Sickle that " the Treasurer's report be accepted".  All in favour. Carried.
Copy of Report in Minutes Book.
Unit Report given by Francis Gaudino on behalf of Unit President Larry Hansen. Thanks were expressed for the Club's contribution to the Regional Tournament  and to Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi and the Executive for supporting the grass roots games- the North American Pairs and the Grand National Teams. Mention made that many ACBL Tournaments are adopting a "Scent Free" Policy.
President's Report: President Fraser Coull expressed his feeling that we have a great club which this year was engaged in interesting undertakings such as the Regional Tournament.  Tim McCormack's bridge lessons were well received with 70 to 80 participants.  Guy Coutanche and Susan and Ken Cressman ably assisted with the program. He praised the people who are partnering with players having not as many master points.
Nominating Committee Report: given by Chairman Stan Polowski.  Nominees included Archie Colosimo, Paul Sebesta, Marsha Reinikka. There being no nominations from the floor the 3 were acclaimed, each for a 3 year term.
The President thanked outgoing members Mary Henderson and Bobbi Coffey who together organized the Champagne Pairs Social during their  tenure and  Mary Henderson  also for her role as Chairman of the Ethics Committee.
Announcement of winners and trophy presentation made to the following: Bev and John Stephens---the Mini Vince  Scarcello;  Karen Arblaster and Guy Coutanche---the Vince Scarcello;  Ross Cody and Dave McLellan---the Helen Sheilds Open Pairs.
The following diverse questions/issues were raised:
Glen Harmer asked if the venue could be changed for next year's Sectional.  Francis Gaudino answered that this is a Unit  matter.
John VanSickle asked if the Developmental Bridge lessons would continue.  Tim McCormack not in attendance thus no answer. President stated that Club would give the same support as in the past. John asked if the club had ever brought in a  well known bridge player as a guest speaker and was told it had not. He also asked if Club had considered giving a free game for LU or the College students with a view to gaining new members. Denis Parsons replied that he and Larry Hansen had made overtures in the past and had found no  bridge club interest at these institutions.
Leslie Allison asked "what is the Unit".  Francis Gaudino provided the information/explanation.
Stan Polowski addressed the need for people to refrain from discussing hands until the round is completed.
Michael Conway noted that players should refrain from putting cards away until score or result has been agreed upon.
Judy Hatcher asked that new players not be rushed.
Marion Bovay spoke of the recent success achieved by Don Domansky and Dave McLellan at the Canadian Team Championships (A Division).  In the semi finals they lost by only 13 points to the team that went on to win the Championship.
The matter of considering the acquisition of a Timeclock was raised by Ken Johnson and various opinions were expressed.  Ken mentioned a free program for the computers,Glen Harmer added that an old laptop could be used.  Gloria Bortolussi cautioned that it would be necessary for directors to assign penalties consistently for late play and she wondered if this was what was wanted.
Sharon Merits  commented on the kind and intelligent leadership of the President and this was followed by a round of applause.
Meeting adjourned at 12:05
Meeting called to order at 11:05 by President Fraser Coull who extended congratulations to the Board for a successful year highlighted by the Regional Tournament, the well attended functions,and the Unit/Club sponsored lessons which resulted in gaining new members.
Present: S.Polowski, B.Creighton, J.Van Sickle, M.Henderson, G.DeProphetis, A.Colosimo, B.Coffey, F.Coull, P.Tomlinson, Club Manager G.Bortolussi
Minutes of Sept. 16th read by Secretary P. Tomlinson. Motion  "to adopt minutes as read" made by B.Creighton,seconded by B.Cofffey.  All in favour . Carried.
G.DeProphetis reported that 4 new bridge tables had been purchased.
F.Coull stated that a meeting will be held prior to the AGM to address last year's concerns with a view to improving the AGM.
Club Manager Gloria Bortolussi stated that Monday games are on track,earlier difficulties overcome. All cards have been replaced,bidding boxes next project.  Schedule for 2014 must be done today in order for CM to apply for sanctions. The matter of  caddies at  Swiss Team Games was addressed. Caddies should be Directors who are in training to direct Swiss Team Games. Subsequently ,motion made by G. De Prophetis,seconded by B.Creighton-"when a Swiss Team director is assisted by another director acting as caddy and training to direct Swiss Team Games they  (the caddy)should be paid $25.00".  All in favour.  Carried.
Ethics: Chair Mary Henderson pleased with nothing to report
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Gabe DeProphetis presented copies of Statement of Operation for the year ending Dec. 31,2013. There was a net loss of  $1,083.  Cash and investments end of year-$21,189. (copy in Minutes Book).  Treasurer did a 5 year comparison and found that year ending in 2013  was comparable to 2011. Report  for today's  position given: Balance of $305. and GICs worth $21.131. (copy in Minutes Book)  
Membership: Chair John Van Sickle  stated that membership stands at 165,but expects this to  be resolved by mid March bringing the number up to 190.
Dates for upcoming events:
Sleeping Giant Sectional Tournament---April 25th to 27th.
Helen Shields Rookie/ Master Game---April 28th,evening game at KC Hall.  (Monday afternoon game at 55+ Center to be cancelled).
Vince Scarcello---2 sessions,June 10th and 17th.
Membership Game---Sept.29th, 55+ Center.
Helen Shields Dinner and Evening Bridge---October 22nd.
Christmas Luncheon---Dec. 8th.
Christmas Evening Party---Dec.16th
Champagne Pairs---Dec.31st.
Event convenors to  be established after the AGM
Special Pairs Game-(Rookie/Master with Rookie having under 200 points) evening game, March 2oth.  S.Powlowski volunteered to create interest for event.
Percentages now appearing on Bridge Mates for regular games.
Meeting adjourned at 12:40



Meeting held at the 55+ Center,River Street and called to order at 11am by President Fraser Coull.

Present:  B. Creighton, G. DeProphetis, M.Henderson,B. Coffey,T.Kawahara,P.Sebesta,Club Manager G.Bortolussi.
Regrets:  A.Colosimo, P. Tomlinson.  (M. Henderson assumed Secretary's duties)
Minutes of the previous meeting of May 28 read by F. Coull.  Motion to adopt the minutes made by P.Sebesta and seconded by B.Coffey.  All in favour.  Carried.
Business arising from the previous meeting:  the Flood Relief fund will receive $500.oo instead of the Salvation Army.  T. Kawahara corrected the number of members from 200 to 199.

Club Manager:  G. Bortolussi stated that the Wed. and Thurs. afternoon bridge had declining attendance.  She suggested that a committee be formed to learn the mechanics of the Bridgemates and would approach a member who understands them.

Ethics:  M. Henderson had no report.

Treasurer:  G. DeProphetis read his report for Sept.17th and his financial report for 6months ended June 30 and for the 9 months ending Sept.30,2012.  Accepted.  Copies of reports included in Minutes Book.

Membership: T.Kawahara reported that the drive for members will take place Sept.24 and Sept.25.

New Business:  F.Coull suggested that the Helen Shields Game be held on the evening of Wed.October 24th due to parking problems.  Motion made by B. Coffey and seconded by G.DeProphetis that the Helen Shields tournament be held at 6pm on October 24th.  All in favour.  Carried.  Food to be Beef on a Bun,cost to be determined.

Bridgemates:  It was suggested that we ask someone to work with us on the Bridgemates.  Gloria offered to approach this person about this and ask him how much of an honorarium was feasible.  It was suggested that Joe Steel give another tutorial on the Bridgemates with hands on.

Special Games:  We discussed the Wed. and Thurs. games and trying 2 Wed. afternoon and 2 Wed. night games and 2 Thurs. afternoon and 2 Thurs. night games.  We could have team or pair games. On will be the 1st and 3rd at night,on will be the 2nd and 4th at night.  The KC Hall will be approached regarding availability.  This change will occur in 2013.  P.Sebesta made a motion that we proceed with the above,seconded by B.Creighton.  All in favour.  Carried.

Promoting Bridge to attract members:  P. Sebesta suggested that we put a notice in the local paper advertising the bridge club and he offered to look after this .

Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm


Meeting held at 55+ Center,River Street , called to order at 11 am by President Fraser Coull.

Present: B.Creighton,G.DeProphetis,M. Henderson,B.Coffey,P. Tomlinson,Club Manager G.Bortolussi.
Regrets: A.Colosimo,P.Sebesta,T.Kawahara.

AGENDA :Motion made by G.DeProphetis,seconded by B. Creighton to adopt the agenda.  All in favour. Carried.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS of Feb. 6 and April 23 read by P. Tomlinson.  Motion to adopt these minutes made by B. Coffey, seconded by G. De Prophetis. All in favour.  Carried.

BUSINESS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MEETINGS:  G. Bortolussi reported that a new coffee machine has been purchased and will soon be in operation at the K.of C. Hall.

CLUB MANAGER: G. Bortolussi  spoke on the club supported charities.  April is called Junior Fund Month and September is International Fund Month, from specific games the club sends a portion of the attendance fees to the ACBL. Four local charities are supported each year,$400. to Shelter House and $100. to 3 other ones.
The matter of the false alarm at the K.of C. Hall  before the Champagne Pairs was pursued and the fine turned out to be $96. not the  previously reported amount.
Denis Parsons will be approached to assume the duty  of keeping up the operation of the Bridge Mates.
The question of the 18 table business was addressed-  Monday games are problematic for   the directors and that is why the matter was taken up by the Board. 
ETHICS: M.Henderson.  No report required.
TREASURER: G.De Prophetis stated that there has been an increase of $1850 to date, Balance of $8,367. and GICs stand at $20,681.(Full report in Minutes Book)
MEMBERSHIP: F. Coull reported for T. Kawahara that to date the club has 200 members.

Election of Officers:
     For the office of President-  Fraser Coull , nominated by P. Tomlinson ,seconded by B. Coffey. All in favour. Declared.
     For the office of Vice President- Paul Sebesta,  nominated by B. Creighton,seconded by P. Tomlinson.  All in favour. Declared.
     For the office of Treasurer-  Gabe De Prophetis,  nominated by Mary Henderson, seconded by B. Coffey.  All in favour. Declared.
     For the office of Secretary-  Pauline Tomlinson, nominated by M. Henderson, seconded by B. Coffey.  All in favour.  Declared.

An honorarium in the form of a $100. gift certificate for the Valhalla Inn will be given to John Barber for his accounting assistance to the Club.  G. DeProphetis to arrange.

Conveners for Annual Events:
     Membership Games-  September 24th at 55+ Center and September 25th at K.of C. Hall  -F.Coull and T. Kawahara.
     Helen Shields Luncheon- October 24th at K.of C. Hall- P. Sebesta, A. Colosimo to be asked.
     Club Christmas Luncheon- Dec.3rd- F.Coull,T. Kawahara,(K. Arblaster to assist),possible venue Victoria Inn.
     Club Christmas  Evening Party-Dec.11th at K.of.C.Hall -B. Creighton, P. Tomlinson ( F.Coull to get liscence and bartender ) drinks at 6:30,snacks mid evening.
     Champagne Pairs- Dec. 31st at K.of C. Hall-  M.Henderson, B.Coffey (F. Gaudino to assist)

Selection of Charities:
In the last year May to May, $400. given to Shelter House. Jan to Dec 2012 donations allocated to Dew Drop Inn,Underground Gym and St. Vincent De Paul(this one from 2011).We need Shelter House and 3 more to bring to the AGM next year. Board agreed these would be Salvation Army Mobile Soup Kitchen,Faye Peterson House and CNIB special Childrens' Program(the last 2 would be carried over). Thus this year from Jan to Dec 2012 the charities actually receiving funds will be Shelter House,Dew Drop Inn,Underground Gym,Salvation Army Mobile soup Kitchen.

Bridgemate Scoring:
The following  directive to be given by President Coull to the game directors-  "Unless there is a special game,bridgemates will be set up to show scores,percentages and results".  Board in full agreement.

Summer Bridge Games: Starting week of June 18, Wednesday and Thursday games to be cancelled. Wednesday team games to be held in July and August.

Special Games:
P. Sebesta raised the idea of Saturday games, a 299er game or some other event to stir interest.

F. Coull stated that he had received good reports  and feed back on the AGM.

Meeting adjourned 12:45


Meeting held at Old Fort William,called to order at 11:10 am by President Fraser Coull.

Agenda: moved by Paul Satinder and seconded by Lorraine Burton that "the proposed agenda be adopted". All in favour.  Carried.

A moment of silence was held  to remember members lost during the past year - Shirley Douglas-Menuz,  Marion Kent,  Claudette Magne,  David Shepherd.

Minutes of AGM. May 9th,2011 read by Secretary Pauline Tomlinson. There being no errors or ommissions it was moved by Ted Mayes and seconded by Archie Colosimo that "the minutes be adopted ".  All in favour. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes - none.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Gabe De Prophetis noted that copies of the Report had been distributed prior to the meeting.  He highlighted  that a profit exists of approximately $3,200. Cash and investments at the end of the year totaled $24,419.
Adela Mitchelson asked what was covered in the Honorarium category to which the Treasurer replied- Club Manager receives $100. per month,directors receive $20. for sectionals, Treasurer plays for free, Tim McCormack for web site assistance receives one free game per month.
Chris Moss asked about the  charity disbursements and was informed that each year $400. is given to Shelter House and 3 other charities receive $100. Deceased members are remembered with a $25. memorial donation made to a charity of the family's choice.  Francis Gaudino added that" the Club can hold as many charity games as it likes with every second one being designated a local charity.  The odd numbered charity games are held with funds designated to the CFB Charity Fund.  For each of these games the club sends $4. per table to the CFB.. This money comes back almost tenfold when the CFB zone director designates charities in his or her zone to receive this funding.  Yearly donations can be seen on the CFB web site for those who care to check."
It was moved by Denis Parsons and seconded by Delina Hay that "the Treasurer's Report be adopted". All in favour.  Carried.

Unit Report:  President  Larry Hansen thanked Norine Carroll and Janet Lundberg  for their many efforts  contributing to the sucess of the Sectional. More people attended than the previous year and a profit of approximately $2000. was realized. He thanked the Club for the co-operation given to the Unit and offered his congratulations on the Club's  AGM.

President's Report:  Fraser Coull named the current Board Members and expressed his thanks for their dedication. Also thanked were the Game Directors for their participation in a teleconferencing session with Joe Steele dealing with the operation of the Bridgemates. Fraser stated that Tim McCormack has done  a great job on the web site (this was greeted with applause); the number of hits has steadily increased.  Appreciation was also extended to the individuals who have contributed articles and hands to the web site. A mentoring program was begun by Sharon Merits,Tracey Fuhr and Fraser;it will be expanded in the future. JIm Hobson    has a number of students who might be interested in playing bridge  and will try for a program like this.

Awards: Vince Scarcello-  Karen Arblaster and Guy Coutanche (2nd consecutive year)
              Mini Vince Scarcello-  Tony Tarsitano and June Baker  (2nd consecutive year)

Nominating Committee Report: Presented by  Chairman Paul Sebesta.  Committee members included Betty Dunn, Lynette Oja,Mary Henderson. Three names were presented- Fraser Coull , Gabe DeProphetis ,  PaulineTomlinson.  Nominations from the floor were called for three times.  There being no further nominations  the three individuals were declared elected to the Board for another 3 year term.

Suggestions made by Don Cattani-  Mentoring at 11am on Mondays before game;  Wednesday and Thursday nights for Stat Week. Reply made by Sharon Merits that a mentor must have time to discuss a board and can't do this if playing with mentoree during a game.   Francis Gaudino stated that for Stat games the Club can only schedule  what we are sanctioned for , our club sanction gives the 4 dates.
Chris Moss asked if ,in the future,  upcoming events could be listed on the reverse side of the printed monthly calender.

No further business and meeting adjourned at 11:40 am

Thunder Bay Duplicate Bridge Club-  Minutes of special meeting held April 23, 2012  at 55+ Center,River Street

Meeting called to order at  12:35 by President F. Coull

Present: T. Kawahara, A. Colosimo, P. Sebesta, B. Creighton,G. De Prophetis,  B. Coffey,  P.Tomlinson
Absent with regrets: M. Henderson

Motion made by B. Creighton, seconded by A. Colosimo that  " John Barber be appointed to audit the Club's
Financial Statement".  All in favour.  Carried.

President to print appreciation certificates  for  our Grand Marais Minnesota members ,Warren Anderson and Larry Carlson ,who for many years have  participated  here in weekly and special games .  Presentation to be made at the upcoming sectional.

Change of venue  for AGM.  Site is Old Fort William , 11 AM, cost $20.  F. Gaudino in charge of arrangements.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45


Meeting held at 55+ Center River Street and called to order at 11:00 am by President Fraser Coull.

Present: Tom Kawahara,  Gabe De Prophetis, Archie Colosimo, Mary Henderson, Bobbi Coffey, Pauline Tomlinson, Club Manager Gloria Bortolusssi, and special guest Francis Gaudino.  Absent with regrets: Bill Creighton and Paul Sebesta.

President Coull extended his thanks to the Board  as a whole for  the work  accomplished last year.

Adoption of agenda: there being no errors or omissions,   B.Coffey moved  "that the agenda be adopted",seconded by A Colosimo.  All in favour.  Carried.

Minutes of previous meeting of September 12th,2011 read by P. Tomlinson.  There being no errors or omissions, G.Deprophetis moved "that the Minutes of September 12th be adopted as read" seconded by B.Coffey. All in favour. Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes:
G. Bortolussi reported that Betty Dunn will assume the task (formerly performed by Shirley Bean ) of sending  written messages when appropriate to our members who are ill or have suffered the loss of a life partner.
F. Coull reported sending a gift certificate to John Lamarre for web services and assistance rendered.

Club Manager:  G.Bortolussi  stated that the Wednesday night  team games have been very successful. She suggested that sufficient liquor be ordered when holding symposiums such as for the Champagne Pairs Event  where there was an insufficient supply.  Also that coffee be available whenever alcohol is served and that  Event Convenors  make the coffee if Game directors are not prepared to do this.  She will speak to Rosie at the K.C.Hall regarding the use of the security alarm system and  will also  discuss the $217.oo charge levied against the club for an alleged false alarm on Dec. 31st.  The coffee machine at the K.C. Hall needs replacing and she will investigate  and purchase new coffee making equipment.  Gloria also suggested that the board may want to consider gifting a portable defibrillator for use at the K.C.Hall, one is available at the 55+ Center, purchase price approximately $1800 to $2000.

Ethics Committee:  M. Henderson had nothing new to report.

Treasurer's Report:  G. DeProphetis reported that as of today the bank balance stands at $6,517. and the GICs are worth $20,605.  The full report is enclosed in the Minutes Book.   Gabe also noted that a copy of the Financial Report for the year ended December 31,2011 was emailed earlier to each board member.

Membership:  T. Kawahara stated that as of February 6th there are 188 paid members.  He feels that this number can be increased by approximately 24 when "snow birds" return to the City.

Old Business:   none

New Business:
T. Kawahara  proposed that  instead of revising the membership handbook he draw up a membership list which would contain only telephone numbers .  This was acceptable to the Board.
Dates set for 2012 Events:   May 14-AGM at K.C Hall,luncheon

                June 5 and 12- Vince Scarcello
                                              Sept.24- Membership Game
                                              Oct.24- Helen Shields
                                              Dec.3- Luncheon,  Dec. 11-Evening Christmas Party,  Dec.31-Champagne Pairs at K.C.Hall.
Trophies for AGM to be located and updated by F. Coull.
Mary Henderson to Chair nominating committee.
 It was moved by M. Henderson and seconded by A. Colosimo that  " Tim McCormack  be given 2 free games per month for his  work on  the web site".  All in favour.  Carried.
It was moved by M. Henderson and seconded by B. Coffey that "for Monday Senior Club Games for up to 18 tables run one game at 13-2 board rounds and for more than 18 tables directors to run 2 sections and give overalls".  All in favour.  Carried.
Bridge Mates- Motion made by G.DeProphetis and seconded by T.Kawahara that  "The club purchase 6 more Bridge Mates ,approximate cost $900."  All in favour. Carried.
President reported that the Team Games and Special Games have been well received by the membership.
As there is a surplus of approximately $3,000. plus, it was decided to to spend approximately $350.  for a new restaurant type coffeemaker for use at the K.of c. Hall.  Club Manager to make arrangements for this item.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55

MINUTES OF BOARD MEETING THUNDER BAY DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB, September 12,2011, held at 55+ Center,River Street,Thunder Bay

Meeting called to order at 11am by President Fraser Coull.
Present:  A. Colosimo,G.DeProphetis, P.Sebesta, T.Kawahara, B.Creighton, P.Tomlinson, Club Manager- G. Bortolussi.
Regrets:  M. Henderson, B.Coffey.

AGENDA:  Errors,omissions ,additions called for by President.  Additions:under New Business - add Summer Games and Policy regarding payment of Game Directors. Under Old Business - add nomination for position of Secretary.
Motion to adopt the amended agenda made by B. Creighton,seconded by A. Colosimo.  All in favour.  Carried.

MINUTES of Meeting May 30th: Omission-B. Coffey to be noted as sending regrets re. attendance.  Club Manager's report to have read "New sanction for Wednesday  games not needed."
Motion to adopt amended minutes made by P.Sebesta, seconded by T. Kawahara.  All in favour.  Carried.

Business arising from previous meeting:  none.

Membership--T. Kawahara reported that Lynnette Oja will assist him.  Memberships will be sold on the last Monday and Tuesday of September and the Club will provide cake for the membership at both venues.
Ethics--M. Henderson sent word  via the President that she had nothing to report.
Club Manager--G. Botolussi advised that  Shirley Bean wishes to no longer be responsible for sending condolence cards etc. and that a replacement should be found. The Game Directors should be informed that for computer scoring the 7.60 version should be used.Gloria stated that she has received notification from the ACBL that we can now have an upgraded Club Championship.The low attendance at Thursday afternoon games during the summer should be reviewed  and she recommended putting in place a policy re. payment of Game Directors when  games need to be cancelled due to lack of participation. 

Moved by P. Sebesta and seconded by T. Kawahara that  P. Tomlinson be appointed  Board Secretary. All in favour.  Carried.

President Coull spoke on the possibility of a future price increase for the coffee service at the 55+Center, the present annual cost being approximately $7200. Correspondence between the Center and F. Coull are included in the Minutes Book.

Special Games- President stated that Team Games appear to be very popular.  Club Manager  will check on increasing the number of sanctioned games to 24. President would like to try an "Appreciation Day" in the New Year with food and where members  participate in a nonsanctioned game   with  freely arranged partnerships playing together for 2 boards and then spliting to play with others. This will be put on the next survey  expected to be done in late December by F. Coull.   Also on next survey the possibility of cancelling Thursday afternoon games during July and August due to poor attendance.

Mentoring--Sharon Merits and Tracey Fuhr will meet with F. Coull to discuss a  possible future mentoring program.

Summer Games- It was moved by P. Sebesta and seconded by T. Kawahara that  "If a  scheduled game is cancelled due to lack of participation, a director shall be paid in full for their services".
All in favour.  Carried.

Website- Motion made by  B. Creighton, seconded by P. Tomlinson that " A $50. gift certificate be given to John Lamarre as a token of appreciation for his assistance with the new website".  All in favour.  Carried.

Next meeting late January. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

May 30, 2011

Board Room, 55+ Centre, River Street.

Meeting called to order at 11.00 a.m. by president Fraser Coull

Present: F. Coull, P. Sebesta, G. de Prophetis, B. Creighton, M. Henderson, B. Coffey, G. Bortolussi, D. Parsons, T. Kawahara, A. Colossimo

Regrets: A. Michelson, P. Tomlinson.

President, F. Coull welcomed A. Colossimo to the Board

Agenda adopted; moved P. Sebesta, seconded G. de Prophetis.

adopted; moved P. Sebesta, seconded G. de Prophetis.

Minutes to the last exec. Meeting were read by F. Coull.

to the last exec. Meeting were read by F. Coull.

Business Arising: Proposal for Past President to have vote on the Executive approved; moved P. Sebesta, seconded G. de Prophetis

: Proposal for Past President to have vote on the Executive approved; moved P. Sebesta, seconded G. de Prophetis

Suggestion for format for Helen Shields format to be changed to two sections. G . Bortolussi to send out message in July.




A. Mitchelson absent but G. Bortolussi advised nothing to report.


M. Henderson advised nothing to report

Club Manager

New section for Wednesday games not needed. Unit 228 to apply for evening game and to cancel afternoon game

Old Business

There was discussion of possible use of time clocks for club games.

The conclusion was that they are not required at present.

New Business

Charitable Donations: The following were decided after some discussion. Moved G. de Prophetis, seconded A. Clossimo

For 2011 -Fay Peterson

-Salvation Army

-Shelter House

-Boys and Girls Club (operated from the old Forest Park School)

For 2012 -Dew Drop Inn

-Underground Gym

Assignment of Duties For 2011-2012:

Membership - Membership drive at 55+ in September, 2011. T. Kawahara and F. Coull to lead.

Social Events -

-Helen Shields Luncheon (October) - P. Sebesta

-X-mas Party (Tuesday evening) - B. Creighton, and A. Colossimo

-X-mas Luncheon - T. Kawahara and F. Coull

-Champagne Pairs - B. Coffey and M. Henderson

-AGM (KC Hall) - F. Coull to arrange. Tickets - A. Michelson and I. Lougheed

2011-2012 Executive:

Positions were elected following normal procedure:

President - Fraser Coull;

Vice President - Paul Sebesta

Treasurer - Gabe de Prophetis

Meeting adjourned 12:55 p.m.


Meeting called to order at 11:00 am by President F. Coull.
Present: F.Coull, P. Sebesta, A. Mitchelson, G. De Prophetis,B. Creighton, M. Henderson, B. Coffey, P. Tomlinson, Club Manager G. Bortolussi. Regrets: D. Parsons, T. Kawahara. Web Master A. Houston invited for presentation under New Business.

P. Sebesta moved to adopt the agenda,seconded by M. Henderson .A. Mitchelson requested that under new business the addition of "percentages and scores to be put on Bridge Mates" be added. Motion to adopt new agenda made by A. Mitchelson, seconded by M. Henderson. All in favour. Carried.

Minutes of last meeting read by secretary P. Tomlinson. Motion to adopt minutes as read made by B. Creighton, seconded by B. Coffey.. All in favour. Carried.

Business Arising From Minutes: President Coull spoke to the following-
.The 55+ Center is not available on a consistent basis for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon games.
.the K.of C Hall is booked for the AGM. May 9th. Same menu as last year, cost will be $13.
.Tentative booking at Airlane Hotel for the Christmas Luncheon,December 12th. Cost of meal this year will be $18.50. (cost last year was $13.50 due to complimentary adjustment of $5.00)
.Prices for clocks estimated at $350. to $400.and two would be need for each venue.President 's opinion that onus should be put on directors to keep the game moving. Discussion held on clock/time issue. Decision reached to defer the matter .

Treasurer: G. De Prophetis stated that he had sent every board member an email statement the end of March. (Copy in Minutes Book).  Membership: A. Mitchelson reported that to date, paid memberships stand at 205.
Ethics: M. Henderson stated that no report was warranted.
Club Manager: G. Bortolussi reported that all bidding boxes have been washed and new bidding cards inserted in boxes for both sites. Boxes of new cards will be left at each site.

Old Business:
covered previously

New Business:
. Web Master A.Houstoun spoke regarding the proposal for the Club's new website. He stated that the issue of privacy is important and recommended having a person sign and date their submissions. Thanked by President and excused.
.P.Sebesta moved,seconded by B. Coffey,"to accept the proposal as presented by the new website team". All in favour. Carried. (Proposal inserted in Minutes Book)
..AGM will be held on May 9th at the K.of C. Hall. A. Mitchelson and I. Lougheed will be at ticket table.Meeting from 11:00 to 12:00 noon followed by lunch, estimated cost of approx $16., bridge to follow, bar open from 11:30 to 1:30. A.Mitchelson to ask D. Hay to print tickets.
.P.Sebesta moved that "the position of Past President of the Board be one of a voting member and that this motion be posted at both venues for membership to discuss and also that this motion be put on the AGM agenda." Seconded by B. Coffey. All in favour. Carried.
.Games: Helen Shields Rookie/Master Game needs to be promoted. Team games have been very successful,14 tables for the last one. Club Manager to look into application for sanctions to change the sanction.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm.