Unit 228 AGM Pat Courtis

Sunday 8 November 2015

1030 am Columbus Centre



Francis Gaudino called the meeting to order and stated it was nice to see 50 attendees.


An invite went out to Dick & Helen of the Courtis family; unfortunately neither were able to attend.


A Moment of Silence was observed for those who had passed away in the last year:  Linda Parsons; Phyllis Stinson; John Hitchman


Last year’s Minutes were read by Francis; Move to accept Minutes by Denis Parsons, seconded by Sharon Merits; Carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Marj Elliott stated we have a Balance of $5595 as per the Unaudited Balance Sheet provided; Harvey Loewen reviewed the Financial Statement provided; our May Sectional provided $440 net profit; our Split Regional in September incurred a net loss of $3800, due to the exchange on U.S. funds; Move to accept Report by Marj, seconded by Lois Lagadin, Carried.


Trophies awarded:

NAP                            Steve Russo & Tim Toderash

GNT                            Roland Laframboise, Ross Cody, David McLellan Mel Johnsen

Pat Courtis                Judy Loewen & Tom Kawahara

Don Henry                Don Domansky & David McLellan ..?

Helen Shields Overall at Sectional          Roland Laframboise ..?

New Life Masters     Fraser Coull, Gabe DeProphetis


New Business:


The 2016 Sectional will probably be held at the Oliver Road Rec the last weekend of April (29th,30th May 1st).  Fraser Coull suggested Francis direct the Sectional, and will send a letter on behalf of the Club.


Don Cattani suggested the Tuesday night game have a 50/50 draw and the funds be used towards the next Regional; he is to bring his suggestion to the Club board.


Fraser congratulated Tim McCormack on the successful lessons provided; they were well done & had great participation.  Thank you to the Unit & Club for its support.  There was a surplus of funds at the end of the course so Gift Certificates were bought for the volunteers and $350 went to the Club to the Unit.


Call for Nominations for the Unit board:  Al Houston & Denis Parsons volunteered and were acclaimed; many thanks to Marj Elliott & Tracey Fuhr for their contributions.


Adjourned at 11am.


Unit 228 Meeting Tuesday 8 September 2015

530 pm Columbus Centre



Attended by:  Francis, Tracey, Marj, Marilyn, Tim, Gloria, Fraser

Regrets:         Steve


1)         Financial Report – Marj stated we have $11,415 in account less $3277.50 for Travel Fund to Club back to Unit for Regional; less $2000 towards Dealing Machine moved by Tim, seconded by Marilyn, passed


2)         Sectional Update –


3)         Trophies – Tracey sent the pics to Francis for identification


4)         Old Business – where are all the old Minutes from previous years ..?  Also Tracey suggested that Unit Minutes should stay on the website for at least two years.


5)         Thunder Bay Split Regional – Sept 15-20 @ Italian Hall (thank you Tony Tarsitano); $10,000 budget; Jim Hobson - Partnerships; hoping to break even …


6)         Webpage updates:  Split-Regional


7)         Annual Meeting – Francis to ask Jim Hobson to head our Nominating Committee and/or to ask Members to put their name forward to come on the Unit; Marilyn & Tracey said they would stay on


8)         Next meeting to be end of October.


9)         Adjourned




Unit 228 Meeting Tuesday 21 April 2015

6 pm Columbus Centre



Attended by:Tracey, Marilyn, Marj, Tim, Steve, Fraser, Gloria

Regrets:         Francis


1)         Financial Report – carried forward


2)         Sectional Update – May 1-3 Oliver Road Rec

Bev Ross to direct; Tracey asked Anne Harper to pick her up from Days Inn

all meals arranged (Friday loaves or cookies, whatever Marj makes – Saturday Agostino’s sandwiches – Sunday pizza & pop); Marilyn stillhad some supplies (candy/cups/paper dishes); hand records & photocopying done; Diane McCandless’ granddaughter to caddy; Francis will bring tables over, Fraser/Gloria will help clean them; Gloria will bring supplies & computer over; Francis will do Partnerships & will post a Notice.


3)         Stan will change batteries in BridgeMates, etc.


4)         Old Business -


5)         Trophies - Tracey will take pics & get Francis to list so they can be recorded with new names


6)         Thunder Bay Split Regional approved !!!  Deposit to Italian Hall.  Schedule will be coordinated with Barrie and in print by the Sectional; don’t know who Director will be but most likely Mike Flader – to be confirmed


7)         Webpage updates:  Sectional; Split-Regional



8)         Tim – Mentoring


9)         Annual Meeting:  Unit Executive … Marj/Tracey/Marilyn done; Tracey/Marilyn willing to stay on


            Francis & Tim have one more year to go

            Steve has two more years on


10)      Adjourned


Minutes of Unit 228 Meeting

Tuesday 17 March 2015 Columbus Centre



Attending:  Francis Gaudino/President, Tracey Fuhr/Secretary, Marj Elliot/Treasurer, Tim McCormack, Marilyn Stewart, Steve Russo, Fraser Coull


Regrets:  Gloria Bortolussi


Francis Gaudino called the pizza supper meeting to order at 5:30p


Marj Elliot gave the Treasurer’s Report; the Unit currently has $11696.18 less Travel Fund monies (approx. $3277) to be transferred to the club (which will be transferred back to the Unit to be used for the Fall Split Regional).  Also fees are still owing to the District for our last Regional, approx. $600.  It was decided that $100 gift card to Lot66 would be presented to Harvey Loewen for review of our books, with thanks for past audits.


Sleeping Giant Sectional—May 1-3, 2015 @ the Oliver Road Rec.  Hospitality = pizza, sandwiches, loaves.  There will be a Rookie game prob 0-100.  Francis to take tables over.  Unit members in attendance will help with set-up etc.; there will be no specific convener.  Marilyn still has supplies remaining from last year’s tourney.  Francis to e-mail the schedule to Tim to post on the website.


New Business

Unit Rep to Toronto District meeting:  after a call to members for names for the hat, Tracey was drawn Fri 13 March for April 3-4 meetings … future draws to take place in January to allow for more planning for the delegate.  Cheques for $150 each were written to Tracey and Francis to cover costs; Airfare will be reimbursed by the District.


Discussion to have the Annual Pat Courtis back on a Sunday in November, possibly 2 sessions.  Tim & Steve will be the co-conveners; possibly at Victoria Inn; less-expansive menu.


We are slated to have another Split Regional 16-20 September 2015:  looking for ok from Linda Lord of Barrie.  Suggestion to give out-of-towners first session free as an incentive (last Split Regional was 17-22 Sept 2013).  Francis to provide the Budget (approx. $10,000 all in). Thank you to Tony Tarsitano who was instrumental in getting us the Italian Hall on Algoma as our playing site.


Tim McCormack is running a great Education program; thinking of Wednesdays in May.


Unit Trophies to be repurposed:  Tracey will take pics and list.




Next Unit meeting – Tues 21 April 2015 - 6p KC (pre Sectional)

Minutes of Annual Unit 228 Meeting Saturday 8 November 2014 Columbus Centre


Francis Gaudino called the meeting to order at 9:10a; 30+ attended the delicious breakfast; this was a Breakfast meeting because of a lack of available facilities.  Dick Courtis was invited to represent the Courtis family but was unable to attend.  (8-1/2 tables played - 17 tables in 2013).


A Moment of Silence was held for the Members we lost in 2014:

John Sihvonen

Ron Uvanile

Jean Morrison

Wendy Jones

Evelyn Murray

Bob Geddes


Francis read last year’s Annual Meeting Minutes:

accepted by Carol Anderson, seconded by Chris Moss, passed.


Marj Elliot gave the Treasurer’s Report, copies were available on the tables; there was a substantial loss at the Sectional, mostly due to Hospitality.  Report accepted by Marj, seconded by Roland, passed.  Judi was asked if Harvey Loewen would review our books, with thanks for past audits.

Financial Position: Balance sheet as of 30 Sept 2014 - $12243 unaudited


Sleeping Giant Sectional—Many thanks to Marilyn & her team for tourney hospitality and organization.  We lost $1300.  Next Sectional to be 1-3 May 2015, Francis to book the space, prob Oliver Road Rec.  Discussion about hospitality (maybe a pot luck or members bring something)


New Business

Discussion to have the Annual Meeting back on a Sunday, possibly 2 sessions.

We are slated to have another Split Regional:  either July 2016 with London OR

Oct/Nov with Niagara  (last Split Regional was 17-22 Sept 2013)

The Unit will stop administration of the Travel Fund and give approx. $3000 to the Club; the Club will stop donations to the Unit

Tim McCormack is running a great Education program; suggestion to give some $$$ to his program




Francis Gaudino – President – acclaimed

Marilyn Stewart - acclaimed

Tracey Fuhr - Secretary

Marj Elliot - Treasurer

Tim McCormack

Steve Russo

Gloria Bortolussi – Club Manager

Fraser Coull – Club Rep

Thanks to Larry for many years of service.

Unit Trophies to be repurposed:







Past Winners:


GNT                                        14 June 2014           Ted Landry, Mike St.James, Don Cattani, Jim Hobson


Sectional                               25-27 April 2014

Fri aft Int’l Pairs                                                        Steve Russo & Jim Hobson

Fri aft Women’s Pairs                                              Sharon Merits & Marjorie Doyle

Fri eve Int’l Pairs                                                      Tim McCormack & Roland Laframboise

Fri eve 299ers                                                           Mary Dolcetti & Lynnette Oja

Don Henry Pairs 2 sessions                                  Steve Russo & Tim Toderash

Sun Open Swiss Teams                                         Susan Cressman, Ken Cressman

                                                                                    Steve Russo, Tim Toderash

Sun 299er Swiss Teams                                        Joy Warkentin, Susan Guerard

                                                                                    Julia Ready, Judy Frasca 

Overall Points Winner - Steve Russo


NAP                                        23 Nov 2013             Tracey Fuhr & Jim Elliott


CWTC                                                2 Nov 2013                Delina Hay, Gloria Bortolussi

Judi Loewen, Adela  Mitchelson


AGM Pat Courtis                  27 Oct 2013               Tim McCormack & Larry Hansen





New Life Masters

Greg Menuz

Al Houston

Jim Elliott – Bronze Life Master too

Plaques to be presented at a future date as none were in attendance

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