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THSC CLOSED on DATES BELOW due to Jewish Holidaysheart
2019 Yom Tov Closures 


Sunday 09/06/2019 SHAVUOT
Monday  10/06/2019 SHAVUOT
Sunday 29/09/2019 ROSH HASHANAH
Monday 30/09/2019 ROSH HASHANAH
Tuesday 08/10/2019 YOM KIPPUR
Wednesday 09/10/2019 YOM KIPPUR
Sunday  13/10/2019 SUKKOT
Monday 14/10/2019 SUKKOT
Sunday 20/10/2019 SHEMINI ATZERET
Monday 21/10/2019 SHEMINI ATZERET

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Welcome to Theodor Herzl Social Club

Sunday Night Bridge with a DIFFERENCE !!!




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It's not just the Bridge...
It's not just the Bridge...


that's high quality on a Thursday night as seen here by the satisfied smile of Director, Laurie Kelso in the background.


THSC is a with a big


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Tue 21st May 2019
Tuesday Duplicate BLACK
Wed 22nd May 2019
Wednesday Duplicate BLACK
12:00 noon
Thu 23rd May 2019
May Butler Pairs
Director: Laurie Kelso
Sun 26th May 2019
Sunday Workshop & Duplicate GREEN
Monday Duplicate BLACK
Sunday Workshop & Duplicate GREEN
May Butler Pairs
Director: Laurie Kelso
May Butler Pairs Overall