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Holiday Opening


Because CHRISTMAS Eve and New Year's Eve both fall on a Monday the committee have decided to play both daytime sessions

The evening sessions will be closed

Christmas Eve - Daytime session OPEN

Evening session CLOSED

Christmas Day & Boxing Day - CLOSED

Thursday 27th December - CLOSED

Friday - 28th December - OPEN

New Year's Eve - Daytime Session OPEN

Evening Session CLOSED

New Year's Day - CLOSED

2nd January 2019 - All Sessions Resume to Normal Service


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Disclaimer !
Disclaimer !

All of the information put up on this website is contributed and maintained by volunteers - if there is an occasional mistake please let one of the committee members know and we'll put it right asap 

Beginners and Improvers Christmas Program
Beginners and Improvers Christmas Program

We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for the end of term Fun Quiz (10:00am start).

The Quiz on 12th December  is designed for both Beginners and Improvers with questions loosely related to the game of bridge.  You will play in teams of four (numbers permitting) and there will be prizes for the winning team.  There will also be refreshments and, if time permits, supported play.

Visitors are welcome

The new term will start on 9th January for both Beginners and Improvers (10:00am start)

  New Beginners and New Improvers are welcome to come along

  On 9th January, Improvers will be focussing on how best to play as declarer in both NT and trump-suited hands.

The Improvers classes are ideal for more experienced players who either want to refresh their game, because bidding styles have changed - or for players who just want to ask some questions

for sure, it can't hurt your game !

For Beginners, the first class of the new year on 9th January will start with a rewind to ground zero so that any new participants can catch-up quickly, and existing participants can hone their bidding and playing skills.  In subsequent classes we plan to move on quickly.

The lessons are £4 per lesson (free if you are a first time attendee)


and for those of our members who are not celebrating Christmas
and for those of our members who are not celebrating Christmas

Happy Hannukkah

Tuesday evening
Director: Paul
Scorer: Paul
Monday Afternoon
Scorer: Danny Greenbaum
Monday Evening
Scorer: Richard Perryman