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Wednesday 10am

"You gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em"

Danny's beginners are going to learn all about points and shape - how do you tell your partner what you've got, have you got a big hand opposite their opening points or are you as weak as a kitten !

Richard's Improvers will continue to enjoy the Q&A part of his programme followed by supported play.


The lessons are upgraded now so that the big screen is fully utilised, making it easier to see the examples and follow the play - the whole experience is very 21st century !

You don't need a partner, you don't need to know anything about bridge and you don't need to be a member of Thorpe Bay Bridge Club





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Disclaimer !
Disclaimer !

All of the information put up on this website is contributed and maintained by volunteers - if there is an occasional mistake please let one of the committee members know and we'll put it right asap 

Club Competition Time !
Club Competition Time !

Mixed Pairs & Flitch

Wednesday, 27th February 2019 @ 7.15pm

This is a club trophy and is therefore only open to club members, however, tis very easy to become a member of Thorpe Bay, just ask !

Now, for those of you who don't know how this works (I only just found out ) this is quite an interesting one because it's actually two competitions in one, a toofer, a BOGOFF, an Aldi as opposed to a Waitrose

So here's how it works......

You start of with your Mixed Pairs - which literally can be anybody as long as they are legally defined as the opposite sex (opposite to you obviously) and within those pairs there will be some married couples - the competition plays out in the usual manner and the winners of the Mixed Pairs is declared, however, the 'married' couple who are closest to the top of the board are then declared the winners of the Flitch !

Two for One

So, the interesting thing here is that the Flitch is literally wide open - so for all of you novice players - and there are lots of married couples playing in the supported groups right now, this is a great competition for you - give it a go - it'll be a fun way to get involved in a competition

Of course now would probably be the wrong time to have the discussion about inclusivity, discrimination and generally unjust and prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, but certainly something to think about !



We are very sorry but there will be no bridge session for


Everything else on the weekly schedule is fine

Wednesday evening is cancelled, kaput, fini, over, done, not on - we're closed - don't come out on Wednesday evening for bridge - there's no bridge session on Wednesday evening !

Just this Wednesday though, all back to normal next week !


Small Slams
Small Slams

Monday Afternoon

Great Turn out again !

Only two small slams bid and made

Well done

Mary Perkin & Suzy Cottell

Derek Boston & Mary Dowson

There were three available to bid and one Grand Slam on


Tuesday Practice
Scorer: Danny Greenbaum
Tuesday evening
Director: Paul
Scorer: Paul
Monday Afternoon
Director: Danny Greenbaum
Scorer: Mary Perkin
Wed 27th Feb 2019
Evening - Mixed Pairs and Flitch-Club Trophy
7:00 for 7:15pm
Director: Mary Perkin
Tue 12th Mar 2019
Evening - Stratified SIM Pairs
7:00 for 7:15
Director: Mary Perkin
Tue 26th Mar 2019
Afternoon - Club Tea
1:00 for 1:30pm
Host: Wendy Waterman
Wed 27th Mar 2019
Annual General Meeting - Followed by Duplicate Bridge
7:00 pm
Director: Club Chairman