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Holiday Opening


Because CHRISTMAS Eve and New Year's Eve both fall on a Monday the committee have decided to play both daytime sessions

The evening sessions will be closed

Christmas Eve - Daytime session OPEN

Evening session CLOSED

Christmas Day & Boxing Day - CLOSED

Thursday 27th December - CLOSED

Friday - 28th December - OPEN

New Year's Eve - Daytime Session OPEN

Evening Session CLOSED

New Year's Day - CLOSED

2nd January 2019 - All Sessions Resume to Normal Service


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Disclaimer !
Disclaimer !

All of the information put up on this website is contributed and maintained by volunteers - if there is an occasional mistake please let one of the committee members know and we'll put it right asap 

It's Been a Funny Old Year !!!!

Thorpe Bay Bridge Club has had a very exciting year !


Our wonderful Social Team headed up by Wendy Waterman deserve much kudos for the work they have done and continue to do, putting together the socials takes some doing - Wendy, together with Chris Parmenter, also did all of the organising for the Play with an Expert which was a great success and if you haven't already noticed, the back room has been completely spruced up cleared of items dating as far back as 1966 and generally given a whole new lease of life, although we're all still wondering about the dead pheasant !

Some excellent baking by our almost now semi-professional Sarah Street whose gorgeous cakes were so tasty and complimented by the delightful biscuits from Riva - well done ladies

We've had some terrific team wins  coupled with the odd humiliation, but hey ho, we carry on regardless !

Danny has obviously been the Superman of the club overseeing all aspects but most of all, calming the waters

A shout out about the wonders of bridge from Jeremy Clarkson, strange but true

 Obviously it wouldn't be bridge if we didn't have a few tears and tantrums along the way coupled with a smidgen of self-doubt and confusion 

GDPR came along to torment us but we met the challenge head on and thanks in no small part to Dennis Wilson the club can now boast to having an absolute State of the Art system which, we believe, you could run a small country with but we'll stick to running the club

There have been a couple of times when losing was so bad we've all just wanted to run away and hide, but we came back we've celebrated several holidays throughout the course of the yearand look forward to celebrating them again next year, we have to also give a very special mention to Audrey Quinton, whose drawings featured on this website have elevated our club website to a 'must see' and those same drawings are now hanging in the club room to encourage a more positive and relaxed vibe


Our competitions have been well attended and we're hoping that some of the changes we've made for 2019 will see an even bigger turnout

The club has raised a considerable amount for charity this year which we're all very proud of


All in all - 2018 has been an excellent year for the club - although we have to of course send our thoughts and best

wishes to those of you who have suffered the loss of friends and loved ones - you are in our thoughts.


Winners, losers, players, friends, experts, learners and even arch enemies, our support staff and our committee members

We wish you all 

Merry Christmas



Lost Property

Lost Property Notice

There is a considerable amount of lost property which has now been collected and placed in a bag marked 'Lost Property' 

The bag is by the door

The club will hold this lost property until the end of January and then dispose of it


Scorer: Richard Perryman
Thursday Evening
Scorer: Richard Perryman
Wednesday Lesson
Scorer: Richard Perryman