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16th Sep 2018 17:08 EDT
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Welcome to Bridge @ Thornhill Community Center
Club Championship Week in Sept. 2018


Thornhill Bridge Club has the week starting Sunday Aft., Sept. 23rd to Friday Aft., Sept. 28th designated as "Club Championship Week". Please come and join us.

Thornhill BC Afternoon Games Fee Increase

ATTENTION (Fee Change!):

To better cover increased expenses (due to cost of supplies, minimum wage, acbl fees, etc.... ).

Starting September 1st, 2018: All Duplicate Bridge Games are now $5 per player except the following:

- Sunday Afternoon Fee is Still $4.

- Thursday Afternoon Section A Fee for TSC members only are: $2 for non-acbl players and $4 for acbl players.

Game Fee Adjustment for Saturday Games

Game entry fee will change to $4.00 beginning March 1st 2018.


To give everyone more savings on the $4.00 game entry fees on Saturday games, we are continuing our half year and a full year membership pass again for 2018.


  • Benefits (Over 50% saving)
    • Free play for all regular open pair games
    • Discount for all special games, $2.00 top up for the monthly Swiss Team Game.
  • Cost
    • $75,00 - Annual member pass from Jan 2018 - Dec 2018, 
    • $45.00 - Semi-annual pass for any 6 consecutive months in a year..

We appreciate your continued support to a friendly Saturday game!!!


Attention: Thornhill Bridge Players

Great News (TheCommonGame):

Now ALL of Thornhill Bridge Club Sessions have Pre-Dealt Hands. ♠   ♣


In addition, Thornhill Bridge Club is now part of a large group of bridge clubs in North America offering the same bridge hands at the same time to all players at these clubs.  This means:

 - Our players' results will be compared with results from over 100 clubs in North America.

- Players who have their email addresses registered with ACBL will receive results by e-mail from TheCommonGame.

- Some hand analyses by various pros is provided by TheCommonGame.

- Most important; players will have access to the bridge hands just played after the game (in addition to a limited print out of the hands); also see what others did in each board.


Our Game Schedule

Below is mainly where Duplicate Bridge Sessions will take place. If in doubt, please call the main desk ahead:

(905) 944-3800 ext. 6866

Monday 1pm (North Hall) & 7pm (Basment B1 and B2)
Tuesday 1pm (South Hall) & 7pm (South Hall)
Wednesday 1pm (South Hall)
Thursday 1pm (South Hall) & 7pm (Basment Rooms 1 and 2)
Friday 1pm (Centre Hall)

1pm (Check with Reception/White board for location)

Sunday 1pm (Seniors Activity Rooms 1 and 2)


Respect Other Players

Respect for Others

Our club have many players from all around and they are players with various type of medical conditions that may not be apparent to other players, such as problems with scents and problems with high pitch sounds.  

We would like all the players have an enjoyable time at our games, so please respect other players and avoid things such as card snapping and wearing strong perfume.

We appreciate your support.  Thank you


New Laws of Duplicate Bridge effective September 25th, 2017

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 are effective in the ACBL beginning Sept. 25, 2017. The new Laws are available online at and in printed form, available from Baron Barclay Bridge Supply. Exceptions to the new Laws, adopted by the ACBL Board, are no longer available in the printed version; they are available on the website at

STOP card tossed from bidding boxes

After roughly two decades of use, the oft-controversial STOP card found in most ACBL bidding boxes will soon be missing from ACBL tournaments.

During July 2017 meetings in Toronto, the ACBL Board of Directors eliminated the STOP card for sanctioned tournaments beginning after January 1, 2018. ACBL-affiliated clubs are not required to remove the STOP card from bidding boxes, but they are encouraged to do so.

Thursday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Thursday Evening - Open Pairs
Director: Edmund Fok
Wednesday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Wayne Merkel
Tuesday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Tuesday Evening - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
Monday Afternoon - Open Pairs
Director: Medhat Fawzy
21st Sep 2018
Friday Afternoon - Open Pairs
TCC 1:00pm
Director: Wayne Merkel/John Ebden
22nd Sep 2018
Saturday Afternoon - Open Pairs
TCC 1:00pm
Director: Gary Liu
23rd Sep 2018
Sunday Afternoon - Open Pairs
TCC 1:00pm
Director: S. Jeyanathan/Wayne Merkel
24th Sep 2018
Monday Afternoon - Open Pairs
TCC 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
24th Sep 2018
Monday Night - Open Pairs
TCC 7:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy
25th Sep 2018
Tuesday Afternoon - Open Pairs
TCC 1:00pm
Director: Medhat Fawzy