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** Brand New Bar-Coded Playing Cards: 93 per pack (excluding VAT) or 1.12 including VAT**

Bridgemate UK have 5000 packs of Jannersten Bar-Coded Playing cards, to its own design. This is far more than is needed but subject to a minimum order demand. As such Bridgemate UK offers sealed brand new packs of Duplimate Bar Coded Playing Cards for 1.12 per pack including VAT. These are available now. Please contact me for details "whilst stocks last".

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If your organisation does not have its own web-site, I can post any results for events that I am involved with here, free of charge - see opposite for examples.

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Web Site

Hello - thank you for looking at this site which belongs to Martin Lee, an experienced and accredited senior EBU Panel Tournament Director.

I am now able to offer any organisation, person or club the service to equip and/or run their 'special' bridge event. This may be a charity event when collecting monies is even more important that the game itself, or it could be a bridge congress over several days with multiple events or it might simply be a set of boards (pre-dealt with hand copies) for an evening's game.

I offer 'modular' options to clients such as the hire of up to 108 bridge tables (with clean and pressed table cloths and clean and complete bidding boxes), duplicated boards (I have 108 sets of 1-49 boards, 22 other sets of 1 - 33 boards and a further 8 sets of boards numbered 50 -56, (over 6000 in total)) all with quality playing cards already pre dealt (with hand copies), myself (or others) as either Tournament Directors and/or Master of Ceremonies (I can provide my own PA System). I also offer computer scoring either using travellers or with the option of Bridgemate '2s'. If Bridgemate2s are used, the results can be displayed in 'real-time', dynamically, using up to four large monitors (37" - 40" screens) and/or 3 smaller ones (19"). I can also provide 2 long (6') coat rails with hangars for your guests and have a very good caterer (see box on right). Finally, if the event organiser does not already have their own website, any results can be posted here for players to view. You can simply pick and choose what you need to make your special bridge event that bit better.

I look forward to speaking with you.

I can be contacted on +44 (0) 7813 073 064 or email at

Thank you for reading everything !

Bridge Computer Software Training

A new service for Clubs/Counties/TDs

It is quite evident that a large number of clubs now use some form of technology (ScoreBridge or Jeff Smiths Programmes with/without BridgeMates, DealMaster Pro, PlayBridge4, BOS) to enhance their game and service to their players. Some of this technology can be quite complex. I now offer bespoke Bridge Software Training courses, designed to the specifications of the client. Counties, especially, may well want their TDs trained in how to use JS Swiss Teams/Pairs Scorers whilst clubs may want to know all about ScoreBridge and/or dealing software. I provide everything that is needed for a training session (eg./ computers with appropriate software pre-installed and BridgeMate2s). All the clients have to do is turn up and by the end of the day/session they will be able to score and use the relevant software asked for. This can be done at Bridgemate UK's offices at Maidenhead or any other mutually convenient location. Please email me for details.

Bridgemate wireless scoring technology
For more information on Bridgemates, please click here !
My Autobiography
I have added a brief (ish) autobiography on the General Information page of this site - click "My Autobiography" above.
For a detailed but non-mathematical view on the merits of ArrowSwitching, please read David Stevenson's informed article by clicking here. David is a National Tournament Director and qualified at International Level as well. If the mathematics do interest you, there are links to other sites containing the maths from David's webpage. 
Scoring Programmes

I have written a personal view on the scoring programmes that I use (and why). Please click here to read it ...

Bridge Timers
For my thoughts on Bridge Timers, please click here ....

For Congress type events, I offer the following as references:

Gordon Rainsford: EBU Chief TD 

Peter Hasenson: Middlesex County Bridge Association GP weekend organiser

Gayle Webb: Avon/Wilts Joint Counties GP weekend organiser

Christine Duckworth: London 'MetroBridge' GP Swiss Pairs/Teams Congress Organiser

Marilyn & Artur Malinowska: TGRs Bridge Club (Auction Pairs/Teams)

Marian Rudd: Hants County Bridge Association, GP Swiss Teams organiser

Steve Foster: Surrey County Bridge Association, Tournament organsier

Peter Finbow: Oxfordshire Bridge Association GP Swiss Weekend organiser

For events such as other Charity fundraising events or private events, I have other references, their personal details can be provided by me on request (2 annual example events are 'Night of the Stars' (56 tables in 2014) and Jewish Care (65 tables in 2013)).

Nightingale Hammerson

The results and hand records from both the Regular & Gentle events have been uploaded, please scroll down below and click on the appropriate link

The Dutch Club
The hands and results for this event have been uploaded. Please scroll down below in this column ....
The results and hands for this event have been uploaded as below ...
The South London Oshwal BC

The latest results will appear in the column below when the results have been uploaded. 

Special News/Catering

At events, I always have with me a small number of left-handed bidding boxes for use as well as card-holders for people with hand or arm disabilities. I also bring along a small table lamp in case a player has sight difficulties (I have known scorers use it too !). This is just part of the professional quality of service that I aim to provide you with. My playing cards will be clean and in good condition. Bidding boxes will be clean and complete. I also offer a portable PA system if needed (140W) and three large (2 x 40" and 1 x 37") TV screen monitors to display results.

Lastly I know of an excellent caterer who I have used previously and recommend. If you are considering catering, please ask me and I will forward you her details.

26th April 2015
Nightingale Hammerson - Gentle
Scorer: Marin Lee
26th April 2015
Nightingale Hammerson
Scorer: Martin Lee
25th April 2015
Ros's Special Bridge Evening
Director: Martin Lee
Scorer: Martin Lee
24th April 2015
The Dutch Club
Director: Martin Lee
Scorer: Martin Lee
22nd April 2015
SL Oshwal Bridge Club
Director: Tushar
Scorer: kanti
15th April 2015
RMS GC Easter Duplicate
Scorer: Martin Lee
15th April 2015
SL Oshwal Bridge Club
Director: Naresh
Scorer: Bharat
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