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Partner pool

Please sign the sheet in advance at the Club if you need a partner for a particular date.  Otherwise, please phone Ann on 01684 292356 who will try to find another lonely heart. 

Competition Winners
CurrentTrophy Winners

President's Cup                          Gill Young (2016)

Peter Thompson Cup                  Veronica McClements, Margret Tufnell (2016)

Ladies Pairs                               Gill Young and Monica Gray (2016)

Men's Pairs                                Jeff Chaplin and Daniel Bouvet (2016)

Championship Pairs                    Ann Bruckshaw and Roger Gamage (2016)

Gwen Magness Memorial Trophy   Pat Holyer, Paul Fearnside, Wilf Atkinson, and Geoff Carter  (2017)

Rose Trophy                              Jean Bitterlin and Phil Rattenbury ( 2017)

Avon Cup                                   Irene Fort and Veronica McClements (2017)









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