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Tessa (EBU Professional Bridge Teacher)
Tessa (EBU Professional Bridge Teacher)

tessa@tessabridge.co.uk - 01753 885004

Susan Mills
Susan Mills

EBUTA Accredited teacher   susan@tessabridge.co.uk

Mary Sharp - Full EBUTA Membership Qualification
Mary Sharp - Full EBUTA Membership Qualification


Ann Palmer

We are delighted to inform you that Ann has now obtained her full EBUTA Membership Qualification.  Well done Ann.

Charity Bridge Afternoon run by Roselle Beard

The Charity Bridge Afternoon in aid of School Aid ( a great charity), was held on Wednesday 29th November and raised £1,470.  It was a great success attended by 92 people

Captain's Blog
The Captain's Blog

League of Eight 2017/18


For the first time, Tessa has two teams competing in the Berks and Bucks League of Eight Division 4 in the 2017/18 season. To avoid confusion, the teams are rather cunningly described as the ‘TTSoB A Team’ and the ‘TTSoB B Team’!

The other teams in our Division are, in alphabetical order, Gerrards Cross B, Lane End B, SBBC (South Bucks) B and SBBC (South Bucks) C.

Each team plays all of the other teams on a home and away basis, so both teams will have ten matches this season. The title of the League stems from the format which means for every match a team has eight players (four pairs). Home games for both the A and B teams are played at Flackwell Heath Golf Club which is a magnificent venue and all administration is carried out by Marilyn Halton for which we are extremely grateful.

For each match 20 League points are available so these can be split 20-0, 19-1, 18-2 and so on.

Tessa used her powers of persuasion to encourage Sue Chamberlain and me to ‘volunteer’ to be captains of the B Team and the A Team respectively. I hasten to add that no money changed hands, nor was any physical violence employed.

Updates on progress will be provided below.




6 December 2017

At virtually the halfway point of the season, all teams in the League have completed 4 or 5 matches.

The A Team are currently tying for first place with SBBC-B having won their first three matches in a row and lost one (only by a small margin!), but Lane End B are close behind. From a captain’s perspective, the most interesting match was the one against SBBC C when we had to make some late team changes. We are very grateful to ‘super subs’ Neil Horley (who played with David Hawkins) and Ian Jacklin (who played with me). They both stepped in to save the day and we carried off a 12-8 victory.

The B Team have won 2 matches and lost 3 and are currently fifth closely behind Gerrards Cross B. The highlight of their season so far was an 18-2 victory over Gerrards Cross B which Neil Horley has described as the equivalent of Huddersfield Town beating Manchester United 6-0!!

The captains of the teams can be called upon to act as Director if no qualified Director is available. This can be quite daunting, but fortunately doesn’t arise very often. The most amusing event so far was when Neil Horley was sitting in as captain for Sue and had to call himself as Director after he had revoked!! He gave himself a suitable penalty much to the amusement of the opposition (but not necessarily his partner).

The current position is very encouraging and there is everything to play for. Watch this space for further updates on progress. It would be tempting to suggest that supporters should be encouraged at these matches, but I am not sure a Barmy Army in fancy dress singing out of tune and booing the opposition quite meets the new Best Behaviour rules recently updated by the EBU.