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Winners Photos
Pictures of the winners from previous competitions can be found under the News Page
New Laws of Bridge 2017

There have been major changes to some of the laws of bridge. The new laws come into effect on the 1st September 2017. 

A brief outline of the changes can be found here

News Page
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Winners of Boland, Kenny, O'Leary Pairs 2018
  • Betty Hardiman Una Hogan
  • Eugene Heather Joe Clancy
  • Gerry OKelly Ken Ellis


Winners of the Boland, Kenny & O'Leary trophies 2017

Boland: Betty Hardiman & Una Hogan

Kenny: Ken Ellis & Gerry O'Kelly

O'Leary: Pat Godfrey & Norah Walsh

Best Novice: Eugene Heather & Joe Clancy

Eileen Fannin Winner 2018

Congratulations to Brenda Moran winner of the Eileen Fannin 2018


The results for the Top Section Teams Competition can be found here

The A/B/Novice section can be found under the normal results section.


President's Prize 2017
Ann Fitzmaurice
Elaine O Kelly
Ken Ellis
Michael Donegan and Bill Harrington
Renee O Dwyer and Alacoque Fanning
Betty Bourke and Anne Doyle
Frances Brady
Margaret Collins
Paddy Walsh and Mary Morriarty
Brenda Granville and Toni Pelosi
Joe Moran and Ailbhe Mealy
Mary Maher and Mary O Reilly
Patricia Wills and Anne Howard
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  Top Section     A/B Section
1st Place Ailbhe Mealy & Joe Moran      1st Place Mary Maher & Mary O'Reilly
2nd Place Brenda Granville & Toni Pelosi   2nd Place Frances Brady & Anna Smith
3rd Place Mary Horan & Eric Pelly   3rd Place Betty Bourke & Anne Doyle
4th Place Dómhnall Joyce & Patricia Kelly   4th Place Michael Donegan & Bill Harrington
5th Place Anne Howard & Patricia Wills   5th Place Margaret Collins & Florence McGillicudy
1st Session Paddy Walsh & Mary Moriarty   1st Session Alacoque Fanning & Renee O'Dwyer
2nd Session Elaine O'Kelly & Martin Keane   2nd Session Ken Ellis & Gerry O'Kelly
Best A Ann Fitzmaurice & Anne Hogan   Best B Jim Humphreys & Dan Meaney


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President's Prize 2016
Berry Hardiman & Una Hogan
John Doyle
Michael Donegan & Bill Harrington
Patricia WIlls
Tom Scollard & Jim Cannon
Winners of the Presidents Prise (A Section) Monica Dolan & Margaret Rogers (Missing)
Frances Brady & Beatrice OConnor
Mary Ohle & Mary King
Patricia Kelly & Domhnall Joyce
Paula Church & John Fleming
Tom Scollard & Jim Cannon
Winners of the Presidents Prize Top Section Betty Hardiman Una Hogan
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Winners of the Teams Competition
Teams B
Teams Intermediate
Teams Top
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Top Section: Ailbhe Mealy, Elaine O'Kelly, Martin Keane, Joe Moran

Intermediate Section: Evely Mulvey, Marie Carrick, Mary Ohle, Mary King

B Section: Agate Edge, Yvonne Keane, Mary Tynan, Claire Toon

All pictured with our President Gerry O'Kelly



Presidents Prize Winners 2015

Pat and Bernadette McGillion winners of The Presidents Prize 2015 with President Marian Coleman

Eileen Fannin Winner 2017

Congratulations to Betty Doyle winner of the Eileen Fannin 2017

A full list of results can be found here

Eileen Fannin Winner

Winner of the Eileen Fannin Liz Goodwin with President Gerry O'Kelly

Community and Junior Cups Winners
  • Elaine O Kelly Martin Keane
  • Noreen Flynn
  • Therese Walsh Marguerite Staunton Vivienne Nealon Evgenia Gladysheva

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Presidents Prize - Selection of Photo's
  • Doreen Doyle with Anne Cogan
  • Esther Stewart & Brede O\'Connor with Anne Cogan
  • Ita Newell & Betty Hardiman with Anne Cogan
  • Liam Gaynor & Mary Cox with Anne Cogan
  • Margaret McAteer & Esther Kennedy wih Anne Cogan
  • Mary King & Mary Ohle with Anne Cogan
  • Mary McArdle with Anne Cogan
  • Norah Walsh & Tom Flynn with Anne Cogan
  • Richard Elvin with Anne Cogan
  • Shirley Killian & Mike Mahon with Anne Cogan
  • David Dunne & Sheila Kelly with Anne Cogan
Congratulations to all those who took part and to all those who won a prize.
Winner of the EIleen Fannin (Individual)

Congratulations to Mary O'Reilly winner of the Eileen Fannin Individual competition

Presidents Prize 2014
  • Winners of 1st Session (middle section) Annette Bryan & Pat Devine
  • Best Novice Anne Doyle Betty Bourke
  • Decisions decisions
  • Evgenia Gladysheva & Philippa Moran (absent) Best Novice Runnerup
  • Winners Fist Session (Top Section) Joe Moran & John Comyn
  • Kay Galligan Theresa Graham was absent
  • A duet from Marian and Declan
  • Next stop Broadway
  • Winners 2nd Session (Top Section) Eric Pelly & Mary Moran
  • Even Joe gave us a song
  • Martin Keane & Paddy Walsh
  • Night night
  • Winners of the Presidents Prize Noreen Flynn & Jo Coffey
  • We would be lost without Pat
  • Patricia Tyrrell & Ann O\'Rourke
  • Presidents cake
  • Our 3 Angels
  • Was Joe\'s singing that funny ????
Community & Junior Cup (Teams) Winners
  • Mary & Terry Creely, Alacoque Fanning, Eamonn Lee
  • Evgenia Gladysheva, Christine Meany
  • Community Junior Cup Teams
Congratulations to all the winners from the Community & Junior Cup (Teams)