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613-727-4747 rides again. Back to normal and the voice mail is operational ... message away.

Our location can handle up to 20 tables, no more. For the I/N Sectional (Nov 3/4) we need you to consider pre-registering. The flyer for the tournament is located here. Please proceed to our contact page (see here) and let us know your names and game(s) you will be playing.

Avoid disappointment and pre-register early. Thanks ...


There are two ways we communicate with players and the Ottawa bridge community:

The first way involves our sending out information to our members. Membership is free and one can sign up by clicking here. The code you use is m3mb3r. There is no charge.

The second way uses a more general list and sends information out to the greater bridge community.To join this more general list, please proceed to our contact page located here and let us know. Please mention when you contact us that you wish to receive these emails. If you end up on both lists, you may get two emails about the same thing.

Our suggestion is to join The Bridge Connection (no charge).

The Member section of this site is live. If so inclined, have a look here please. The code you will need is m3mb3r. There is no charge for joinging The Bridge Connection.

Whet your appetite as well as your appetite for bridge with the ever so popular cookies. Remember ... the calories you consume during a sitout do not count.

Come try us out, if not already on board, or, as Bob Barker said for decades "Come on down ..." Considering our many extras, the Price is Right.

Help plan your week using the Week-at-a-glance feature ... here.


Swiss team game(s) in October

October is the Jane Johnson Club Appreciation month with some gold points available when running a team game. The 0-1000 game on October 12 or 26 (to be decided) will be a Swiss team event.

Once the date is firmed up, the calendar will be changed. Please note the start time the day of that game will be 8:45am rather than 9am. There is no way we could get through a whole game (at least 20 boards) if we were to start at the regular time.

Registration is open. Please send us a list of your team members and one email/phone number using the club contact page available here.


We have put together a page of tips for using this site ... new visitors  are encouraged to check here before starting. Seasoned veterans on using this site are wise to check this same location often.

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For new players
The wonderful thing about bridge is bridge is a wonderful thing

With thanks to A.A. Milne yes. One of the ironies about this wonderful game is that we are always learning. We are, in a way, all beginners ... just some more than others. Advice - there's lots of that. Without restraint, more experienced players overwhelm the new players. The start of one's bridge career is the last place one wants to get overwhelmed. Take the following with you down the path to bridge nirvana which, by the way, is another word for having fun which is the primary goal of the game:

  • The more you learn about this game, the more you forget. Go slowly. When you hear some new (to you) convention at the table, listen. For the time being, work on your foundation and look into expanding your bidding conventions down the road. If you try to attend to conventions too quickly, the yellow brick road will turn into the shards of glass road.
  • Once the play of a hand starts, keep the idle chit-chat to a minimum. As we write this article, we remember situations where we did anything but that. Concentration is a huge part of the play of the hand.
  • Hold your cards up enough that they cannot be seen by anyone else. If you glance around the table and can see someone else's cards, politely ask that person to hold them higher.
  • The Director is in charge of the duplicate bridge room. The primary role of a Director is two-fold
    1. Restoring equity at the table when there is an infraction of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge
    2. Being a model participant in the game by demonstrating kindness, compassion, and polite interaction with the players
  • Jargon is important, but the newer player can be overwhelmed as well by the acronyms and terminology that are used a sthe game is played. One of the best places to obtain an understanding of what other players may be saying is at this location. Be careful when surfing this page that you do not detract from your foundation.
  • A foundation at this game is a combination of baseline bidding and playing techniques that are repeated over and over again. This repetition leads to memory retention, and provides a foundation within which you play. It could be a moving target as your prowess and experience increase. If it indeed moves at a slow pace, that is the best way to proceed.

This page is a work in progress and under constant flux ... come back often smiley.