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Please note that Colin's email (the one that ends in does not work any more. Please contact him using for now.

Registration is open for the June 8-9 I/N Sectional. Play one or both games on Saturday. Sunday your team must play in both sessions.

Maximum 20 tables per game. $12 per game with a free lunch on both days.


Last update May 15, 2019

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  I/N Sectionals this year

Registration stats as of May 16:

Saturday morning pairs  :   10 of 20 tables spoken for
Saturday afternoon pairs:   9 of 20 tables spoken for
Sunday Swiss teams      :   12 of 20 teams spoken for

Avoid disappointment and consider reserving early. We will maintain a wait list once all spots are reserved in case there are no shows. Remember, your spot is guaranteed until 15 minutes before game time ... C&M.

As a result of the popularity of the two previous events we hosted, there will be 3 of these tournaments in 2019. The first event is the second the weekend of  June as per this location. Registration is open and please note:

  • Enrty fee is $12 per session
  • With sufficient entries, we will have a separate 0-20 MP section
  • Lunch is included on both days at no extra cost
  • You may play one or both pairs sessions on Saturday
  • You must play two sessions for the Swiss event on Sunday
  • If you register, please provide details including which session
  • If you need assistance finding people for any event to play with, please advise Colin or Michael

Please send your requests along by:

  • Using the contact page located here (preferred)
  • Sending email to

Whichever method you use. please provide as much information as possible. Your spot will be held until 15 minutes before game time.


Last updated : 16th May 2019 14:45 CDT
  Customer appreciation program ** changes

This program has been discontinued indefinitely. All the bridge for $25 a week is still in effect and thanks to all who took advantage of the offers since November last year.


Last updated : 1st Mar 2019 07:28 CST
  Results display on our web site

Some videos on looking at the results on our website:

  1. Have a look here to see where/how one can view results for a board, similar to that which you now see on the Bridgemate after a score has been accepted by E/W. 
  2. An intro to the results engine available on the web site can be seen here.
  3. Discussion of goings-on at the table that detracts from the ability to play all the boards in the 3 hours alloted time can be seen here.


Last updated : 29th Jan 2019 15:33 CST
  Membership details

There are two ways we communicate with players and the Ottawa bridge community:

One list involves email to our members. To join, have a look here. The code you use is m3mb3r. There is no charge.

The second way uses a more general list and sends information out to the greaater bridge community.To join this more general list, please proceed to our contact page located here. When you send us a note from here, please indicate you would like to be added to this list.

Our suggestion is to join The Bridge Connection (no charge). If so inclined, have a look here please. The code you will need is m3mb3r. There is no charge for joinging The Bridge Connection.

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2019 10:48 CST

Help plan your week using the Week-at-a-glance feature ... here.

Last updated : 26th Oct 2018 23:06 CDT

We have put together a page of tips for using this site ... new visitors  are encouraged to check here before starting. Seasoned veterans on using this site are wise to check this same location often.

Last updated : 26th Oct 2018 23:05 CDT
  ACBL sanctioned

All games at The Bridge Connection give ACBL masterpoints. Most club games give black MPs, and STaC (Sectional Tournament aClubs) games give silver MPs. Some special games give red points. Please check in with Colin for further details on this.

The Bridge Connection follows/adheres to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy, details available here. We also appreciate your not wearing any scented product to the club, preserving an environment friendly to all.

Please check-in with Colin, Michael, or Directors if there is anything you would like to discuss related to the club. We also encourage suggestions from one and all with new ideas, as well as feedback on the games and more.

Deep down, we are all in it for the same reason ... the game is part of our psyche and dear to our smiley. Be it down 3 or bid 7 made 7, it's all about having fun and being pleasant to one and all at the club.

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2019 10:49 CST
  Cost for games

The Bridge Connection games (and some additional fare) costs ...

  • The standard cost is $8 per person
  • Most games with lunch cost $10 per person
  • STaC weeks have $2 upcharge for ACBL fees
  • Some special games (e.g., Charity or COPC Qualifiers) may have a $1 or $2 upcharge for extra fees paid to ACBL
Last updated : 2nd Feb 2019 10:50 CST
  Our coordinates

Players are requested to use the door on the right when facing the front of the building. They are not allowed in the kitchen and, if something is needed in there, please ask the Director. The Director will keep the water pitchers full on the table in front of the bar. We have been asked to do this by OHCC management.

We could run but we will not hidelaugh:

43 Capital Dr. (click here)
Near Slack and Merivale

To email us, click here to go to the contact page ... 

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2019 10:49 CST
Thu 23rd May 2019
0-1000 pairs with chalk talk
Thu 23rd May 2019
Stratified pairs
Fri 24th May 2019
0-1000 pairs (in memory of Ann Droeske)
Charity club championship 9am
0-499 supervised pairs with chalk talk ** Club championship
0-299 supervised pairs with Heidi
0-1000 pairs with chalk talk