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For Warlingham or Bletchingley, contact Michael Keville on or phone one of the Committee members

Regular Partners should each have a convention Card. Download blanks from the EBU site.
TANDEM - 2 places to play and 2 days to meet up

All players should be sitting down ready to play ten minutes before the start time. If you expect to arrive a little late please telephone to advise so the director can set out the movement correctly. This is now very important as we need to set up the to electronic scoring.

Janet Davies 0779 0266921

Graham Wells 0780 2742887 


Tandem is a friendly club playing L4 duplicate pairs twice a week on Tuesdays at Warlingham and on Thursdays at Bletchingley.

On Tuesdays we play from 1100 until 1445 with a 30 minute break for lunch - BYO - at St. Ambrose church hall.

On Thursdays we play from 1030 until 1345 with a 15 minute coffee break at Bletchingley Golf Club,.

Some teams events are run & are shown in the calendar.


Free Coffee, tea and a biscuit at Warlingham.


On 25 May 2018 the government introduced a new General Purpose Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To comply with this the club must tell you what information it holds about you, how that data is used and with what organisations the data is shared. You must give your written permission for the club to hold, use and share this information.

We wrote to you to ask for your permission to do so. Please note that we already stored and shared your data and have not sought to add to it. This exercise has merely been to comply with the new government regulation.

May 23rd

Bridge at St Ambrose Hall,  Warlingham

Start time 11.30, bring your lunch


Well done Val Chibnall & Ron Newman


Winning The Championship Pairs

Bridge at Warlingham,start 11.30
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28th May 2019
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30th May 2019
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Steward: Cynthia Turner
4th Jun 2019
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Steward: Bob Cruthers
6th Jun 2019
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Steward: Peter Slot
11th Jun 2019
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13th Jun 2019
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Steward: Jon Harrison
18th Jun 2019
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Steward: Dave Harper
20th Jun 2019
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Steward: Pam Hewitt
25th Jun 2019
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Steward: Vivien Adlam
27th Jun 2019
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