Tampa Bay Bridge Center
STaC week begins February 11th
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  New Friday 499er game at 11am: Jan 25th

Here is an opportunity for another day of bridge. In the continued effort to reach out to members of all levels of play,  the TBBC will be offering a Friday morning game for those who play in the 0-499 category. 

This game will run concurrently with the Friday open game, both beginning at 11 AM.  There is a short break for a  "bring-your-own”  lunch.  Many of our novice and intermediate players have requested a morning game so we expect a strong turn-out.  There will be a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board. 

  B_C Swiss Team event 2/17

The participation in B-C team games has been encouraging. There were nine teams at the December game.  The fifth B-C Swiss team game will be held Sunday February  17th as part of STaC week.  The games will be limited to those holding 2500 mps or fewer.  Those of you who have not taken part, please use this opportunity to learn what fun team games can be.

  Club Championship Week March 10-16

Tampa Bay Bridge Center holds Club Championship games quarterly. Perhaps, best of all, these championships offer extra masterpoints and require only regular club game entry fees.

  The Spring:/ ACBL Charity Week Feb 18-Feb 24; March 17-23

The mission of the Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc is to prevent domestic violence, protect vict oms and promote changes in lives,families and comunities.

  STaC Week February 11-17

STaC stands for Sectional Tournament at the Club. Whether you play in Open games or in Limited games (or both), find a partner and earn silver points all week.

Stratified Open Pairs STaC
Director: Mike Vaughn
Stratified Open + 499er Pairs STaC
Director: Mark Smith
Morning Stratified Open Pairs STaC
Director: Fred Tanzer
February 17, 2019
B_C Swiss team Game STaC
Director: Fred Tanzer
February 18, 2019
Stratified Open Pairslocal Charity
Director: Michael Vaughn
February 18, 2019
Stratified Pairs (0-299) Acbl Charity
Director: Larry Sullivan