Sussex County Contract Bridge Association
National Success

The next cycle of national knock-outs is under way.


In Crockfords, Linfield (Linfield, Curtis, Morris) play the Draper team from Kent; Hobden (x2, Smith, Denny) play Wilson; and Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton) play Ransley. In partial Sussex involvement, Ford (Swanson, Dickson, Ould) play Sandquist and Lee (Burn, Scoltock, Fedrick, Hansen, Rowlands) play Inniss.


In the Gold Cup, Langston (x2, Bugden x2) are already into R2 after beating Soper. In other first round matchups, Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton) are drawn against Crack; Dickson (Allen, Ryder, Morton, Norman, Powell) play Ransley; Hobden (x2, Brogan, Denny) play Lee (Burn, Scoltock, Hansen, Fedrick); Linfield (Linfield, Curtis, Morris) play Ashcroft; and Nasztasczuk (Roxburgh, Hunt, Watts) play Ford (Swanson, Chisnall, Short)


In the Nicko, sixteen Sussex teams are entered - West Sussex A (Hunt, Jepson, Watts, Lancaster, Read), Crowborough (Clark, Smallwood, Bourne, Lucioni), Avenue A (Mitchell x2, Ryder, Newton, Clinch) and Avenue B (Armstrong x2, Greeley, Griffin) are drawn against Mayfield B, C, D and A respectively; Thakeham A (Linfield x2, Hennings, Benson) and Thakeham B (Harris, Kellett, Pearson, Phillips) take on Petersfield A and B; Horsham A (Curtis, Morris, Nasztaszcuk, Roxburgh) and Horsham B (Allen, Downes, Walker, Windler) play Young Chelsea F and E; Chichester A (Telfer, Burns, Lebrec, Vince) and Bognor A (Londesborough, Bill, Austin, Seymour, Davies, Percik) play Titchfield A and B; Eastbourne B (Caplan, Park, Benjamin, Keeping) play Folkestone A; West Sussex B (Carrington, Fedrick, Lancaster, Southwell) and Crowborough B (Levine, Penticost, Bailey, Bird, Hall) play Farnborough A and B respectively; Eastbourne A (Hobden x2, Denny, Boydell, Poulter) play Tunbridge Wells B; Horsham C (Fitton x3, Deszberg) play Camberley B; and finally Patcham A (Bugden x2, Langston x2) play Woodberry A.


In the Gerard Faulkner (seniors’ knockout), Dickson (Allen, Ould, Morton, Hill) and Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, Owen) are both through to R2; Franklin (Carrington, Gritt, Pool, Stanford, Urban) lost their first-round match and are into the Repechage.


And in the Hubert Phillips, Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton, Watts) are through to the fourth round to play Lamont. In the Plate, Hobden (x2, Caplan, Smallwood) are into R3 where they play Smart.


October 5, 2017