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Third Edition Out Now!

The course book Acol From Scratch hit No1 Best Seller in bridge books on Amazon last year. It's ideal for anyone learning Acol up to club standard.  The new third edition incuded key points and flow charts to help you learn and costs £12 from Amazon or £10 direct from a class.  The Kindle Text Book edition has just been published for costing £8.99.  Follow this link.

New Students should buy the book direct from a class and save £2 + post and packaging.


Bridge Success
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill


Everyone is polite, says hello to the opponents and thanks dummy.
Everyone supports their partner, even when things go wrong.
People laugh when something funny happens.
Everyone wants to know if they could have bid or played better.
Mistakes are seized as opportunities to improve.
Difficult hands are noted and discussed later (ask me).
When there is a problem, we call the director to help us out.
Players improve week on week, year on year.
Everyone enjoys their bridge.

Skillful Bridge

Our motto “Peritos fortuna juvat” translates as “Fortune favours the skilled”. Many thanks to for help with the grammar.
In bridge fortune doesn't favour the bold or even the brave, we need to use restraint, careful thought and practice so fortune favours the skilled.
At the same time, there is nothing serious about good bridge.
At Surrey School of Bridge we don't believe that "serious" bridge is the same thing as skillful bridge.
In fact we believe you can only play at your best if you're happy and relaxed.  
So by all means share a joke of two with the opponents and whatever happens try not to frown!


Equal Opportunities

At Surrey School of Bridge we like to give everyone the same opportunities and respect regardless of their sex, race, age, sexual orientation or religion. We ask that our students treat each other with similar respect.