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Third Edition Out Now!

The course book Acol From Scratch hit No1 Best Seller in bridge books on Amazon last year. It's ideal for anyone learning Acol up to club standard.  The new third edition incuded key points and flow charts to help you learn and costs £12 from Amazon or £10 direct from a class.  The Kindle Text Book edition has just been published for costing £8.99.  Follow this link.

New Students should buy the book direct from a class and save £2 + post and packaging.


Bridge Coaching Themes
Week Starting Monday Chapter Tuesday Chapter Lunch Week? Chapters
12/03/2018 16 12
19/03/2018 17 13 7. Declarer Play
26/03/2018 18 14 Lunch Entries
02/04/2018 Holiday Holiday The Hold-Up 
09/04/2018 Holiday Holiday The Danger Hand 
16/04/2018 19 15 Planning Declarer Play 
23/04/2018 20 Holiday Ducking 
30/04/2018 21 16 Ruffing Out Suits 
07/05/2018 22 Declarer Plays Top Of Touching 
14/05/2018 23 17 8. Defence
21/05/2018 24 18 Covering An Honour
28/05/2018 Holiday Holiday Follow Lowest of Touching
04/06/2018 Random 19 A Forcing Defence
11/06/2018 Random 20 Avoiding a Ruff and Discard
18/06/2018 7 21 Trump Promotion
25/06/2018 8 22 9. Responding to NT Openings
02/07/2018 9 23 Weak Takeouts
09/07/2018 10   24 Definitions
16/07/2018 11 Random Shorthand
23/07/2018 Holiday Holiday Simple Stayman
30/07/2018 Holiday Holiday Jump Responses to 1NT
06/08/2018 12 7 2NT Opening
13/08/2018 13 8 Summary of Responding to 1NT
20/08/2018 14 9 10. Choice of Opening and Responses
Which Suit To Open
Responding to a 1♥ Opening
11. Responding to One of a Suit
Choice of Contract
Different Conventions
Making a Claim
Responding to a 1♦ Opening
Responding to a 1♣ Opening
12. Pre-emptive Openings And Trump Raises
The Bidding Gearbox
Constructive Bidding
Pre-emptive Bidding
Competitive Bidding
Penalty Auctions
Weak Twos
Weak Threes
Weak Fours
Gambling 3NT Opening
13. One Level Overcalls and Advances
Minimum Overcalls
Advances to One Level Suit Overcalls
The 1NT Overcall
14. Higher Overcalls
Advances To Two Level Minimum Overcalls
Overcalls After Their 1NT Opening
Weak Jump Overcalls
15. Takeout Doubles of Opening Bids
Takeout Doubles Of One Level Suit Openings
Advancing A Takeout Double
Two Suited Doubles 
Defence to Weak Openings
16. Slam Bidding and the 2♣ Opening
Gerber 4♣
Blackwood 4NT
Quantitative 4NT
5NT Slam Force
The 2♣ Opener
Strong 2♦♥♠ Openings
17. Opener's Rebid After A One Level Response
After A One Level Response
Showing a Five Card Major
Jump Shifts
The Barrier and Reversing
18. Opener's Rebid After a Two Level Response
Two Level Suit Responses
19. Defensive Signalling
Attitude Signals
Unblocking Honours
Count Signals
King For Count
The Discard Signal
The McKenney Suit Preference Signal
Returning Partner's Suit
20. Responder's Rebid With 11+ 
Invitational Rebids
Fourth Suit Forcing
21. Responder's Rebid With 6-10
Preference Sequences
When Opener Holds 17-18
Opener Rebids at the One Level
After a 1NT Response
Responder Bids a New Suit
22. Defence to Overcalls
Defence To Overcalls After Our 1Suit Opening
When They Overcall 1NT
Defence to Overalls Over Our 1NT Opening
23. Double Trouble?
To Bid, Or Not To Bid - Takeout Or Penalties?
Double of 1NT
The Great Escape (From 1NT Doubled)
24. Profitable Penalties
Hand Ownership
Redoubles Trouble?
Doubleton Doubles
Penalty Passes