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Third Edition Out Now!

The course book Acol From Scratch hit No1 Best Seller in bridge books on Amazon last year. It's ideal for anyone learning Acol up to club standard.  The new third edition incuded key points and flow charts to help you learn and costs £12 from Amazon or £10 direct from a class.  The Kindle Text Book edition has just been published for costing £8.99.  Follow this link.

New Students should buy the book direct from a class and save £2 + post and packaging.


Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Surrey School Of Bridge?
  1. We aim to make learning bridge exciting, friendly and fun.  There is nothing serious about good bridge!

  2. We cover all the important aspects of bridge twice a year in both evening and day time sessions.

  3. There are no course fees we only offer pay-as-you-go Bridge Coaching for those who already play a little.

  4. We publish an best selling book "Acol From Scratch" designed specifically to make sure we all play the same simple Acol syste

  5. Every session features duplicated hands so that all tables play the same cards together allowing for group discussion.

  6. Every session is a mini-tournament where only the winners are shown.

  7. We don't just want you to play, we want you to win.

  8. The material is not available from anyone else.

Why We Teach Acol First

The Acol bidding system was invented at the Acol Bridge Club in North London some time in the 1930s.  It was popularised by Terrance Reese a bridge writer who won the Bermuda Bowl (World title) for Britain in 1955.  Acol is not the world's best bidding system, it is however the unofficial British Standard.  You can turn up at pretty much any bridge club in Britain and play with a new partner if you know Acol.  For this reason it's the system you should learn first.

The system I teach is very close to Standard English "Modern Acol" but has a few slight differences.  I've documented and listed the differences in the course book.  To play with a new player down your local club you can download my convention card and most players will be able to play it without discussion.  For less experienced partners you can download a new partner questionnaire to make sure you're on the same wavelength.

Five Card Majors

The bad news is that Acol is not the World Standard for the following reasons:

  • 95% of bridge players around the world play five card majors.

  • Acol is a four card major system.

  • 95% of teams at the 2013 Bermuda Bowl played a five card major system.

  • If you want to play on line you will need to know five card majors.

The good news is that our version of Acol is designed to change to Standard American with just a few simple changes.  This is not true of most versions of Acol.