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Novice League

Giving results is the winnerís responsibility. Please make sure that the opponents agree the VP score. Losers may confirm if they wish.
In all cases please give all 4 names of both teams.

Where a team all has the same teacher, then the teacher's name is in brackets after the team name

Section 1

Results were last updated: 31st Mar 2015
ABCD Total
AFaye Peirce (Tony Cherrett) 34714
BBob Edney (Tony Cherrett)17 12038
CJan Jeffries (Tony Cherrett)1619 1449
DEmma Brown (Tony Cherrett)1306 19

Section 2

Results were last updated: 16th Apr 2015
ABCD Total
AImelda Moore (Meena Samani) 1619338
BCliff Simpson (Elizabeth Bingham)4 31017
CFrances OReilly (Tony Reed)117 321
DBob Young (Douglas Wright)171017 44