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Novice League

Giving results is the winnerís responsibility. Please make sure that the opponents agree the VP score. Losers may confirm if they wish.
In all cases please give all 4 names of both teams.

Where a team all has the same teacher, then the teacher's name is in brackets after the team name

Section 1

Results were last updated: 28th May 2014
AMarbeth Gordon (Elisabeth Bingham) 141315951
BEvelyn Bowman (Elisabeth Bingham)6 319129
CShamim Braganza (Georgio Provenza)717 19447
DJan Lawes (Elisabeth Bingham)511 1017
EVera Grant (Georgio Provenza)11191610 56

Section 2

Results were last updated: 2nd May 2014
AFrances OReilly (Torie Coke-Smyth) 415191039
BSteve Pratt (Torie Coke-Smyth)16 04121
CLynn Skrzypecka (Torie Coke-Smyth)5 1107
DMaggie Bowen (Torie Coke-Smyth)12019 31255
EVivien Morrison (Georgio Provenza)19161917 576
FAndrew Travers (Meena Samani)201920815 82

Section 3

Results were last updated: 14th May 2014
ABill Thomson (Meena Samani) 1301411341
BGraham Cooper (Meena Samani)7 143015
CJanette Lawrence (Meena Samani)2019 741262
DWendy ap Owen (Meena Samani)61613 91357
EIan Brown (Meena Samani)19171611 1073
FLinda Perkins (Meena Samani)7208710 52

Section 4

Results were last updated: 30th Apr 2014
AJan Jeffries (Tony Cherrett) 4413 100839
BAnn Pressey (Tony Cherrett)16 161710 15377
CCherry Kingman (Guy Ableman)164 5125 547
DPauline Sparkes (Elizabeth Hammergren Smith) 7315 121715 69

Section 5a

Results were last updated: 23rd Jan 2014
ABAB Total
AJudith Wheatley (Brenda Elshaw) 13 013
BTilsley Peck (Brenda Elshaw)7 20 27

Section 5b

Results were last updated: 18th Apr 2014
ABAB Total
AJudith Wheatley (Brenda Elshaw) 0 33
BTilsley Peck (Brenda Elshaw)20 17 37