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Novice League

Giving results is the winnerís responsibility. Please make sure that the opponents agree the VP score. Losers may confirm if they wish.
In all cases please give all 4 names of both teams.

Where a team all has the same teacher, then the teacher's name is in brackets after the team name

Section 1

Results were last updated: 26th Apr 2013
ADebi Riley (Douglas Wright) 313102046
BJudy Dillon (Brenda Elshaw)17 18172072
CNigel Kaula (Brenda Elshaw)70 1623
DAnn Varlow (Douglas Wright)1034 118
ESusan Hart (Brenda Elshaw)0019 19

Section 2

Results were last updated: 20th Mar 2013
ABCD Total
AMichael Spears (Sue Hanrahan) 2021133
BJanet Atkinson (Sue Hanrahan)0 16420
CFern Freeston (Sue Hanrahan)184 1234
DJacqueline Hazel (Douglas Wright)9168 33

Section 3

Results were last updated: 9th May 2013
AJohn Wood (Guy Ableman) 132132048
BFiona Moir (Guy Ableman)7 6121035
CBrian Bakewell (Brian Adlam)1814 2438
DLiz Howard (Tori Coke-Smyth)7818 1346
EDawn Calverley (Elizabeth Hammeegren)010167 33

Section 4

Results were last updated: 18th Apr 2013
ASheena Osborn (Giorgio Provenza) 1218535
BSue Brough (Giorgio Provenza)8 201038
CGerry Hemment (Guy Ableman)20 24
DCherry Kingman (Guy Ableman) - Withdrawn 0
EPeter Young (Giorgio Provenza)151018 43

Section 5

Results were last updated: 25th Apr 2013
ADenis Mulhall (Giorgio Provenza) 201501449
BSarah Armitage (Elisabeth Bingham)0 9009
CMarbeth Gordon (Elisabeth Bingham)511 2927
DGraham Goodwin (Maxine Julius)202018 1472
EVera Grant (Giorgio Provenza)620116 43