Novice League

Where a team all has the same teacher, then the teacher's name is in brackets after the team name

Section 1

Results were last updated: 17th May 2012
ABCD Total
ALis Bell (Maxine Julius) 20911
BGraham Goodwin (Maxine Julius)18 01331
CAlix Payne (Maxine Julius)2020 2060
DJohn Hunter (Maxine Julius)1170 18

Section 2

Results were last updated: 15th Apr 2012
ABCD Total
ASarah Greenwood (Victoria Coke-Smyth) 1121831
BGeorgina Roche (Victoria Coke-Smyth)9 11323
CSue Lindsey (Douglas Wright)189 1744
DCatherine King (Douglas Wright)2173 22

Section 3

Results were last updated: 27th Apr 2012
ABCD Total
AJohn Hughes (Simon Whiteside) 5141635
BDerek Taplin (June Booty)15 52040
CClaire Cross (Simon Whiteside)615 1738
DBob Litherland (Giorgio Provenza)403 7

Section 4

Results were last updated: 9th May 2012
ABCD Total
ABridget Adler (Douglas Wright) 59721
BShirley Parker (Douglas Wright)15 181952
CAnn Hughes (Douglas Wright)112 1023
DKevin Renninson (Douglas Wright)13110 24

Section 5

Results were last updated: 25th May 2012
ABCD Total
ARita Clifton (Douglas Wright) 1820240
BSusan Hart (Douglas Wright)2 103
CAnne Waddell (Douglas Wright)019 019
DJohn Ward (Douglas Wright)182020 58

Section 6

Results were last updated: 2nd May 2012
ABCD Total
AGill Tripp (Douglas Wright) 81321
BJacqui Palmer (Douglas Wright)12 181545
CDavid Inman (Douglas Wright)2 24
DDiana Federer (Douglas Wright)7518 30