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Previous season results (11/12) of Surrey Competitions

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All points from SCBA events are direct-credited to the EBU.

Victor Ludorum winner - Peter Lee
Lady Rose Cup Lady Rose Plate  

Novice League Surrey League Division 1 Surrey League Division 2
Surrey League Division 3 Surrey League Division 4  
Novice League FinalSurrey League Final Division 2Surrey League Final Division 3
Surrey League Final Division 4    

30K pairsAileen Filose (Ladies pairs)AGM swiss pairs
Club pairs challenge finalCounty pairs qualifierCounty pairs cup
County pairs plateFriendly Swiss PairsMary Edwards
Mens pairsMixed pairsNewcomer pairs
Senior pairsSchools CupSurrey Club Chairmen Event
Surrey simultaneous pairs September for the Dorin Salver
Surrey simultaneous pairs February

30K teamsAffiliated teams of 8
Multiple teams of 4Newcomer teamsWanborough Cup

District training centre
Category 1 (Beginner/Improver)
The are no results for this level
Category 2 (Club)
The are no results for this level
Category 3 (Advanced)
Advanced pairs with Heather DhondyAdvanced Teams TacticsBuilding A Picture

Metropolitan Cup Surrey Golf/Bridge  
Surrey GP Swiss PairsSurrey GP Swiss Teams - A FlightSurrey GP Swiss Teams - B Flight

Knock-outs   Leagues    Pairs   Teams   Other