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Lady Rose Plate 2004/2005 Rules

Plate holders 2004/2005: Gordon O'Hair, Jim Laker, Barbara Stoker, Barry Stoker

Team 1st Round
by 20th Jan
2nd Round
by 28th Feb
3rd Round
by 10th April
by 30th May
Phil Howard-Knight Phil Howard-Knight Phil Howard-Knight Gordon O'Hair Gordon O'Hair
Julia Brough
Peggy Griffin Peggy Griffin
Peter Phipps Peter Phipps Gordon O'Hair
Gordon O'Hair Gordon O'Hair
Bye Margaret James Christine Dyer Phil Garner
Margaret James
Bye Christine Dyer
Christine Dyer
Bye Norma MacMillan Phil Garner
Norma MacMillan
Phil Garner Phil Garner
David Messer

The rules are the same as for the Lady Rose Cup except that the final is 32 boards.