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Come and learn to play bridge with us!

The Club runs several types of lessons to help you learn and improve your skills of the game. 

If you are new to the game, we run a three-term course to fully immerse you.  But if you have a little experience we also run a successful fast-track lessons to get you playing bridge quickly, usually over a couple of weekends or Sundays.  We are planning our next set of courses at the moment and if you would like to learn with us, contact us via

Our main lessons are held on Saturdays from 10am and you'll learn bridge under the teaching skills of leading EBU tutor Mike Hickling.   The cost is £10 per session and there are discounts if you sign up in advance.

We are also looking at starting a class on a Monday evening later in the year, contact us for further details.

We also run lessons for those who want to improve or refresh their existing bridge skills.  Contact us for more information. 

If you would like further information, contact the club on the email address above or ring Dave Tilley on 07984529673.


Our Session playing times are as follows:

Sunday and Wednesday:  1:00pm

Tuesday and Friday:  1:15pm

The Friday afternoon sessions are 

supervised play for those new to bridge.

If you are planning to play and need a partner,

please arrive at least 15 minutes

before the session is due to start and advise

the Director.


APRIL 2019

Friday 19th - Good Friday

Normal SUPERVISED PLAY at 1.15 pm


Sunday 21st - Easter Sunday

Normal Club Session at 1pm


Saturday 6.30 pm

Hotpot Supper - see post on right for details.


MAY 2019

Saturday 11th

Committee Meeting at 10 am




Monday Supervised Pairs

From 7:30pm - 10.00 ish. We offer a chance to play and practice under supervision from experienced players The session is designed for our new members and anyone wishing to play will be expected to play Simple Systems The existing Friday session will still continue at 1:15pm. It would help us if you could let us know if you are planning to attend.Please sign up by emailing or by adding your name to the list at the club.  One Monday a month will consist of a seminar and playing some relevant hands.  The last Monday of each month is designed to be a full practice session to get you used to playing more competitively, often with a more experienced partner.  



At the 2018 AGM we decided to change the name from ‘Host’ to ‘Standby Partner’ for the role of being available to play at club sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, when someone arrives without a partner. The name ‘hosting’ had deterred some members who believed that the role involved a bigger responsibility. This is a recap of what is involved:

  • Putting your name on the rota to be a standby partner
  • Turning up on the day and being willing to play bridge with any member or visitor who arrives to play without a partner
  • This will usually involve playing simple systems
  • Being prepared to leave without playing if no standby partner is needed. This also happens when an even number of people arrive without a partner.

The standby partner does not pay table money for the day if required to play and if not needed, will be given a token for a future session.

The scheme has been running for a number of years and is very important as an encouragement for new people to come along to sessions and so that existing members know they can continue to play if their regular partner is missing for a while.

At the AGM we also discussed what we could do to share out the role more evenly among members.  Ken and Irene have taken the bulk of the hosting role over the last year. Members did not agree that being a ‘standby partner’ once a year should become a requirement of membership but we did agree that we would make more effort to encourage members to share in that club responsibility.

I agreed to take the role on the committee of coordinating the standby partner rotas. If you’d like to take part you can:

  • Put your name on the rota, which is on the notice board,
  • Give me a ring if you’d like to know more or like me to put your name on the rota if you don’t often call into the club.

Richard Aubery, Tournaments and Stand-By Partner Organiser. 0161 718 2663


Saturday 11th May at 10am

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Our Committee


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