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The Stratford St Mary Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU and the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association.

For all information related to the EBU, click on the EBU Information tab in the above menu.

Play it again, Sam

There are always hands which you think you could have played better. Have you tried the Play It Again feature? Click on your name in the results list to see your scorecard and choose the board you'd like to replay. Click on Play It Again, then BS Online and you'll be able to replay the hand ... and get guidance on how it should be done! 

Welcome to Stratford St Mary Bridge Club

Welcome to the Stratford St Mary Bridge Club

We play friendly duplicate bridge at St Johns & Highwoods Community Centre, Colchester, CO4 9SR on Wednesday evenings. Start of play 7.00pm.

              New members welcome.

Relaxed Winners
Relaxed Winners

Mary,Tony, Lynda & Mark were clear winners of the Relaxed Teams event at the East Anglian Bridge Weekend, held on March 2/3 at Elmswell.

Congratulations to them all!

Keep a lookout for similar events later this year.

**** 7.00pm Start ****
****   7.00pm Start   ****

So that we can finish play as soon after 10.00pm as possible, the Committee has requested that we arrive around 6.45pm with start of play at 7.00pm.


If you are delayed, but are on your way, you can call one of these numbers to let us know:

07444 733810 (Paul R.)

07980 822624 (Christine C.)

07904 630242 (Bill A.).


Upcoming Events

To see a list of local bridge events planned for 2019 click on the 2019 Events tab on the left. 

On Sunday May 19, we have the Suffolk Bridge AGM at Assington Village Hall with Bridge and a Tea to follow. Click here for the entry form.

Then on Wednesday May 22, you can have Bridge with Lunch at Elmswell. Click here for more details.

Full details of all upcoming Suffolk Bridge events, including on-line entry forms, can be found on the Suffolk Bridge website

Interested in learning to play Bridge or you'd like to improve your game?

Vicky Potter runs the Colchester Bridge School and teaches at various levels.

If you, or someone you know, are interested, please call Vicky on 01206 501622. Click on the heading of this window to see more information on her website.

Christine Cooke is also an English Bridge Union (EBU) Trained Teacher and a member of the EBU Teachers Assoc. (EBUTA) offering Improvers Lessons and Bridge for Beginners. 

Beginners Course follows the EBU Guidelines and the Course is accompanied with a FREE Student Guide Book. worth £26 for both the First and Second Year, with the First Lesson FREE.

Venue:  41 Stanley Wooster Way, Colchester. CO4 3XX Telephone no. 07980 822 624 or email 


Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?

You've seen these icons alongside the Results each week - but do you know what the green one is for?

Click on it on a Results page and you'll get into Bridge Solver On Line - where, among other things, you will find the Play It Again feature and details of how many tricks you made compared with the best double-dummy play. 

Lots of useful analysis - have a look ! 

New Suffolk Bridge Website
New Suffolk Bridge Website

Suffolk Bridge has a bright new website where you can find details of all the Bridge activities in the area - Clubs, Competitions and more. Just click HERE to see it.

Looking for a Partner?

If you want to play at Stratford St Mary Bridge Club on a Wednesday evening but need a Partner, there are now TWO ways to find one!

Members can still follow the automated process detailed below, but now any players can contact Elizabeth Knowlson on 01206 532839 or 07511 646730 or by email at and she will inform all club members by email that you are looking for a Partner.

To use the automated Find a Partner system on this website, click on Membership, on the left, then enter your email address and password where requested. If you don't already have a password, click on Forgotten Password and an email will be sent to you with a link allowing you to set one up. Two of you sharing an email address can still use this feature by following these instructions and setting up different passwords. 

Once you are in the Membership section, click in the Partner Required box for the appropriate date.

A note will appear in the Calendar on the Home Page showing that someone is looking for a partner. When another member goes into their system, they will find your name and contact details.

If this does not appear to work, it will probably be because the email address you are using is different from the one we have on our membership list. In this case, please contact the Secretary or Webmaster so that our list can be updated.

Simultaneous Pairs
Director: Christine Cooke
Scorer: Christine Cooke
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Bill Anslow
Scorer: Christine Cooke
22nd May 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Christine Cooke
Scorer: Sue Dixon/Bill Anslow
29th May 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Paul Rickard
Scorer: Sue Dixon/Bill Anslow
5th Jun 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Will Pavry
Scorer: Sue Dixon/Bill Anslow