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Eight is Enough


The next Eight is Enough Team Game

will be held on Thursday, June 22 at 6:30.



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Changes In Rank
EMERALD Life Master
Life Master with 7,500 MP
( 500+ must be gold or platinum, 1,500+ silver, red or gold/platinum)
Donna Rodwell
GOLD Life Master
Life Master with 2,500 MP
(500+ silver, red, gold)
Joe Angermeier
Jeff Edelstein
Ruby Life Master
Life Master 1,500 MP
300+ silver)
Sigmund Brody
Silver Life Master
Life Master with 1,000+ MP
 200+ silver, red, or gold 
Bev Carr
Richard Kime
Fran Tomlinson
Bronze Life Master
A Life Master with 500 MP
Andrew Altman
Marlene Flament
Life Master
300 or 500 Master Points
Marty Fleischman
Linda Hartmann
Trish Muniz
Adv NABC Master
Bruce Burns
Martha Core
Ann Turner
NABC Master
Wayland Barber
Marty Greengrass
David Tutak
Regional Master
Pat Banfield
Nancy Bell
Walter Olander
Zulema Olander
Anastasia Tsavaris
Sectional Master
William Hudson
Dina Oertli
Lisbeth Wagner
Club Master
Gene Holmes
Nancy Holmes
James Ladd
Larry Samaha
Janet Sourbeer
Junior Master
Etha Bailey
Jennifer Bradford
Patsy Dunk
Diane Landis
Jane Melamed
Candy Olson
Previous Month
Adv NABC Master
Athena Gordon
NABC Master
Rebecca Charles
Judy Greengrass
Regional Master
Mary Figg
Sectional Master
Kathy Delhaes
Elise Elrod
Edward Giuliano
Lisa Harris
Walter Olander
Club Master
Janis Hodges
Lorraine Ostrowski
Junior Master
Susan Schnitzlein
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 Monday  12:30 pm
   6:30 pm

Gretchen & Marianne

Charles Gill




  9:30 am

 12:30 pm
   6:30 pm

 Roy Sandstrom

 Charles Gill
 Charles Gill



 Wednesday  12:30 pm  Charles Gill  727-363-1136

 12:30 pm


 Elaine Garofalo

 Gretchen Funk



 Friday  12:30 pm

 Gail Haire




 10:30 pm

  1:00 pm


Elaine Garofalo

Charles Gill




To find a partner, enter your contact information here.
(Please be aware that all information such as e-mail and telephone will be viewable by all.)

Look below to see who else is looking for a partner.  You may contact them directly, but your message will also be sent directly to our Partnership Chair.

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