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499er Tournament

There will be a 499er Tournament March 12, 14 and 15.

This tournament is for those with fewer than 500 masterpoints that are not Life Masters

Form your partnerships and teams now.

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Changes in Rank
Silver Life Master
A Life Master with 1,000 MP
at least 200 silver, red, or gold 
Elizabeth Black
Life Master
300 Master Points
Dorothy Bauman
Don Freedman
Peter Peng
Kate Willet
NABC Master
Joan Carrier
Betty Hayhurst
Dottie Maklary
Judy Winer
Regional Master
Bruce Burns
John Dieffenbach
Barbara Frazier
David Lau
Trisha Muniz
Sectional Master
Holly Benfield
Athena Gordon
Barbara McMaster
Eileen Melton
Nancy Schauer
Club Master
Mark Birenbaum
William Burt
Ruth Giordano
Diane Goldfeder
Eryn Hodge
Joyce Muller
Ann Turner
Lisbeth Wagner
Junior Master
Sheri Kuhn
Ellsworth Manso
Avery Stiglitz
Mary Jo Yates
EMERALD Life Master
Life Master with 7,500 MP (at least 1500 silver, red or gold/platinum, of which at least 500 must be gold or platinum)
James Logan
Silver Life Master
A Life Master with 1,000 MP
at least 200 silver, red, or gold 
Matthew Szynkiewicz
Bronze Life Master
A Life Master with 500 MP
Margaret Creger
David Moore
NABC Master
Hilary Davis
Regional Master
Jonathan Friendly
Jonathan Lowe
Sectional Master
Margaret Berkey
Eugene Kortier
Perry Little
Club Master
Elaine Bloom
Subha Lathi
Junior Master
Donna Dilonardo
Harrison Giddens
Patricia Phelps
Emily Zeidan

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499er Tournament
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February Bulletin

The February Bulletin is now available at  

Archived prior Issues can be found here too.

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club


February 23





This week, we are focused on Winning.

If you are planning on attending the Jerry Helms seminar entitled "Defend to Win," you will be on your way to becoming a Champion. There is no other presentation like it and you will definitely not be disappointed. The seminar is on Thursday February 26, starting at 9:30. Cost for the day is $100. Sign up at the club or email 


We are hoping for another big win this coming Saturday evening in the Interclub Challenge open to all clubs in the area. The date: Saturday February 28. The time: 6:15 - pizza dinner, 7:00 - Swiss team game and GNT Qualifier. Email if you need a partner and/or teammates.
This week, many of our players will be winning Silver as this is STAC week which offers silver points for games right here at the club. Here is the list of all activities for the week:
Monday at 9:30 - Novice Supervised Play
Monday at 12:30 - Open and 499er STAC Games
Monday at 6:30 - STAC Game - preceded by mini-lesson at 6:00
Monday at 6:30 - Easybridge Workshop
Tuesday at 9:00 - 299er Supervised Play STAC Game
Tuesday at 12:30 - STAC Game
Tuesday at 6:30 - Intermediate STAC Game
Wednesday at 9:30 - Easybridge
Wednesday at 12:30 - Open and 499er STAC Games
Wednesday at 6:30 - Easybridge
Thursday at 9:30 - Jerry Helms Seminar - Defend to Win
Thursday at 12:30 - Open and 299er Unit Championship Games
Thursday at 6:30 - STAC Team Game
Friday at 9:30 - Easybridge Workshop
Friday at 9:45 - Hand Analysis - Conventions
Friday at 9:45 - Supervised Play
Friday at 12:00 - Free mini-lesson
Friday at 12:30 - Open and 499er STAC Games
Saturday at 12:30 - STAC Game
Saturday at 6:15 - Pizza Dinner
Saturday at 7:00 - GNT Qualifier Team Game - Interclub Challenge
Sunday at 1:00 - 499er STAC Swiss Team Game
One thing we know for sure...............
You......when you play at the St. Petersburg Bridge Club.
See you at the table.







The Common Game

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St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 727-544-5040
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499er Team Game

The next 499er team game will ba  STAC team game on Sunday March 1 at 1:00. This game is for all those with fewer than 500 masterpoints, including Life Masters.

Special Events

Jerry Helms Seminar - Defend to Win - Thursday February 26

Inter-Club Challenge Team Game - Saturday February 28

Losing Trick Count Seminar - Andrew Garnett - March 26

Margret Tournament Results

Results for the tournament can be found at


Pat Felton passed away January 18.  There will be a "Celebration of Life" in February which will be posted as soon as the date is set. 

Bill Blake passed away Monday, January 12th.  Following a private funeral service, the family will receive friends at 4 pm, Friday, Jan. 16th at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club.


Jan 15-18 Tournament Results

Results can be found at

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CHANGES! Please take note.

(Effective January 1, 2015)


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30, the 299er game is being changed to be a Non-Life Master 499er game.


The Thursday afternoon game will become both an open game and a 299er game.


The Saturday game will begin at 12:30 instead of 10:30.


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