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8 is Enuogh

The next 8 is Enough team game will be held on Thursday May 8 at 6:30. Form your teams now.

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Changes in Rank
GOLD Life Master
Life Master with 2,500 MP
(at least 500 silver, red, gold)
Carol Hargrave
Mary McMaster
Silver Life Master
A Life Master with 1,000 MP
at least 200 silver, red, or gold 
Barry Black
Patricia Clark
Bronze Life Master
A Life Master with 500 MP
Adelaide Few
Patrick Sweeney
Life Master
300 Master Points
Adelaide Few
Polly Lott
Lawrence Strominger
NABC Master
Charles Lowe
Regional Master
Marcia Cohen
Laurel Everett
Betty Hayhurst
Chris Person
Patricia Tarczy
Sectional Master
Nancy Colbert
Robert Keating
Bruce Maier
Cathy Peters
Club Master
Sharleen Evans
Eithne Kelly
Robbie Lavelle
Leslie Osterweil
Junior  Master
William Burt
Subha Lathi
Charles Muller
Elizabeth Ridley


EMERALD Life Master
Life Master with 7,500 MP (at least 1500 silver, red or gold/platinum, of which at least 500 must be gold or platinum)
Philip Altus
DIAMOND Life Maser
Life Master with 5,000 MP: (at least at least 250 must be gold or platinum; 1000 silver, red or gold/platinum[]
James Relihan
GOLD Life Master
Life Master with 2,500 MP
(at least 500 silver, red, gold)
Richard Desmarais
Life Master
300 Master Points
Nancy Alciatore
Guenter Meitz
Jutta O’Connell
Robert Lorenzen
Adv NABC Master 2010
300 MP (at least 25 must be Gold, 50 silver, 50 red or gold/platinum)
Trudy O’Brien
NABC Master
Peter Peng
Regional Master
Debbie Thomas
Velma Bouxsein
Lynda Culley
Sectional Master
Andrew Altman
Rebecca Charles
Judy Jansen
Trisha Muniz
Jim Nevens
Rita Pennino
Rondal Vickers
Club Master
Judy Burke
Sharon Clark
Isaac Hassan
Laurie Lowe
Merrill Marx
Karen Miller
Janice Ryan
Junior  Master 2010
Donna Brewer
Elaine Post
George Post
Adajean Samson

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Wednesday Evening Game

The Wednesday evening game is cancelled until further notice.

This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club


April 28


The Old Guy Gets a New Life

The old guy grabs his metal detector and heads to the beach. Because his life is so boring, he goes there most days and every day he finds something. Sometimes it is jewelry. Often a few coins. Some of them are real silver.



If you are a 499er (not a Life Master) looking for silver points, make sure you get involved in the 499er Silver Point tournament this week. There are pairs games at 10:30 and 3:00 on Thursday (the 24th) and Saturday (the 26th) and a Swiss team game on Sunday (the 27th) at 10:30. We hope to see you there.



It doesn’t happen often, but when the old guy finds something of value, he takes it to the pawn shop and cashes in. Then he goes to the horse track and bets $2 on horse number 5 (his favorite number) on each race that day. Amazingly, in 10 races, he finds he wins about 12.5% of the time but he usually comes home with less money than he went with.



Talking about horse racing, the bridge club is having a Preakness Party on Saturday evening May 17. The party kicks off at 5:30 and includes prizes for the best costumes, a barbecue dinner and bridge. Mark this date on the calendar and sign up at the club.



One day, he notes that St. Petersburg Bridge Club is offering beginner bridge lessons and that the first lesson is free. This sounds more interesting than toting the metal detector each day and he signs up.



We are offering a number of lesson opportunities starting in May. Here is the line-up:



Monday at 9:00 – Novice Supervised Play

Monday at 6:00 – Free Mini-Lesson

Tuesday at 9:00 – Roy’s 299er Supervised Play Game

*Tuesday at 9:30 – Beginners Class (first lesson is free)

Tuesday at 6:30 - Intermediate Game

*Tuesday at 6:30 – Competitive Bidding

Thursday at 9:30 – Intermediate Class

*Thursday at 9:30 – Competitive Bidding

*Thursday at 6:30 – Beginners Class (first lesson is free)

Friday at 9:45 – Hand Analysis

Friday at 9:45 – Supervised Play

Friday at 12:30 – Free Mini-Lesson

*Saturday at 2:30 – 2/1 Bidding Concepts



*Starts the week of May 5 – other sessions are ongoing



The “feeling a little younger” guy finds a whole new energy in bridge and gets hooked. He wants to play bridge all the time.



You can do the same with the following schedule of events this week:



Monday at 9:00 – Novice Supervised Play

Monday at 12:30 – Open and 299er Games

Monday at 6:00 – Free mini-Lesson

Monday at 6:30 – Open Game

Tuesday at 9:00 – 299er Supervised Play Game

Tuesday at 12:30 – Open Game with mentoring opportunities

Tuesday at 6:30 – Intermediate Game

Wednesday at 12:30 – Open and 299er Games

Thursday at 10:30 – 499er Tournament Game

Thursday at 12:30 – Open Game

Thursday at 3:00 - 499er Tournament Game

Thursday at 6:30 – Team Game

Friday at 9:45 – Supervised Play

Friday at 9:45 – Hand Analysis

Friday at 11:50 – Free mini-lesson

Friday at 12:30 – Open and 299er Games

Saturday at 10:30 – Open Game

Saturday at 10:30 - 499er Tournament Game

Saturday at 3:00 - 499er Tournament Game

Sunday at 10:30 – 499er Swiss Team Game – includes lunch



The “Metal Detector for Sale” guy would love to play bridge against you this week. See you at the club!


The Common Game

To receive emails after each game with commentary on the hands and overall results, go to then enter your ACBL number and Log In

Bridge Documentary includes SPBC Shots

Check out the trailer to a new Bridge Documentary.

It includes some shots from our club.

St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 727-544-5040
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Our dear friend, Kathy Longman passed away Friday, April 11th.  Our sympathies go out to Jack. There will be no public service, but you may read her biography at




499er Tournament April 24-27

Ask your favorite partner/teammates if they can play in the 499er tournament April 24-7. This is a silver point tournament. Check the website for details.

499er Team Game

 The next 499er Team Game will be held at 10:30 on Sunday April 27.

This will be part of the 499er Silver Point tournament. This game is open to all those with fewer than 500 masterpoints,not including Life Masters.


April 4-6 Tournament Results

The results from this tournament can be found at


Need a Partner?  (click here)

Sarasota-Manatee Regional

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Tournament Results

Results from the January 9-12 Tournament can be found at

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