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Eight is Enough

The next Eight is Enough Team Game

is scheduled for Thursday May 21st at 6:30

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May Bulletin

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This Week at St Petersburg Bridge Club


May 17

If Chairs Could Talk


Some days I get to the club and I swear that the chairs have been moving around over night. Often chairs seem to be resting in unusual places. What do they do at night?


I thought that I would investigate.


Dancing chairs with music.png


I checked with a few chairs in the front room. They told me that from time to time the chairs from two tables participate in a dance. I asked if the chairs from three or more tables ever get involved in the dance. They said “no” because “Eight Is Enough.”


Which reminds me that this coming Thursday evening we are having the next 8 is Enough game starting at 6:30. Form your teams now or email if you need help forming a team.


I asked the chairs about lessons and seminars. They indicated that they usually know how many come to any lesson and so they take turns sitting in on classes. For seminars, they check the sign up sheet in the hallway to determine how many chairs will be working on seminar day.


So, remember to sign up for the Play of the Hand seminar on Thursday June 4 at 9:30. This class will help you get more tricks when you are declarer.


When I mentioned that the seminar would be good preparation for the games on June 5 and 6, the chairs started giggling. When I asked what was so funny, they confessed that all the bridge chairs in the world have their own contest on those days. They call it the “Worldwide Chairs”.  The chairs that seat the players with the highest percentages in the contest get a week off and, in the case of our club, a promotion to lobby duty.


As you know, we hold the Worldwide Pairs on June 5 at 6:30 and June 6 at 12:30. These are wonderful games with a good analysis of hands and the chance to see how you did worldwide. Make plans with your favorite partner today.




black chair.gif




Burgundy Chairs.jpg



Finally, I learned that the burgundy chairs are regarded as the veterans of the chairs. They are older and more experienced and a greater percentage of them work on the busy days than the chairs in the front room.


They check the schedule each week to see when they will be expected to perform. I shared the following schedule for this coming week with them:

Monday at 9:30 – 0-20 Game (Easybridgers welcome)

Monday at 12:30 – Open and 499er Games

Monday at 6:30 – Open Game (mini-lesson at 6:00)

Monday at 6:30 – Easybridge Workshop – Transfers

Tuesday at 9:00 – 299er Supervised Play Game

Tuesday at 12:30 – Club Championship Game

Tuesday at 6:30 – Intermediate Game (Easybridgers welcome)

Wednesday at 9:30 – Easybridge Workshop -  Transfers

Wednesday at 12:30 – Open and 499er Game

Thursday at 9:30 – Intermediate Class

Thursday at 12:30 – Open and 299er Game

Thursday at 6:30 – Eight is Enough Team Game

Friday at 9:30 – Hand Analysis – Conventions

Friday at 9:45 – Supervised Play

Friday at 12:30 – Open and 499er Club Championship Games

Saturday at 12:30 – Open Game


I thanked the chairs for their time and they indicated that they were delighted to “support” so many bridge players.




They will be waiting for you at the club.





The Common Game

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St Petersburg Bridge Club 9103 US Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, FL 33782 727-544-5040
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Pictures from Preakness Party
Pictures from Preakness Party
Special Events

Play of the Hand Seminar - June 4

Worldwide Pairs - June 5 and 6

499er Team Game

The next 499er team game will be a Charity game on Sunday May 17 at 1:00. This game is for all those with fewer than 500 masterpoints,including Life Masters.

There is also a NLM team game on Sunday May 3 as part of the Sectional tournament.

Sectional Tournament and District 9 GNT Final

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