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Bridge Break Trophy

November 2018


Winner : Ann Booth

Congratulations to all competitors in this exciting tournament. The results were so close all week that anyone could have won. It was a nail biting finish. Well done everyone.



  Objectives of the group

The objective of "The Club" is be to provide facilities for the playing of Contract Bridge in a friendly and supportive environment.



Adoption of the Constitution

The group and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provision of this constitution.


Name and area of benefit

The name of the group shall be “U3A Stocksbridge Bridge”, referred to hereafter as “the Group”.


The group is open to anyone who is a member of Sheffield U3A.




  • Provide the opportunity and facilities for members to learn to play Bridge.
  • Learn to play Bridge in a friendly environment.


Meetings and officers

An Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year.

General meetings will be called if and when necessary.

The Chairperson is the SU3A co-ordinator of the Group.

The Group will elect a Treasurer and a Deputy Co-ordinator.

Other members can be elected to designated posts if identified as necessary.



Membership of the group shall be open to Sheffield U3A members who wish to support the objects of the group.

Individuals are allowed to attend the Group on two occasions before deciding whether or not to become a member of Sheffield U3A.


Income and property

All income and property of the Group shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects.

The charges to group members will be proposed by the U3A co-ordinator and agreed by the Group.


Bank Account

A bank account will be set up in the name of the Group.

Cheques shall be signed by two members of the group from an approved list of signatories.



The Group’s financial year shall commence 1 October and run until 30 September.

The Treasurer shall keep proper financial records and produce a summary copy at the Annual General Meeting.

  Club Rules

Make your best effort to turn up on time.

All players should be able to hold 13 cards.

All players should be able to move to the table of play.

All players to be attentive to the instructions provided.


Table etiquette


Always greet new opponents at your table.

Never have protracted discussions with your partner at the table.

Save post mortems until the end of a round, if there’s time.

Be sympathetic of a partner’s errors – yours may be next.

Never tell your opponents what they should have done.