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Welcome to the St. Julian's Bridge Club web site

St. Julian's is a not-for-profit Bridge Club

KBS Result Statistics for B@K

I've been working on generating the result statistics pages using the Knave Bridge Scoring(KBS) suite without the need to use the Scorebridge or KBS result files.

Instead the results are read and processed directly from each clubs 'Results' page menu item on Bridgewebs. (This technique is known as 'screen scraping'). Each 'Ranking' page is processed to produce a KBS style score format file, which can then be processed by the results statistics page generator and uploaded. There are some caveats:

  1. If the rankings page doesn't include the master points, they have to be calculated by KBS. As it doesn't know the minimum number of boards played by each participant it assumes between 18-32, so one third of the field is awarded master points.
  2. I've made no attempt to use an alias file, so a player may have multiple names.

For a proof of concept, I've run it against the "Bridge@Kippington" web site, mainly as I'm still listed as a member for some reason and can use the Scorebridge results files to verify my processing. As I only have one years results, I've added 2011 to the player sessions graphs. (Perhaps not good viewing for the current committee). Here's the link Note the number of views is limited per week.

The generated result statistics pages are all (c) 2014 Paul Haffenden. Please do not copy them.

Winners of the Tessa Murry Cup 2014
Winners of the Tessa Murry Cup 2014

Anton and Jessia Mauve. They also won the N/S instant bridge competition at the Christmas Party.

Runners up of the Tessa Murray Cup 2014
Runners up of the Tessa Murray Cup 2014

Robert Barclay and Peter Phillips

Christmas Party E/W Instant Bridge Winners
Christmas Party E/W Instant Bridge Winners

Vic and Joyce Hagger

Ian Galletti and Jan Chambers
Ian Galletti and Jan Chambers

Ian and Jan were thanked for their assistance in running the sessions in Jim's absence.

Barbara Jay
Barbara Jay

Barbara Jay acknowledged for her assistance in the smooth running of the club over the year.

The unnamed and unphotographed

Many thanks to all who have contributed their time and effort in helping Jim and Margaret run the club. Special thanks to Tony Highfield who has often stepped in at the last minute to direct for us.

To answer Jim's question raised at the Christmas Party, our session numbers have increased by 15% over the last year.

Our first session of 2015 is on January 6th.

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16th December 2014
No Bridge
23rd December 2014
No Bridge
30th December 2014
No Bridge
2nd December 2014
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Alan (Jim) Garlinge
25th November 2014
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Ian Galletti
Scorer: Ian Galletti
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