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Welcome to the St. Julian's Bridge Club web site

St. Julian's is a not-for-profit Bridge Club

Ian's Bridge Clinic
Ian's Bridge Clinic

Ian Galletti is running a web based bridge clinic on the Otford Bridge Club web site. If you have any questions for him, please see the contact details on his new page on the Otford site.

Idle thoughts of an Android
Idle thoughts of an Android

No doubt you have seen my use of a Palm Z22 to record my bridge sessions at the club. You may not know that one of the original intentions of this software was to enable a session to be scored at the end of the evening by having one of these devices on each table, a kind of poor man's BridgeMate.

My interest in table top scoring has recently been rekindled by an article posted to the BridgeWebs forums announcing a product called "BridgeTabs". This uses cheap 7" Android tablets as the table top device. I've been thinking if I could write a similar App to work with my KBS software to score a session on the night. Until recently I have not had access to any device running Android, I don't have a smart phone or tablet. However my son does and he has swapped his tablet (A Kindle Fire) for my laptop. I took this for a test drive on Sunday afternoon, downloading the free development software, Android Studio, and reading the various tutorials. I did managed to write my first app that mimics the contract input screen from the Palm based scorer (Biff) and execute it on the Kindle.

I like the idea of wireless scoring, it has many advantages, mostly that it removes the need for the manual inputting of the travellers into the scoring program. Of course the main disadvantage is the cost. However cheap tablets are cheap coming in at around £50.00 each, that's well under half the cost of a BridgeMate. Also as the KBS software runs on Linux you don't need an expensive laptop to run the scoring software, but could use a Raspberry Pi 2 commanding a price of £35.00.

Anyway early days and early thoughts. I have at least already decided on the App name, Snout. As with all my software, if it gets finished,  it will be open source, free to download and modify and useable by all not for profit bridge clubs.





Sitouts - by year

Here's a little graph showing the number of times each direction sits out during the year, The yellow bar is North/South sitouts, the blue bar is East/West sitouts and the red bar is when we don't have a sitout.

I've added this graph permanently to the "Result Statistics" area. It gets updated automatically each time a new session is processed.
Move your mouse onto each bar to see the numbers and percentages for each year.
If you can't see the tooltip you are probably being blocked because the software doesn't think you are a member of the club.

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3rd March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
10th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
17th March 2015
Duplicate Pairs
24th February 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Alan (Jim) Garlinge
17th February 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Alan (Jim) Garlinge
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