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We are sad to report the recent death of Linda Crammond, a much loved and respected member of this club.

Welcome to the St. Julian's Bridge Club web site

St. Julian's is a not-for-profit Bridge Club

70% Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Barbara and Mary on scoring over 70% in last night's session.

(You may have to scroll down a little)

Knave Bridge Scorer - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I often get asked questions about the "Result Statistics" pages, provided by the Knave Bridge Scoring Suite. Here are the frequently asked questions and answers.

Q1. How long does it take you to generate the new statistics pages each week?
A1. About 2 minutes. Start up a Cygwin window, move to the St Julian's folder and type "perl". (A source code analysis tool estimates the software took 2 man-years to write.)

Q2. Which local clubs generate the Result Statistics pages?
A2. St Julian's, Otford and the Friday Charity Bridge Clubs.

Q3. Why are the graph pages blank?
A3. You are probably using an old browser. Download and install a more modern browser. e.g. Firefox or Chrome.

Q4. How do I save the graphic images to a file?
A4. I don't know. I currently take a screen shot and paste it into Microsoft Paint.


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3rd February 2015
Duplicate Pairs
10th February 2015
Duplicate Pairs
17th February 2015
Duplicate Pairs
27th January 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Alan (Jim) Garlinge
20th January 2015
Director: Ian Galletti
Scorer: Ian Galletti
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