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The club is now open to visitors until 1st September 2018.

Table money: €5

Partner required






Club President 2018/19
Club President 2018/19

Fergus Synnott

Club Secretary 2018/19
Club Secretary 2018/19

Eileen Smyth, Club Secretary





Welcome to St Gabriel's Bridge Club
Welcome to St Gabriels Bridge Club

Location; In St Gabriels Community Centre

St Gabriels Road

Clontarf, Dublin 3




The acquisition of Bridgemates for the club was approved by the members at the AGM of 25th May 2018.

There will be a number of supervised sessions to acquaint members with the use of the electronic pads.

Further details can be found by clicking on 'News Page' on the menu on this page.


Upcoming Dates for your diary




Home Instead Congress Westmantown: 27th to 29th July.

Venue: Westmanstown 

Separate competitions for grades from Novices to Masters.

Please note change of dates from previously advised.


Kay Malone Tel: 831-0168 or click on 'Find a Partner' on the menu panel on this page


Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the club took place on 25th May 2018.

A summary of the main decisions and issues raised are set out in the Informatio page in this website.



A new  constitution for the club was approved by the members at the AGM of 25th May 2018.

The full text of the constitution can be found by clicking  on 'Information' and then 'Constitution' on the menu on the home page of this website.


Laws of Bridge
Laws of Bridge

Club competitions are subject to the Laws of Bridge and the Regulations of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI). The Laws can be downloaded from the website of the World Bridge Federation. That website also contains a useful commentary on the changes from the old rules.

An updated version of the laws came into effect on 1st September 2017.

The CBAI Regulations and the Regulations for the use of Bidding Boxes can be found in the CBAI Diary and in the CBAI website.

Card Play
Card Play
Director: Ann Carroll
Scorer: Colm Mc Donald
Director: Nora Gallaher
Scorer: Colm Mc Donald
Director: Ann Carroll
Scorer: John Treaanor